Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why is fennel good for children?

Wealth ballast substances makes fennel ideal therapeutic agent for those who suffer from digestive problems such as bloating, feelings of tension, and constipation. Also for these problems are an excellent remedy and refreshing drink tea from fennel seed, which is also ideal for children as it is soothing. 

In addition, the fibrous material ties the toxic and fatty substances in the intestines and thus removed from the body openings and cholesterin and reduce the level of fat in the blood. The green shoots of fennel can be excellent fresh "snacks" that can munch a long time and finally remain a dry fibrous material (similar to that of sugar cane). 

Fennel is rich in potassium (important for maintaining water levels in the body and the functioning of the cells), vitamin C (to maintain immunity, mental freshness), and contains 12 important trace elements and 14 amino acids in the right ratio. Due to the high content of beta-carotene is used as an effective preventive agent against cancer. 

Fennel essential oil is obtained (an ancient and proven home remedy for indigestion, coughs, and to ease breathing in colds). Fennel is one root, in addition to celery root, asparagus and parsley, among 4 most healthy root for digestive problems. 

Fennel is ideal for people who are overweight because it binds fats in the intestine, so much smaller molecules of triglycerides (fat molecules) can be "nested" in the fatty deposits in the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. For this reason, the Roman women ate fennel. Moreover, Fennel removes fat in the abdomen that is a fairly large water clusters around the navel (cellulite). 


  • helps in reducing and maintaining weight;
  • eliminate constipation and regulates digestion;
  • helps with intestinal disorders ie. has carminative action;
  • reduces the level of cholesterol and fats in the blood that is. stimulates the liver and pancreas (seeds contain oil and anethole sweet and bitter fenheron);
  • separates water from the body and removes toxins from the body;
  • strengthens the cells and strengthens the immune system;
  • care of a healthy nervous system and a good mood (for essential oils);
  • operates slowly calming and relaxing because it contains antispasmatic oil relieves colic, and as an excellent tea for young children;


Fennel is mostly imported by us, and are very rarely found in the market. One of the reasons is its price ranging from £ 20-25 per kilogram. But one bulb of about 30 dg is enough for a couple meals. Fennel is the most recommended winter vegetables (for high content of vitamin C), and it is recommended to eat 2 times a week. 


Mosquitoes are most in cooking is primarily used as a spice (seeds, leaves), as an attachment, then in salads, soups, minestrone, and less as a main dish. Also dried grains fennel seeds are ground and mixed with flour to create a variety of desserts and pastries. 

Fennel is an excellent raw, because it frees up a large part of their active ingredients, and can be just like an onion slice and eat as occasional "snack" for example. with the TV. However, it's good if you season with a little olive oil or sunflower oil (containing vitamin E) and such a salad will become a herbal cocktail. 

No matter what fennel has a strong and dominant taste and smell (eg as anise) excellent fit among all other vegetables (particularly salad with fresh carrots, oranges and apples, with the addition of fennel and dried fruit), deliciously with spices such as the lemon juice, pepper, coriander and olive oil. 
Creative chefs who are not afraid to try new combinations may inspire you to create new, yet tasty dishes. 

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