Thursday, June 27, 2013

Small changes in the kitchen and the pounds disappear

I introduce the seven changes, the pounds will disappear easily. It is a small change, and the results are permanent and very good. In a month or two, but you could wear a smaller dress size.
Kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where you lose or you win the battle with excess weight.

Make the following changes:

Lowest hanging fruit
The kitchen must be fruit. Even better if you wash, cut and ready to bowl so that you can remove from the fridge and eat when they want. Make sure that it is the first thing you see when you open the fridge.

Two reasons
Why can not you lose weight starving

Lettuce should be prepared
Prepare a larger container salads. If you eat a salad before a meal, you probably will not overeat. But people do not have power at night to prepare salads. Prepare the drink so it will need. On Sunday evening, prepare a large bowl of unseasoned salad that you eat on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, get ready for the days ahead.

Unhealthy snacks (candy and sweetened carbonated beverages) must not be in the kitchen, but if you buy it, then they prepakirajte
If you already have a little nibble, prepare popcorn to nibble olive oil or unsalted peanuts in the shell. If you still buy it, prepakirajte them into smaller bags. You at the time of attack have less packaging.

I freeze fruits and vegetables
When buying fruits and vegetables, you buy larger quantities and freeze the excess prepare during the month. You'll have them on hand to prepare healthy meals. Add them to yogurt and soups.

Cook larger quantities
If you do not have a habit to cook every day, when you are cooking, cook double portions. You have done the other day and a healthy meal, and you will not need to order cash, mostly junk food.

Not putting too much food on the table
Do not put on the table the entire meal. Excess wrap or place in separate bowls, and take it to another room to cool down, and if it is already cold immediately put away in the refrigerator.

Buy smaller plates and cutlery more
Studies show that people who eat from smaller plates or cutlery larger (but only if they are hungry) quickly lose their excess weight. 

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