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Onions reduce joint pain

Egyptians are particularly appreciated the value of the port so that it paid workers who built the pyramids.

Although many people like to use a bow in the preparation of various dishes, many of his cutting and flush tears to the eyes are a problem. Because onion before cutting refrigerate for an hour, and then standing up cut with a sharp knife.

Select the cutting board where you cut onion solely as other foods would have assumed his penetrating odor. Fresh onions can cut into rings, sliced ​​or finely chopped cubes.

Yellow onions, available almost all year round, retains its flavor for a long time, and it is commonly used in cooking, with longer heat treatment, such as stews, braised meat and vegetable dishes, soups and sauces.It's great as a stuffing in Spanish and French pie shortcrust or puff pastry, and served as part of the filling in the cake Italian olives and anchovies. Larger onions can be nadjevati meat or vegetable toppings and bake.

Fresh onion can mix with tomatoes, avocado and peppers in the famous Mexican sauce - guacamole. In its raw state is especially excellent red or purple onions, and in addition to salads, dips, sandwiches or with grilled meat. Red onion, cut into slices and fried on plate with polenta cubes can be a great addition to any salad of baby spinach, and will be an excellent and in addition to a variety of scrambled eggs.

Small bulbs, which grow up to 2.5 cm, are also called ports, and can be glazed with butter and served with a variety of baking. However, the port is usually acidic. Pickled onions serve as an addition to various platters of cured meats, or add them to the stew - soups, stews or goulash.

Shallots, as the finest member of the family, used to refined dishes like the classic sauces bérnaise, or espagnole sauce with mushrooms and wine. Adding scallions in quality wine vinegar, which should odstajati few weeks, produces a perfect ingredient for salad dressing. Roasted shallots with shell is excellent with a variety of meats.

Onion is mostly eaten raw as an ingredient in salads, egg dishes, with a variety of roasts, cold meats or grilled meat, because there is such a strong and penetrating flavor. Even a dish of rice is not always the same flavor if you add finely chopped onions and sesame seeds.

Onion is rich and chromium, vitamin C, and numerous flavonoids, especially quercitin.

Luke has only 42 kcal / 176 kJ per 100 g, of which the most energy comes from carbohydrates (92%).

The average chemical composition of the port: moisture 91%, protein 1.2%, fat 0.1%, Vitamin C 6 mg per 100 g.

Their chemical composition is only one major difference: chives is rich in beta-carotene (3.4 mg/100 g) and vitamin A (0.56 mg/100 g), which is not the case with garlic and onions.

This food is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, folate and manganese, but it's also a very good source of vitamin C. It contains very little saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.

A GOOD SOURCE - the term refers to foods that contain vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in an amount of at least 10% of the daily needs of the RDA.
An excellent source - the term refers to foods that contain vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in an amount of at least 20% of the daily needs of the RDA.
RDA - Recommended Dietary Allowances (recommended daily allowance)

Particularly strong odor port give substance rich in sulfur, which are just as responsible for its medicinal properties. In addition, garlic is rich and chromium, a trace mineral that helps the cell reaction from the insulin, then vitamin C and numerous flavonoids, especially quercitinoidima.

Specific hot taste and smell of onions due to the essential oils. Its ingredients arc increases appetite and improves digestion of food.

Larger intake ports in the body reduces blood glucose levels. In this process the additional element is the presence of chromium in the harbor, which helps cells respond properly to the insulin released. Studies in diabetic patients have shown that chromium can decrease rapidly raise blood sugar, increase the tolerance of cells to glucose, reduce insulin levels, and lower cholesterol and triglycerides. One cup of fresh port (about 250 g) contains almost 20% of the daily requirement for this mineral.

Regular use of onions and garlic in the diet reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, which indirectly affects the prevention of atherosclerosis and heart attack and stroke. This prevention results from a combination of substances rich in sulfur, chromium and vitamin B6 from the port. The survey, conducted in 100 000 patients who diet frequently entered onions, tea, apples and broccoli, are rich sources of flavonoids, found that they reduce the risk of heart disease by 20%.

Also, the use of ports in food two or more times a week significantly reduces the risk of colon cancer. It turned out that the meat prepared with onions reduces the amount of carcinogens in relation to meat prepared without onions.

In addition, onions and reduce the inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis, colds and allergic reactions responsible for an asthma attack. Isotiocijanati the harbor anti-inflammatory, and together with quercitin and vitamin C, which destroy harmful bacteria, make the bow is the ideal accompaniment to soups and stews in the cold and flu season.

In general we can say that the arc has many medicinal properties since, except that stimulates the circulatory system, regulates the intestinal flora, strengthens the immune system, antibacterial and dijuretično and purifies the body.

Buying and storing

When purchasing select the onions that are clean and well designed. Neck onions should not be opened while the shell needs to be stretched, not crunchy and brittle. Avoid using a port that has sprouted, there is mold, soft spots, or head.

Onion Store at room temperature in a dark, airy place. You can keep the mesh baskets that air can circulate underneath onion. Avoid putting onions with potatoes because they will lose moisture, and thus before the malfunction. Storage time is 1-2 months, depending on the variety, but no longer can be stored onions with yellow (orange) shell.

When purchasing an onion it is important that the head firm and white, and the tips of fresh and green. Use it right away or at least two days after purchase, and store it in a plastic bag or a sealed container in the refrigerator, because very soon loses its nutritional value.

Heat-treated onions can be stored for several days in a sealed plastic container. Do not put onions in metal containers because they will lose their color. Chopped onions can be frozen, without blanching, freezing but loses intensity of flavor. 

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