Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's time for figs

In folk medicine, the fig tree is used against constipation, toothache, swelling, tumors, coughs, warts, sore throat, ulcers and purulent abscess. An ancient legend which recounts the Indonesian islands shows that the apsaras, or heavenly dancers annually blagoslivaju human beings. They seduce scientists sexually exhausting until they reveal the secrets that it is better that no one knows. In honor of the fig tree and the house is now in Indonesia at the beginning of the rainy season held a multi-day festival. Dream figs - a surprise; picking figs in a dream - success in business and trade; eat figs in a dream - the wealth; dream fig leaf - wish will come true.

Figs are a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and potassium. The fig tree has a low fat content and high fiber content. Provides more fiber than any other fruit or vegetable. The fig tree has many positive health effects. Fresh and dry figs are high in pectin, a soluble fiber that can lower cholesterol.
Figs contain tryptophan. It helps good sleep and helps the brain use glucose properly, thus enhancing good circulation. In 100 grams of raw fig has 17.5 mg of magnesium, and an equal amount of dried figs contains three times as magnesium. Recall, magnesium is one of the key factors that protect our body from the harmful effects of stress. It is really a pleasure to the cells of the nervous system. In particular, it is recommended to take foods rich in magnesium in a state of tension, anxiety, depression, and in the premenstrual syndrome. True, there are dry much more calories, but also by weight can eat in much smaller quantities!
Figs contain a lot of natural sugar - up to 60%. Sugar stimulates the brain so we can think faster and faster to get to the information, think clearer and faster. Figs are excellent fuel for the brain!

Fresh figs contain up to 80% water, and is one of the fruits with the highest content of natural sugar. This makes them a good source of energy and stimulator for the brain, make you more awake and fresher and faster reactions.

Contraindications and Interactions: None known


The fig SAUSAGE: (M. Treben): for constipation: a pound of figs grind and knead flour with 5 grams of senna leaves. Of the dough to form a sausage. Wrapped in foil to keep in the refrigerator and consume on an empty stomach every morning a piece the size of hazelnuts.

For the treatment of warts: Figs contain a proteolytic enzyme called FSM. Claim figs give milk that is in the fruit and twigs that milk removes swelling of the toes and nipples. (This practice dates back to King Solomon). Milk is applied once a day for five to seven days.

To treat corns to remove unwanted skin growths using fresh juice of figs. Open a fresh fig, inner part is the night let stand over corns. In the morning remove the fig tree and the foot immersed in hot water. After an hour to try to remove corns. It should be fairly easy to remove, if necessary, can be gently rub the stone plavučcem more. Some hard-line cases can require up to 4 or 5 night treatment.

Recall that magnesium is one of the key factors that protect our body from the harmful effects of stress. It is really a pleasure to the cells of the nervous system. Especially recommended intake of foods rich in magnesium in a state of tension, anxiety, depression, and in the premenstrual syndrome.

Dried figs dried figs or figa growing everywhere in the Mediterranean under the name, marten, black soil or petrovača. Eating from time immemorial, fresh or dried. Although growing inch of the country withstand drought and bear fruit without hooks and hoes, it is very sensitive to pollution of the environment: the first rebel and disappear!
Fresh fig is sweet, and only dry! Then the 66 percent sugar, similar to that of honey (the inverse of sugar), and therefore no way for diabetics. It is the richness of magnesium and calcium, and especially fiber. The fig tree has arrived from the east, where its healing properties registered in the papyri. The first "indication" is a blockage, as well as plum. Habit-forming, causes cramps, as well as the plum is a measure of protection against breast cancer.

Its main effect is especially laxative for constipation easier. The fruits are used fresh, dried or in brandy, and the leaves and tree sap to treat a variety of diseases, from constipation, skin diseases, diseases of the mouth and throat, epilepsy, abdominal pain, inflammation of the bladder and menstrual disorders. Fried or cooked in milk, figs placed on the sores for smekšanja (gums). Roasted and roughly minced figs can be prepared coffee that is recommended primarily for lung disease.

Notes: It is very interesting that the pollinating fig "kaprifikacijom" - using wasp species Blastophaga grossorum borne pollen from male flowers of wild fig. You pollinating wasps perform Blastophaga psenes, because the crops, hogs figs must always be a wild fig trees.

Figs with white layer, where there is a fungus that can cause headaches and pains in the stomach, before meals should be thoroughly washed in hot soapy water, rinse and dry it and then eat it. The white layer is crystallized sugar or flour, as is usually the trade says. 

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