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Carrot is an extremely healthy

Root young carrots gently wash the brush under running water, while in older carrot root peel peeling knife sparingly. If the end of the root vegetables, remove it so as not to get bitterish flavor.

Carrot meet even 308% of the daily needs for vitamin A, and a group of excellent source of vitamin K and falls to 21%.
You can cut carrot sticks, slices, julienne or grate. Raw carrot is an excellent healthy snack, and you can combine it with yogurt-based dip.

Cut into large pieces or grated carrot, along with its leaves, can be used as an addition to a green salad or combine the salad with apples and beets. Not as a stand-alone salad will not disappoint you. Grated carrot salt, cover with a little lemon and orange juice with honey, and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts.

Fresh carrot juice can be combined with bananas and soy milk in a shake nutrition, which can be served for breakfast.

Carrots will be equally delicious when steamed, boiled, baked or simmered. As part of the root vegetable soup, carrot is used in the preparation of clear meat soups, stocks, sauces, stews and casseroles.

For highly nutritional cream soup, cooked carrots can chop with root vegetables and mashed potatoes, and add spices and herbs to taste.

Steamed baby carrots or carrot cut into smaller pieces you can varnish in a pan of butter and serve as a side dish, sprinkled with chopped pistachios or chopped chives. In a similar way, prepare and serve the carrots in a quick, but especially aromatic way, with the addition of spices such as garlic, rosemary, honey and mustard. Make it a vegetarian dish with main meals. As a side dish with meat, you can use mashed cooked carrots and potatoes with butter.

Because of its sweet flavor, carrot is not a party to the preparation of food or sweets. Carrot cake is one of the most famous, and with the addition of high quality jams, fillings or in combination with other fruits and nuts, will surprise your taste.

Carrot is a great source of antioxidants - carotenoids, which help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer, regulate blood sugar and improving vision. The best-known carotenoid (yellow or orange pigment) carrots is beta - carotene, which the body transforms into vitamin A.

Research on 1 300 subjects showed that people who are taking at least one daily serving of carrots and / or yellow squash rich in carotenoids by 60% reduced risk of heart attack. At the same time, a carotenoid intake is associated with reduced breast cancer by 20% and even 50% reduction of cancer of the bladder, cervix, prostate, colon, larynx and esophagus. One of the major research also showed that the entry in the menu is just one carrot per day by 50% reduces the risk of developing lung cancer.

It is especially important vitamin A in the body of smokers. Specifically, benzopyrene, an ingredient in cigarette smoke Cígera, significantly reduces the amount of vitamin A in the body, which leads to greater opportunities for development of diseases such as emphysema and lung cancer. The same is true for passive smoking.

Beta-kartoten also helps protect eyesight. Once in the liver cells transformed into vitamin A, travels to the retina where it crosses into rhodopsin, a pigment necessary for night vision. In the later years of life protects against the appearance of eye cataracts.

Carrots contain a special type of fiber, calcium pectate, which reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.It also acts as a diuretic, reducing water retention and soothing cystitis. It helps in the release of mucus from the respiratory organs of cough, bronchitis and asthma, and its antiseptičnosti helps in the treatment of infections.

Many authors recommend so. course of the spring with carrot juice, which is to relieve the body of toxins accumulated abundant and heavy winter food, and also removes the excess acid in the stomach. Three weeks takes 100 g Carrot juice daily.

Carrot encourages physical development of children, strengthens bones and increases resistance to infection. Increases the number of red blood cells, suppresses Anemia and beneficial effect on the liver.

Buying and storing

The root of the carrot must be firm, smooth and distinct colors. Less carrots are sweeter and more intense orange color means more beta - carotene. Avoid buying bruised carrot or a soft and pliable (a sign of long standing).

If you buy carrots with stems and leaves, they should be fresh and beautiful colors, while the carrot without stems and leaves Ensure there is at the bottom of the root discoloration or dark spots, which are also signs of old age.

The carrot is best eaten right away after purchase. If you bought it with leaves, remove the green parts before putting it in the refrigerator, as it will otherwise will green parts from the roots to draw moisture.Carrots stored in a refrigerator in a perforated plastic bag or wrapped in paper up to two weeks.

Do not store carrots near apples, pears and potatoes, that produce ethylene gas as they will become bitter. 

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