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Why are grains healthy?

And last opponents "bird" food put away their weapons! Cereals cheapest energy source for the growing world population. Food in the country average is 7 times richer in fiber structure of the food in the cities! 

Although, if you take into account the fact that 2/3 of humanity fed primarily wheat and rice, it is clear that we should not convince anyone in particular as time vegetarianism is yet to come. If we add that it is the foundation of a healthy diet cereals, which was officially accepted by the definition of the pyramid, and meat and milk from one to the other indirectly accused the long-term health damage, it is clear which direction to take in order to preserve health and prevent many diseases. However, the rules are one and rooted in dietary habits - second! 

Rule Pyramids nobody else is watching! 

Although Rule pyramid adopted in 1993 by the USDA with great professional controversy, although they spent considerable funds for a media campaign about the connection between food and health, the fact remains that in the rules, the only bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, rice and other cereals products can eat unlimited, and the other 4 groups are limited by the number of meals or the amount of daily intake. Why?To optimally cover the daily requirements of nutrients and necessary things including fibers on the one hand and reduce your intake of red meat, meat products and milk and dairy products on the other. 

This shift toward vegetarianism went almost unnoticed, but the first positive effects are already evident.Reducing the amount of red meat, increased intake of fish and meat neradskog, brought to the U.S. (and world) population trends in the health food that will bring the real fruit much later. 

The Mediterranean diet, which is constantly and increasingly advocated as a prototype of a healthy diet is only one of the variants on the same theme. There are many reasons why the whole world consumed cereals, and many survive almost exclusively on grain products, which is why these foods are given the name of "survival food" (staff of life). A man 10,000 years ago have learned to grow grains and produce flour with a little water and that's the simplest of foods that "signs of life". Presejavanje flour has led to the degradation of the final product - bread because separation after losing a large portion of nutrients, especially vitamins. 

What are the nutritional and health aspects of food grains? 

If you look at the "Swedish" table for breakfast in our hotel, where until recently cooked eggs or baked eggs with bacon, seeing that dominate different type of cereal for breakfast and that puts them over the yogurt, milk or cocoa. More is almost no white bread served even white powder. Prevalent foods with full grain, mixed or cornbread, rolls sprinkled with seeds, bread with soy and various other combinations (we have not yet learned to make tortillas) indicates a significant change in the morning feeding. Reduced caloric intake and increased intake of fiber structure. It also reduces the intake of cholesterol and saturated fat, that is, those factors that are directly related to disease of the blood vessels. 

Cereals are among other things, a significant donor of complex carbohydrates in metabolism serve as a depot of energy; athletes before competition so do not take glucose or fat but spaghetti! However, there are still prejudices such as those on carbohydrate fattening, although in fact the charges related to fats that are hidden in wheat products. For example, while usually powder containing 2% fat, favorite croissant has as many as 12% fat. If you eat breakfast with such delicious 3 pieces even come around 500 calories! 

Grains with vegetables, the highest decision-precious fibrous structures that fall. The refined contemporary "urban" food is devoid of the ballast, which is reflected in the rise of various diseases, including colon cancer. After that used to be taking off presejavanjem flour, now we're going back, and one of them is prepared and dietary supplements to regulate digestion. Corn flakes with and without additives finally gained the right to citizenship, so the last opponents of the "bird food" laid down their arms. Many mothers to their children with milk instead of putting bread cereal flakes. It seems to be much more interesting than the classic "snite" bread and spreads. Everything speaks in favor of a gradual growing awareness of how to keep an eye on what and how to enter the body, in order to preserve the body weight and good looks. 

Besides the bulky parts of a grain of wheat or corn germ, which contains valuable as a future seed of new life rich in oil and vitamins, especially vitamin E. The germ is one of the reasons for the use of whole wheat flour; same time that the germ of raw materials for various remedies that are credited with medicinal effects. Top athletes for example, often use wheat germ oil as a source of natural vitamin E. Corn seed oil is highly valuable product that is recommended especially for salads. Wheat grain contains plenty of zinc and other minerals, but from the way presejavanja depends on how much zinc will be absorbed. 

In fact, the outer layer of a seed phytic acid that binds to minerals, and if that part of the left and enter the flour, the percentage iskoristljivih minerals will be reduced. If the daily diet combine milk, cereals, vegetables and fruits, are met in most of the daily needs for nutritional matters; calcium from milk, a complex of B vitamins from grains, fiber from grains and fruits with vitamin C from fruits and vegetables from the safety stuff. If 2 times a week add fish and some eggs, you get the recipe healthy diet. 

Cereal-based foods - eat unlimited! 

Looks like we finally clashed with a very stubborn prejudice that white bread "posh bread," and that it needs to buy and eat only in order to keep some sort of status symbol. Today a young child already knows that white bread is not recommended and it is better to replace that of a full grain of wheat, corn or rye. 

When the "calculated" values ​​installment works of grain products, then it comes down to a slice of bread, 30 grams of cereal for breakfast or a half-cup of cooked cereal. To get a daily dose of fiber to consume several servings of these parts, of course, with other foods also provide fiber structure (vegetables and fruits). It is essential to distinguish grain products that contain fat than those who do not include: all greasy and puff pastry and cereal products with whipped cream (cake) contain significant amounts of fat so their energy potential significantly higher. Rice, for example, is very popular, but it is often forgotten that without the "oiling" contains its own fat which can not be ignored. Less well known is that there is a sensitivity to wheat and soy proteins, and when such an event is found, the cure is a change of bread and breakfast cereals. 

Cereal-based foods is the main source of energy and a man many mistakes in their menu which avoid all but the "concentrate". One bias is that those who eat a lot of pasta (spaghetti, pasta, pizza, lasagna) enormously fattening and it is the case that in pointing his fat person says - this is the "test". Of course, this is not true because, for example, in American literature mentions pizza and Italian food in general from the south as "healthy" food news and tourist industry workers called among other guests and the Mediterranean food that is rich pasta. 

Can you distinguish between the bread? 

We should not forget that the bread in many parts of the world the only food made by hand of man, and the rest are picked from a tree or digging in the earth! How the West that the receipts. urban areas, rapidly increasing the number of types of bread and cereal products, which are usually refined and packaged in cellophane. What is more refined on bread contains less even up to 50% less nutritious stuff. 

If you look at modern database software packages such as "Genesis", will see about 200 species of bread and pastries. Rewind 50 years, we are used to the 2-3 type, and everything else was "surplus" was considered a luxury. Fortunately, the situation is now relatively rapid change. Thus, in the well-stocked stores, you can get a dozen kinds of bread and rolls in all shades from light to dark, from wheat to rye and corn flour! Sounding name however does not mean much if you are not associated with quality raw materials and relevant chemical composition. 

Principialno to buy the darker bread is hard crust and soft and juicy middle, but this bread is usually the most expensive. Ra┼żenac and their combinations are the most wanted. Reinforced (fortified) bread usually contains added vitamins, soy protein, dried fruits and other supplements (omega-3 fatty acids). For sure, this bread "healthier" than the standard, but do not forget that before the final evaluation should measure the total amount of fiber! The more grain in the product, you'll get more fiber and therefore often wheat bread are added after the inserted way or the other coarse grains rich structure (oats, rye). 

In some countries the bread get a declaration from the shortened chemical composition so you know exactly what you enter 3 times a day in your stomach, but without it can with fair certainty to distinguish one product from another. Choice of seeds (sesame, poppy) significantly enriched bread in terms of protein content, but it raises the caloric value, because as you know, the seed contains 50-60% oil. Bread can be prepared from wheat flour, oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, rice, millet, corn, amaranth, potato, tapioca, quinoa, and mixtures thereof. 

Any change or addition to organoleptic can feel it. One bias is that protein from grains is not good enough from what appears to be the bread should not be consumed. It is true that this protein contains all the amino acids lysine content but small. It is known however, that legumes contain lysine in sufficient quantities, so when you combine these two foods in the diet, we get a satisfactory relationship quality protein. Except of wheat and corn rye bread, our people as a rule do not have the opportunity to cook absolute novelty, and in due course enrichment range can be a big challenge for small producers of bread. 

Every meal in which meat and squeeze the fat grains, each of which replace breakfast of eggs, ham, bacon and cereal, the gain is for your health. You will not see results immediately, but rest assured reward will come when most needed. 

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