Friday, May 3, 2013

Truths and myths about milk

Milk and dairy products are another food group on which a lot of stories, and about which opinions are divided. On one hand, we argue that milk is a very good and healthy food, on the other hand, it is advisable to avoid it or even completely out of our diet. What are you doing here, why is such an exact opposite opinion, who to trust and finally: Do you drink milk or not? 

Raw milk, and by that I mean the domestic fresh milk which is not industrially processed, natural and healthy food of man, and all dairy products made from raw milk. Raw milk is an excellent source of nutrients, but also very important beneficial bacteria such as lactobacteria, which we now know to play a crucial role in strengthening the immune system and protect the body from various illnesses. Raw milk is also an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and contains punovrijedne proteins and fats, which are the building material for our bodies. Raw milk and its products are actually perfectly natural and punovrijedne foods for humans. 

What's the problem? I believe you can guess. The problem is in the industrial processing of milk. As is the case with many other foods, industrial processing of milk destroys this remarkable food and gives it a completely different properties. The milk we buy in stores is pasteurized and homogenized. Pasteurization is the process by which the milk is heated to high temperatures to kill bacteria in milk. At first this may sound quite right, knowing that the pathogenic agents of various diseases. However, pasteurization has completely changed the structure of the milk, and milk instead of becoming a safe and helpful guide, it actually becomes something else entirely. As well as heating at high temperatures kills pathogenic bacteria, it kills beneficial lactobacteria and many other nutritional components. High temperature completely changes the structure-sensitive dairy proteins denature and become very difficult to digest and harmful to health. 

Pasteurization destroys enzymes entirely from milk that are necessary for the breakdown and digestion of milk. Pasteurization reduces vitamin content, denatured milk proteins, destroys vitamins B12 and B6, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, prevents the absorption of calcium from milk, kills beneficial bacteria and promotes pathogens! Could it be worse? If you leave raw milk at room temperature, the milk will not spoil but you will get sour milk - very good snack. This is because the beneficial bacteria from raw milk keep bad bacteria under control. However, pasteurized milk has beneficial bacteria that keeps it from rotting. 

Denatured milk proteins due to their structure is very difficult to digest, in addition to the pasteurized milk destroyed all the enzymes and beneficial lactobacteria that help breakdown and digestion of milk components. Because of these problems, processed milk is one of the most common allergen and is associated with a variety of symptoms and illnesses such as digestive disorders, allergies, colic in infants, tooth decay, osteoporosis, arthritis, problems with growth in children, frequent ear infections in children , heart disease and cancer. On the other hand, raw milk does not cause disease conditions but promotes health, and people who for many years were allergic to milk, can typically tolerate raw milk. Raw milk is one of the healthiest and most complete food that can be consumed and so differs from industrially processed milk from these two ingredients would not be called a common name. 

With pasteurization began in the 20s of last century, at a time when tuberculosis was a road, as well as other infectious diseases due to poor animal health and poor hygienic conditions and production methods. But times have changed and today is used in stainless steel tanks, milking machines and cooling systems, and implemented strict sanitary inspection pasteurization thus becomes completely unnecessary. The only person who benefits from the industry pasteurization pasteurized milk because it extends the shelf life. 

The second process where the milk is coming out homogenization, fat molecules break under pressure, in order to prevent the creation of cream on milk. And this is a very unnatural process because the fat that gets no more its natural structure. In addition to the milk removed (skimmed) fat so that the buying milk contains more than 3% fat. Here for comparison: I buy milk directly from farmers, Jersey breed of cow, containing more than 6% fat. The worst is that consumers are deceived the whole milk and skim harmful skim milk well and healthy. Only because of the campaign against natural fat and aggressive propaganda, light products, the industry has managed to free industrial surplus that remains after skimming cream anticipated to produce other dairy products, as well as placed on the market these defatted products of poor quality. 

Milk fat contains vitamins A and D needed for assimilation of calcium and protein, and these vitamins without calcium and proteins become harder usable and potentially dangerous. Milk fat is also rich in short and medium-long chain fatty acids that provide a barrier against disease and stimulate the immune SITEM.Furthermore Milk fat contains very valuable CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which has strong anticancer activity. All of these important nutrients disappear industrial processing of milk. 

Anyone spend, milk is pasteurized, even what is called "fresh milk". The difference between "fresh" and "permanent" milk in the temperature and time to which the milk is coming out in the process of pasteurization. Fresh milk is heated to about 60-70 degrees, while UHT milk is heated to temperatures above 100 degrees (UHT process) which he still further date. 

There are still the problems of antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones, and the fact that almost all commercial cattle feed grains instead of grazing, which is their natural food. All of this changes the composition of fat in the milk, especially CLA. The rights of natural food for cows producing milk is green grass in the spring, summer and fall, and hay in winter. No amount of soy flour, cereals and various industrial wastes can not be a good food for the animals. Vital substances such as vitamins A and D, and the "Activator X" (by Dr. Weston A. Price found in all natural full-fat foods, and who is now considered that this vitamin K2) are required for optimal assimilation of minerals and in largely present in the milk of cows that eat grass, especially rapidly stretches the grass in spring and autumn. However, vitamins A and D drastically reduce the Activator X disappears completely feed the cows commercially grains and soybeans. 

Not so long ago, before the "modern" industrial methods, for generations the people used, and children growing up in the domestic fresh whole milk, natural yellow butter, fresh local cheeses and cream. If you can purchase local raw milk, it's the best thing you can do for your family's health. It is not difficult to make homemade yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese ... I need a little time and energy, but it is negligible compared to the value you receive, because the value of good health can not be measured with anything. 

Demand creates supply, and a hundred of us who look for natural fresh milk and meat of animals that live freely and graze on green pastures, that the faster manufacturers have adapted to the requirements of consumers. The future is in our hands, because we're the ones who'll decide where to invest your money and what products we buy and the market is dependent on the customer. Help for small local producers, who are engaged in the production of livestock, poultry, fruit and vegetables in a little so that you will buy their products. Boycott the worst impoverished highly processed food with no nutrients and which contains many harmful additives. Industrial screwed food contributes to a variety of comorbid conditions as natural and healthy food keeps good health and increases the quality of life. 

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