Friday, May 3, 2013

Nutrition for diabetics

- Nutrition for people with diabetes - 

One of the basic principles in the treatment of diabetic patients is the application of adequate nutrition! 

When planning a child it is important to preserve the relationship between carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
Of total energy intake from carbohydrates should make up 50-60%, fat 30%, protein 20%. 

The basic rules of nutrition: 

1 The shorter the food prepared by heat treatment, except where it is necessary, in order to preserve as much 
2 Avoid adding fat and strong spices, which does not mean that they should be completely ruled out, because it is very important 
the taste of the food is satisfactory. 

3 Take food freshly prepared, cooked better than fried. 
4 Number of meals is usually 5-6, it is best that they are always at the same time. 


- Choose Eurostar mostly lean meat: chicken, veal, lean beef, lean lamb and oily fish. 

- Meat barytes or prepare "loess" (barytes with a little oil). From meat and remove cuticles fat. 

Meat can occasionally bake and grill or Teflon. The minced meat can be added soybean flakes (up to 1/3 weight). If the minced meat is used for preparing moussaka, or cabbage rolls, the quantity of bread with a meal reduces the amount of bread, potatoes or rice, meat attaches. 

In these dishes adds a little oil and corn or olive. 
Fish are advised at least 2 times a week. 


I eat 1-2 eggs a week, suffering from gallbladder can only eat egg whites. 

Milk and milk products 

- Advise is produced from skimmed milk. 
Margarine has more unsaturated fatty acids than butter. Yoghurt and sour milk taken in smaller quantities compared to skim milk because they have more fat. 


- Very important in the diet of cooked vegetables of various kinds, but must be free of grease (when cool remove any excess fat from the surface and then reheated). 


- Take a slice (50 g) with each meal. 
It is recommended whole grain, rye or graham bread because these types of bread due to the rich content of dietary fiber prevent a sudden drop in blood sugar after a meal, what happens if you take white bread. With a meal containing potatoes, rice, beans or peas not recommended to take bread. 


- Avoid when you do not consume the bread. 


- Salt intake also needs to be controlled. 
People who have high blood pressure can bring 6 grams of salt per day (food not dosoljavati), while those suffering from hypertension can bring 3 grams of salt a day (eat unsalted food). 


- It is not desirable for diabetics because it has a lot of calories. 
If consumed, it should be sure to take with food, before or after a meal, as in diabetics who are treated with tablets or insulin may cause long-term and dangerous hypoglycemia! 

Coffee and tea 

- Can be used sparingly or unsweetened dosed with artificial sweeteners. 

Sweeteners are recommended aspartame, fructose can be taken in very small quantities because it is very sweet and large quantities of fat and sugar increases in the blood. 

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