Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What children need to eat?

Several foods is desirable that children regularly consumed for breakfast: 

- Wholemeal bread and rolls
- Whole grains and cereals
- Fruits (seasonal and dried)

- Vegetables
- Lean meats and fish
- Milk and milk products, cheese
- Oatmeal (with added fruit syrup)
- Seeds and nuts
- Pulses
- Hard-boiled eggs
- Chicken Soup

In addition, it should not be forgotten in healthy drinks such as orange juice or tangerine tea with honey.

As much as possible should be avoided, and the children quit (frequent) consumption: - snacks
- Carbonated drinks
- Fried food
- Biscuits and cakes
- Spicy and savory dishes

An excellent example of a healthy breakfast, especially for school children, is called. "Oslo breakfast ': oatmeal soak in the evening milk. In the morning the mixture is hot, add a teaspoon of honey and finely grated carrots or apples and add more hot milk. If desired, you can add any dried fruit. This breakfast has excellent nutritional value, as it consists of the required grains, vitamins and minerals, which gives kids the necessary power, but their vision and strengthens the immune system.

dealno means to boosting metabolism

You know that breakfast is the ideal tool to start your metabolism and providing energy for an upcoming day? Surveys indicate that 17 to 37 percent of adults in it or does not know or does not care.

One of the first systems that breakfast starts the central nervous system and brain. His activity in the morning, after a night of rest is often delayed several hours, so if you want to raise the concentration to the desired level to feed the brain. Foods that trigger the brain primarily carbohydrates, healthy breakfast so they should abound.

In addition to reducing tension and irritability, eating breakfast and you will automatically work on maintaining (and even reaching) the ideal body weight - to avoid a slowing of the metabolism and the generation of fat reserves. People who regularly eat breakfast are less depressed, they are less exposed to emotional stress and generally cope better with stressful situations. A healthy breakfast will stop you reaching for the junk food (donuts, pastry, candy, snacks) at a time when the pregladnjelosti blood sugar drops to a minimum level.

Irish researchers have found that people who skip breakfast do better not follow the recommendations on adequate nutrition intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Also, they are less likely to develop a deficiency of calcium, iron and vitamin B.

Habits acquired in childhood

Parents should show their children by example how to start a successful day. To encourage children to breakfast, wake him up a little earlier because the rush and gorging on comfort food 'at speed' is not a good way to get used to a healthy child eating breakfast! And fluid intake is important. It has been proved, namely, that the children in the body do not get enough fluids in the school quickly tired and lose concentration, and can suffer from headaches.

Attached to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a review of studies dealing with the influence of breakfast on children's mental abilities. According to the results, children who do not regularly eat breakfast, morning work less and have less success in solving the problems that lay before them. A similar effect, not eating breakfast, and had the verbal skills, creativity and ability to acquire new knowledge. Studies have also shown that eating breakfast regularly reduces obesity in children, cholesterol and stomach cramps (usually caused by a strike).

The metabolism

What to bring myself feeding is actually "building material" which will use our body to keep us alive. It is therefore important that we eat and how we eat and thus determines the quality and longevity. Food we eat by mouth must be going through the digestive system break down into simple parts.

The main ingredients needed by the body are proteins (proteins), fats and carbohydrates. Having passed through the digestive tract of these ingredients are completely decomposed into simple components, amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars (glucose). Only in this state can be absorbed (absorbed) in the small intestine, the portal vein and liver into the blood. It is a basic function of digestion. In these processes and enzymes involved without whom we would not have occurred many processes in the body.

One should avoid eating, semi or lying down. Recommended to avoid lying down for at least an hour after eating, also to prevent recovery of food and acid into the esophagus.

We recommend that you always eat slowly and calmly, seated and in good company. 

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