Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tips for cooking

If you cook rice and let it stand for an hour in the fridge, and then add it to the soup. Did you run out of chocolate icing, reach for cocoa 

Presolili you soup? Do not despair, but squeeze a little lemon juice and add the broth. Despite the advanced skills, small culinary errors to the best of stealing. One of the most common is overcooking meat, which thereby becomes too hard. In that case, just cut it into small pieces, saute the onion, add the tomato puree and make a stew. Serve with mashed potatoes and seasonal salad. In the future, just pay attention to the cooking time - until the chicken is cooked about an hour, the whole chicken will take about two to three hours. Two pounds of veal should be cooked for an hour and a half to two and equally serious beef about two and a half hours.

And cooking rice often results in poor results. If you put too much water in the rice and get something that looks like a mush, squeeze the mixture on a baking sheet and place in the refrigerator all. Leave to stand for one day and then add the rice instead of pasta in the soup. This gastrogaf to prevent cooking the rice in water at a ratio of 1:3. For a cup of rice add three cups of water.
Unheated vegetable oil provides fat

If you put meat or vegetables on under-heated oil, which will eventually be too fatty, and in the worst case and underdone. It is best to re-heat the oil up to temperature and food sufficient only dopržite.
Overcooked vegetables to the soup mix

For too long the vegetables can save so you make the soup and puree soup. Another solution is to put vegetables in the refrigerator and allow to stand for one day. You can then use it for salad.
Olive oil pasta saves

The water in which you put the pasta is boiling, and in the end remained tough and rubbery. The best solution is to cut the noodles into small pieces and pour the olive oil, which will it fix the texture.
Wet towel smell draws zagorenosti

Eating usually burn it if the fire burns on prejakoj. If it's pork ribs on the grill, it would not bother anybody.The situation can improve if you put the pan over a wet towel and eliminate odor.
Cooking chocolate is made from cocoa

Do you make a cake and you do not have enough chocolate icing, use the trick - for each cube of chocolate cocoa mix three tablespoons of butter with a spoon. Cream yogurt will replace the same ratio.
Cut the meat and bake burnt

If the meat Bake at excessive temperatures, it will burn on the outside and remain raw inside. Simply remove the meat from the oven, remove the layer of burn boy, well Cut it in several places and bake again. 

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