Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things you should not do after meals

Seven things you should not do after eating! 

First DO NOT SMOKE AFTER MEALS - experts have proven that a cigarette after a meal has the same effect on the body as if you smoked ten cigarettes and thus increases the possibility of cancer.

Second Do not eat fruits immediately after meals - eating fruits immediately after meals leads to inflating the stomach with air. It is best to consume fruits about 1 hour after or before eating.

3rd DO NOT drink tea after meals - tea leaves contain a high amount of acid that will harden protein-rich foods that are consumed and cause indigestion.

4th Do not release the strap on pants - because it can lead to intestinal blockage and distortion during digestion.

5th DO NOT swim after eating - swimming causes an increase in blood pressure in the arms, legs and body so that it will weaken the pressure in the stomach and thus slow down the digestion process.

6th DO NOT go for a walk right after eating - people say that after a meal make 100 steps and you will live 100 years. This is not actually true. The walk causes digestion not absorbed nutritional ingredients in the food we consume.

7th Do not go to sleep immediately after eating - from sleeping or horizontal position of the food we eat is not digested in a good way and may cause interference in the gut. 

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