Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Small guide to spices

Take courage in highlighting the taste because spices can transform local specialties to exotic and ginger, anise and cloves improve even desserts and toppings

Spices not only bring out the best of meals without adding calories or salt, but are also a source of antioxidants. So just be brave and experiment with spices and combine foods to find a combination just for their taste. However, following the "security laws", experiments will not end badly. With seafood and fish often combine Jamaican pepper, thyme, cayenne pepper, turmeric or curry.
Pork are in excellent agreement cinnamon, marjoram, sage, rosemary, chilli and curry, and most of these spices agrees with beef. Chicken or turkey flavor will improve capers, curry, chilli, saffron, sage or rosemary. But it is important to note that the ground quickly release the aroma and taste of the food can not suppress.
Try spices and salads or toppings, so you refresh the arugula, basil, chives or parsley. Also, spices such as anise, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg can be added even desserts, and fruits are still very delicious ginger, mint, clove, bergamot, lavender ... Want to try something new, national specialties add exotic spices that you may like.
No chili without cumin and curry
Cumin can be found in the form of seeds and powder, and you can taste it still improved if seeds in a dry fry pan. Most often used in curry and chickpea as salad, chili, stews, cous taste and vegetable dishes.
Meat sauces and pepper gives a distinctive flavor
Red hot pepper seasoning gives warmth and clarity, depending on the quantity. Usually added to sauces for the grill, but it can be added to tomato sauces or cheese, baked dishes of eggs and meat nemasnome.
Flavors and color
Saffron Paella gives a golden color, and can be added to soups, seafood, pasta and rice dishes, as well as bread and cakes.
From salty to sweet
Cinnamon is put in coffee and mulled wine, cakes, candies and breads, as well as in marinades, meat, pasta, vegetables, and even fruit salads. 

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