Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seven myths about cooking

Over the years they have become so integrated into the universal belief that the accepted almost without question. Amounts as fact and repeated in books on cooking shows and magazines, so that it seems almost impossible that it may not be accurate. Like other myths, some contain some truth in it, but most is not correct. 

See what the myths in question.

First You can deep-fry in olive oil - you say to people in Italy, Spain or Greece. Olive oil has a lower smoke point as opposed to others, such as sunflower or vegetable, which means they can become bitter, and what ingredients are fried take on an unpleasant taste. However, if you are careful and oil is heated to the right temperature, ideal for frying delicious dishes like potato chips.

Second Salt raises blood pressure - salt has become one of the main enemies of medicine, yet many are not aware of how much is needed in the diet. The myth dates back to the 1950s, of the tests carried out by British doctors, who in turn denied by later tests. As with other issues related to health, moderation is the best approach, but the reputation of the great dangers of salt as it seems a bit excessive.

3rd Fresh fruit is healthier than dried - add fruit into your diet is a good decision, but there's a myth that the fresher better than dried. While there can be some minor differences in the content of minerals and vitamins, the truth is that both versions contain similar amounts of sugar and fiber. Since most of the water is fresh fruit, the same amount of dried can bring more benefits than fresh version.

4th Adding oil to pasta water will not stick - oil actually has no effect on it. It will easily rise to the top.However, it helps that the water does not boil too. Occasional stirring while cooking pasta, bring even better results.

5th Mushrooms can not be washed - as the French manual "Larousse Gastronimique", in order to maintain the full aroma of mushrooms, the best were not peel or wash, just a pile of damp and dry. However, recent research shows that most fungi absorbs very little water if there is a short opera.

6th Alcohol evaporates during cooking - and cooking until the alcohol is added to sauces, soups or sauces at high temperature to reduce its effect, to be sure, you should cook it for almost three hours to completely evaporated.

7th Lobsters "screaming" when they are cooked - as crabs do not have the vocal capabilities, the ability to "screaming", even when they are put in hot water, remains in the realm of impossible. The sound most likely causes the air coming out of the shell after the lobster dipped in hot water. If you are sensitive, try to put the lobster in cold water and slowly heat up. 

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