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Secrets of sweet spices

All the secrets of sweet spices 
To be sweet even sweeter

While enjoying all sorts of pastry, cakes and pastries, many of these sweet morsels its aroma, taste and uniqueness owes spices. Whether it is a vanilla as one of the most common ingredients in cake, or the cinnamon and its specific, distinctive smell that can "boast" some of the best cookies. But just as the spices can be found in many other desserts.

I like spices, like celery and bay leaf in preparation of the inevitable firing of various dishes and stews, such as vanilla, saffron, cinnamon and other spices in the pastry part of which "point to" any dessert. However, clove, cinnamon, anise and cumin, are also treated as spices have medicinal properties, and a stimulating effect on the body in the cold days.

Vanilla - Sugar Queen

Do not mix it with vanilla sugar, it is a spice that comes from the same plant, which is being expanded after the discovery of America and the rest of the world. Vanilla extracts are among the most requested, and most expensive spice in sweet dishes, desserts, ice cream, primarily because of its aromatic properties that enhance their flavor. Coffee, hot chocolate and the vanilla use if you want to get a special taste of the beverage.


The market can be found in the form of powder, and cinnamon bark. It is best to have the ground in the form of bars, because each has its application in gastronomy. Christmas cookies without cinnamon?Unthinkable, and they say that they are prepared and those who just love to eat endless amounts. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices, and the most revered cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Often used in combination with ginger, and it is added to the ginger tea. Is an indispensable addition to the preparation of cakes, especially those with apples. It works by stimulating, soothing digestive problems, is effective against colds.


He is known as one of the most expensive spices, rich in history, so that already used in ancient times. It is characterized by intense flavors, and cooking has a very broad application. It is found in puddings, ice cream, cakes, pastries, a variety of fruit desserts, such as spicy, a special supplement with quince and pears.Because of its yellow color specific occupies a special place among the spices that are used for coloring cakes and cheese.


If winter "smell" by some spice, then this is definitely clove. It is a tropical tree one meter high, from which the drying flower Palic gets cardamom. Clove contains many aromatic oils and used cooking compote, mulled wine, punch and sweet dishes. It also has healing properties, soothes the respiratory and digestive problems, helps with toothache, protects against inflammation. Most often we use it in cooked wines, many like him in the Christmas cake, and a great and compotes. In cooking, as in the preparation of meat and soup, agrees with rosemary, marjoram, thyme, allspice.


Anise fruit from the plant is used as a spice in cooking among other things, for cookies, and interestingly, used in the preparation of liqueurs and spirits. In sweet dishes such as cakes, cookies or ice cream can also be used. Add it in jam or compote that will enrich refreshing taste. And this is a spice known for its healing properties, among other things, relieves digestive problems, colic.


He is said to be the oldest spice that it was used in Europe. He is strong and aromatic, commonly used in dishes caraway seeds. Has it as an ingredient in recipes for savory dishes, stews, not only in desserts. It is used as an addition to many desserts, great in apple pies, cakes, are made from caraway liqueur and brandy.It has medicinal properties known since ancient times, relieves pain, coughing, contains vitamin 

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