Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pay attention to the food

Foods with a surprising amount of salt 

Sodium is important for our health because it affects fluid balance, muscle strength and nerve function. But most of us still takes too much salt. Experts say we need less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. It's just one teaspoon.

You know that salami snacks and full of salt, and you know yourself that you do not have too much salt, but the food is full of salt harder to avoid than you think. Check out some of the foods that you might be surprised:

First Packaged breakfast cereals

You think you are healthy, but are full of sugar and sodium. Some contain 360 milligrams of sodium per per cup. I'd rather eat oatmeal, coconut, yogurt and fruit.

Second Bread

White bread has a bad reputation because there is not enough fiber and protein. He is not going to support it or it has too much salt: 240 mg of salt per slice. If you need to sandwich two slices it's already 480 mg, and in between you'll probably put something salty again. Darker breads do not have to be a lot better, so it's best if you knead bread alone at home.

3rd Juice - fruit and vegetables they

Sweet fruit drinks are another unexpected source of sodium. Some who sell powdered razmućivanje may contain more than 600 mg in two teaspoons. Are problematic and some juices and vegetables - one cup can contain more than 600 milligrams.

4th Canned pasta sauces, ready meals and canned

Although most of the pasta does not have too much sodium, ready sauces can contain 1,000 mg in one cup.Similar or worse with other ready-made meals and canned vegetables.

5th Ketchup

One tablespoon of ketchup can contain up to 150 mg of sodium. So slowly soaking the food in this sauce.

6th Cheeses

One slice of hard cheese can contain less than 400 mg of sodium. That's twice as much sodium than the slices of mozzarella that contains about 150 mg of sodium. And some softer cheeses tend to be salty. If they're eating for calcium rather opt for yogurt. 

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