Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Misconceptions about white bread

The bread is best eaten about 16 hours because it gives us the needed energy, white bread can boost your metabolism, and thawed bread often causes bloating and wind 

From attachments to food, sandwiches until dessert, bread is the foundation of food in Western society, but recently considered as detrimental to health. This is supported by the fact that the sale of bread in the last 30 years has decreased by about 40 percent, the Italian study reveals. In most cases, people do not buy bread because they think that they may have some form of celiac submitted or bad foods that contain gluten.

Bread is guilty of a variety of symptoms, from fatigue, abdominal pain, flatulence, and headache. But the brain is also dependent on the bread after it because we feel a sieve, happy and full of energy. Scientists explain this by the fact that carbohydrates stimulate the production of bread so. happiness hormone serotonin, and the greatest need for serotonin occurs at about 16 hours. Then the energy recovery is recommended to eat something with bread.
White bread can speed up metabolism

White people usually buy bread because he is considered the finest. Next to it is a popular and corn, as well as those with seeds.

The biggest problem with white bread is that it because of the high glycemic index release energy too quickly, so it raises the blood sugar level. This may contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes, and even accelerate the development of cancer. However, those who have no family history of diabetes, you should avoid white bread, which is ideal to eat for breakfast, then it speeds up your metabolism.

Wholegrain bread is not the best choice for everyone, including some scientists claim that such a bread irritable bowel symptoms worse. 
Weight gain, bread and starch

Atkins and Dukan diet as well as numerous other diet restricting carbohydrate intake with the claim that they cause an increase in blood sugar, preventing the body to burn fat. So it propagates the idea that bread is unhealthy, fat and even harm the body. But he continued to foods that are the most difficult people give up.

However, carbohydrates can actually help you lose weight, say researchers. They have shown that resistant starch, which is located in the high-carbohydrate foods such as bananas, rice, pasta and potatoes, reduce appetite, strengthen metabolism, improves mood, reduces stress and accelerates weight loss.
Curve is fiber, not wheat?

Celiac disease is diagnosed through blood tests and a biopsy sample of cancer. The problem is that a lot of people declaring themselves sick and avoiding gluten. Since the gluten free foods add fiber, such people may have more problems with digestion after such a diet, than before.

- In many cases it is difficult to determine whether someone bothered fiber or gluten in wheat, says Sarah Sleet, president of the British Association of celiac disease.
Freezing bread is not healthy

While this is a simple procedure to keep the bread fresh, it just may be the cause of inflation and letting the winds. Freezing breaks down the structure of wheat bread, and it becomes difficult to digest. That is why the plants do not freeze, but stale bread to turn into bread crumbs, and the new shop. 

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