Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Little Chef Tricks

When the cake is baked ... 
- If you remove the cake from the oven and he has not done, do not worry all is not lost. Lower the cake in cold milk and then put it back in the oven to dopeče.

- A cake will cut into nice pieces, if the knife after each cut short soak in cold water. Creamy cake cutting knife to dip into the warm water.

- Oil for french fries can be used multiple times, and that it thereby maintain freshness and does not fade to black, the bowl in which you saved the oil put the shell of the egg. The shell will eventually turn black so it should be changed periodically.

- Oversalted food taste will return true if you add a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar.

- New vessels of clay (that lasted longer) before use should be kept 15 hours submerged in salt water.

- Sauces and vegetable soup will get a better flavor if they are at the end of cooking, add a little butter.

- Roasted potatoes are tastier if you put it before frying in boiling water for about two minutes, then dry out and burn.

- In order to quickly dissolve gelatin and pour it with cold water in the proportion of 1 part gelatin and 4 parts of water, and then heat it.

-Onions easier to clean if you soak it in warm water. Cut it wet on wet board with a knife, the bow would not irritate the eyes.
How to cook piinač?

- Rice first, a little oil, fry it with constant stirring. When it starts to squeak pour water and cook. Ratio of rice and water should be 1: 2.5. So the rice will not stick, and the grain will be loose.

- In addition to soups and stews can be used cubes of toasted bread fried in oil to pour in a little garlic powder. At the end of the frying sprinkle oregano.

- The test will be better if you knead, knead the flour until prosejanog.

- To be in cooking potatoes do not disintegrate should be cooked in salted water. But to add salt to the water at the end of cooking, because otherwise it will not cook well.

- Hard candied honey to dissolve gradually so as to put the jar in warm water and slowly heat it, because if you lose heat rapidly healing, aroma and taste.

-If you eat presolili add the pinch of baking soda.
In oversalted soup add 4 peeled and sliced ​​potatoes.
If taken too salty baking kitchen clean cloth, moisten it, drain and twist a few times over the meat. Pour over a little salt, cover and keep for half an hour.

- For all that dough and cakes are baked in a pan purchased used a wax paper or plain white (for typing) to be on both sides thinly coated with oil. You can easily remove the cake, and the pan will stay clean.

- When cooking spinach to add a little baking soda into the pan in which to cook and does not need a cover, to keep green spinach.

- If the rancid butter needs to put a few hours in water with baking soda. After a good wash it with fresh water.

- When barenje fish pour a little milk, meat will become whiter, so will have an unpleasant odor that spreads the barenje fish. The same effect is achieved when the container is covered with a cloth soaked in vinegar, milk of course it should not be added.

- Hard candied honey should not be heated because it will rapidly lose flavor, aroma and medicinal properties. Jar should be placed in a bowl of lukewarm water and gradually heated.

Burnt SERP
If you are burnt pans after cooking pour into her lemon, vinegar and a little detergent, and boil pot will be like new.

Freeze LUK
Very little you can do to spared himself, family members and neighbors neprijtnog smell stewed onions.What you can do is once a week or less sautée large quantity of onions, and then freeze it. For each subsequent cooking spoon just disconnect and use it normally.

Puff pastry
If you puff pastry left over after use, do not dispose of the remains. Knead into small pieces, and whip the egg dish. Coat the dough and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake in the oven at 200 C for 10 minutes. This can also serve refreshments and hot and cold.

All brass surfaces in the kitchen, knobs, handles for paper towels, tissues, napkins easiest way to degrease and scrub ordinary toothpaste.

Ice cubes with fruit
Ice cubes for a cocktail and tastier it'll be better if the water in the ice tray, place the thinly sliced ​​lemon or orange peel, cherry or grape.

Do bananas in fruit salad would not blackened, sprinkle them with lemon juice and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Peel TOMATOES more easily
To make it easier to remove the skin from the tomatoes, pour boiling water on it. Thus, this work will be much easier, and tomatoes will not fall apart.

Freshly baked potato
If you exceed the remaining amount of boiled potatoes with a bit of will can be a tasty addition to the new lunch. Let it salted, boiling water and let it boil, then drain the water. In this way, for a few minutes, the potatoes can be served as it is freshly cooked, with the main course.

SUGAR - a natural preservative
Strawberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches and other fruits you leave it in the freezer, always pack your shit in the bowl and turn every good fruit sprinkled with sugar. Sugar does not allow frost to penetrate him and take away his natural taste.

DISH oversalted
If you eat presolili add one or more potatoes and they will "pick up" any excess salt.

Hold the butter in a plastic container with a sealed lid that is drinkable, and may seawater, so the butter floats. Thus it can be kept completely free of delays in the fridge, and it will be soft, so it will be easy razmazivati.

Apply vinegar on a cloth and a little salt and mix the scrub tiles in the kitchen and all the greasy surface.And if you use vinegar clogged drains: Pour 2 dl, wait ten minutes, and then let the strong stream of hot water.

Experts have tested the cheeses at high temperatures, and we offer a list of cheeses that are best for making hot sandwiches, pizzas or vegetable dishes.
-Parmesan: This type of Italian cheese to add a little cream, because after warming rapidly hardens and becomes bitter.
- Emmentaler: It's very buttery cheese that melts easily and has a nice golden color. Best for hot meals when overripe.
- Mozzarella: When the oven, get a nice taste. We recommend that you use this cheese pizza store, and gives great taste and fresh vegetable salads. 

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