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Lemons and cancer 

Recently, more and more we hear about the work of the lemon cancer.

Many alternative doctors are saying about it, the lemon powerful tool against cancer, it kills cancer cells much better than chemotherapy.

It is assumed that the Lemon 10,000 times stronger than Adriamycin - a popular drug for chemotherapy.
Another advantage is that a lemon, it works only on cancer cells and destroys healthy cells.
This fact was discovered by scientists, but it is assumed that the pharmaceutical industry strictly kept this secret.
In addition to cancer cells, lemon kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, and the effect on the parasites.
This super food has such an effect on health that deserves to use it every day.
In fact, why you would not take a glass of water, squeezed half a lemon in it and drink it right away?

How to clean the body for 5 days with the help of lemon and maple syrup

Starvation-based lemon and maple syrup, otherwise known as the lemon diet or master cleanse, is a popular way to cleanse the body among the thousands of people in the world.

The diet involves fasting, which lasts 5 days.

During fasting should only lemonade made with lemon juice, maple syrup, water and hot pepper.
Maple tree in Canada is known for its delicious and nutritious juice. For one gallon of syrup is 40 gallons of maple tree sap.
It is very nutritious, even more nutritious than honey and 100 g of syrup contains 64% carbohydrates, 0.4% fat, 0.1% protein, 0.6% minerals and caloric value is 275 kcal.
Maple syrup is taken during fasting because it gives the body the necessary nutrients and energy during starvation.
You can buy it at health food stores. If you can not get maple syrup instead use honey, agave syrup or barley malt.

Lemon is the ideal food for detoxification - helps eliminate toxins from the body, strengthens the immune system and acts as an antioxidant. Otherwise, all the fruit has the effect of cleansing the body, but citrus fruits such as lemons and grapefruit are best for detoxification.

Before starvation prepare the body in such a way that a few days eating only soft foods without fat and animal products. That body will be ready to submit to the usual lack of food and starvation on the transition will not be difficult.

During fasting, do not take no food or drink other than this mixture of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You can take herbal teas sweetened with maple syrup or honey.
The best time for the lemon detox diet is summer, when lighter food we consume anyway.

Preparation of beverage

For one cup of lemonade you need:
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons maple syrup
the cayenne pepper pinch
250 ml of water

Mix all ingredients and immediately drink lemonade. You can use cold or hot water - as you wish. Always use fresh lemons, not lemon concentrate from the store.
Daily Drink 6-10 glasses of lemonade. Take a drink when you're hungry, like a meal.

Lemonade contains all the necessary nutrients, and chili peppers are driven by the energy provided by the body.

In the meantime, you can drink herbal teas and how much you need, unsweetened or sweetened with maple syrup.

Every night take tea with laxative effect, and in the morning drink a liter of salt water (1 L of water in a tablespoon of sea salt). This will help you to empty your bowels.
Fasting can take from 5 to 14 days. Minimum duration lemon baby is 5 days, as the body starts to expel toxins only after three days of fasting.

The effects are amazing, the detox diet is really worth the effort! Once you try this diet and feel its positive effect, it will become part of your life.
Medicine believes that many diseases are coming due to the retention of toxins in the body, and this is proven way to clean them.

After fasting

After fasting, it is important to gradually introduce foods into your meals. Your body needs a few days to re-adjust to solid food. Be sure to follow the following procedure:
1 day
stop taking lemonade
Drink 5-8 glasses of vegetable juice

Day 2
Drink 3-4 glasses of vegetable juice
eat 1-2 plates of soup vegetables (avoid potatoes and carrots)

Day 3
proceed with juices and vegetable soups
Eat some fruit trees
Eat previously soaked nuts or seeds
You can eat steamed vegetables and brown rice

Day 4
You can start eating all the other food

During the cleaning we recommend walks and gentle exercise because physical activity helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Lemon child welfare

cleanses the body of toxins
improves digestion and bowel
Increases energy and vitality
improves circulation
improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails
helps to lose weight

Note: During fasting you may feel dizzy, light headaches, mood changes, and blood pressure, which is a normal occurrence during cleaning. The diet is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

World's Healthiest Foods: Lemon

Lemon is one of the most valuable foods on the planet.
Lemon protects against so many diseases that it can rightly be called a super-food.

Lemon is full of nutrients - contain bioflavonoids, pectin, folic acid, vitamins C, A, B1, B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese.

Beneficial effect on the liver, intestine, stomach, immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

If you regularly eat lemons, you can prevent diseases such as laryngitis, bronchitis, flu, colds, arthritis, high blood pressure, bacterial infections, kidney and gall stones, according to the latest research and cancer!

There are lots of ways to incorporate this ingredient into your daily menu.
However, the simplest way is everyday drink 1-2 glasses of warm water with lemon.

Water with lemon

A glass of water with lemon immediately after waking up a surprisingly good effect on health.
Yoga and Ayurveda are using this procedure to stimulate digestion and elimination of ama (toxins) from the body.
However, water with lemon has many other benefits for our health.

19 reasons why you should drink a daily glass of water with lemon

‬ ‪ first Lemon cleanses the liver and stimulates her work.
‬ ‪ second natural antiseptic and antioxidant. Preventing the flu, colds, and many types of infections.
‬ ‪ third helps with colic and stomach problems.
‬ ‪ 4th Lemon is an excellent remedy for dandruff and greasy hair.
‬ ‪ fifth water with lemon helps digestion, because its composition is similar to stomach acid.
‬ ‪ 6th Lemon stimulates production of enzymes in the liver.
‬ ‪ seventh Water with lemon normalize bowel function and facilitates discharge.
‬ ‪ 8th Lemon prevent gingivitis and stomatitis.
‬ ‪ ninth helps lower blood pressure and increases the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol.
‬ ‪ 10th Lemon alkalizes body.
‬ ‪ 11th Water with lemon diluted uric acid, and thus helps with arthritis and gout.
‬ ‪ 12th Lemon helps eliminate excess mucus from the body.
‬ ‪ 13th Prevents cramping and muscle pain.
‬ ‪ 14th Lemon regulates metabolism.
‬ ‪ 15th Protects against stress and depression.
‬ ‪ 16th Reduces the risk of stroke.
‬ ‪ 17th It prevents kidney and gallstones.
‬ ‪ 18th Lemon protect against osteoporosis.
‬ ‪ 19th with lemon water helps weight loss.

Additionally, lemon is a great food for cleansing the body, environmental and efficient tool for cleaning the home.

Prepare drink with lemon

In a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze half a lemon drink in the morning, nata┼íte.Tokom days you can drink another 2-3 glasses of water with lemon. If you can not stand the taste of sour, sweeten the drink maple syrup or agave.
It is best to use a lemon from a biological or homegrown. Grow citrus at home is not at all difficult.

Produce a lemon tree in the apartment 

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