Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Juice and strawberry jam

To spice up the taste of jam you can add lime, mint sheet or fried, sliced ​​almonds. Strawberry juice is best to drink the same day because it can easily break. 

Strawberry juice is easily prepared with bar blender - ispasirajte strawberries with a little sugar, if desired, you can also add the bananas, milk or yogurt. Such fruit drinks is best to drink the same day because they could malfunction or the lasting fruit syrups to a boil and pour into sterilized bottles. At three pounds of strawberries put about 700 grams of sugar and two bags of citric acid. Fruit is washed, cleaned and cooked for about 30 minutes with two liters of water. Then cooled, add sugar, citric acid, and three quarts of water and let it boil and then poured into bottles.

I prepared strawberry jam is pretty simple. Do you want to jam a little differently, instead you can add lemon juice or lime juice to inject fresh mint sheet. Also, chopped sliced ​​almonds can fry in a pan without oil and blend them into a hot jam. And if you're in the mood for experimenting with flavors of spice, add a teaspoon of jam crushed green pepper and cook it with strawberries.

Jams and juices is the best cook in a large pot to be filled up to half of that mixture is finally fed up. On a cool, dark place homemade jams will take 6-12 months.
Simple strawberry jam

Ingredients: 800g sugar, 1 kg of strawberries, lemon

Preparation: Wash strawberries, cleaned and put in a pan with a thick bottom. Squeeze lemon juice and pour over strawberries heat stirring constantly. When the mixture to a boil, gradually add the sugar and cook stirring frequently for about an hour, until it becomes thick like honey. Hot jam into hot jars to put sterilized in an oven or hot water and close them with a lid or plastic wrap.
Strawberry Ice Cream

Ingredients: 500g strawberries, oranges, 350g sugar, 100 ml cream

Preparation: Mix strawberries and orange juice added to them. Especially cooked sugar with half a liter of water, a little cool, add the strawberries and cream and mix well all. Put the two glasses in the freezer to harden. 

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