Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In fresh cheese varieties

Besides the fruit will impress and delicious combination of honey, nuts and chocolate, and a combination of cheeses and fruits will delight guests even if you are not a cook

When serving cheese it is important to know that to start with a mild or soft and harder to continue or that a stronger flavor

For example, start with goat cheese, cheddar continue and finish with blue cheese. Or start with the addition of honey ricotta, Gruy√®re cheese and continue last Serve sprinkled parmesan balsamic vinegar - says U.S. expert Laura Werlin Cheese.

If you are not a fan of cooking, but you can not imagine life without cheese, you learn to combine it, you will impress guests without too much trouble, experts say.

Dutch Gouda cheese mild, for example, goes well with spicy nuts, creamy French Camembert goes well in combination with juicy melon, and a taste of English cheddar cheese comfortably merge with those of fresh cherries. But one of the most intriguing combination maybe she Fontina - Italian cheese rich flavors, with dark chocolate. For great combination (also melted) Serve on crackers.

Juicy apples and creamy brie

Italian mascarpone best reception with strawberries. I combine it with green apples, creamy French brie will become a perfect appetizer.
Cute little satisfaction

For a sweet, creamy ricotta satisfaction Serve with your favorite type of honey on crackers or dvopecima.Havarti combines sweet with pears.
A number of 'persons' Parmesan

Although it can be combined with many foods and meals, intensive italian parmesan cheese best goes with the rich flavor of ham, say experts. 

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