Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hot cocktails

Outside, it snows on the streets offering mulled wine, but somehow you do not do alcohol. Maybe now, but not having read five recipes for hot cocktails. 

Hot Buttered Whiskey

In the glass, dissolve the sugar, add 5 cl of whiskey on the fire and heat. Before the mixture boils, add the water, butter and a few leaves and a few drops of rum.

Bull's Milk

Preheat 4 cl 2 cl rum and cognac, add the hot milk and sweeten to taste with syrup Ahorn. Cocktail you can drink and cold.


Add to a shaker egg yolk, a pinch of sugar, 3 cl of rum and brandy, shake vigorously and pour into a cup which will subsequently add the milk. If desired, add the nutmeg. Eggnog is called in America a Christmas cocktail party, and in southern countries is served with hot bourbon.

Cafe Brulot

A nice alternative to the Irish coffee. In a glass of warm refractory to 3 cl Calvados and 2 cl Grand Marnier, add a cup of hot coffee and whipped cream garnish. If you prefer a sweeter, put sugar cubes.

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy's grog for depressed workaholic, after a hard day's work. Add 5 cl of whiskey, a teaspoon of honey and hour hot water and add a slice of lemon, you've dipped into powder carnations. At the end of the pouring lemon juice and a few grains of cinnamon and cinnamon stick. 

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