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Hemp oil

Hemp oil 

We all have a choice. You must be aware that your health is entirely in your hands. Your body is harmonious operation of the billions of cells that make up a balanced and unique whole. Do you ever wonder what you can do for your cells, so they can offer the best food to those operated smoothly and that your health was so perfect? We need to remind you that health does not imply in itself. Appreciate it and obey, and above all, cultivate it.

Meet hemp oil. With regular use, and emerald-green liquid will enable smooth operation of its stations.Thanks to its unique composition, namely hemp oil is beneficial and healing to your body and helps to restore normal body balance. We could almost say it works wonders. Treat yourself to health.

Regular consumption of hemp oil helps in improving or eliminating the following health problems:

Premenstrual Syndrome
rheumatoid arthritis
Diabetic neuropathy
Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
prevents blood clotting
Rheumatoid Arthritis
chronic inflammation of the bladder
Ulcerative Colitis

Because hemp oil contains omega-3 acids, Omega 6 and GLA. Gamalinolenska fatty acid (GLA) in this oil represents about 3% of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Gamalinolenska acid (GLA) is one of the badly needed or essential fatty acids (EFA = essential fatty acid), which is primarily found in vegetable oils. Although the EFA are necessary for our health, which the body can only produce so we do have to make yourself through food.

Hemp oil has a positive effect on the prevention of many diseases! Until recently, the literature could be read only that hemp oil used to feed cats. Since I am deeply studied ingredients hemp oil, I can say that thanks to its positive part of really positive effect on the prevention of heart disease and blood vessels, reducing unpleasant effects of premenstrual syndrome, and to troubleshoot that occur as a result of multiple sclerosis, cancer and schizophrenia.

prof. others. DraĹžigost Pokorn

Nutritional composition of hemp oil can be very beneficial to your health. Cannabis sativa name comes from Latin and means usable cannabis (sativa = useful). Plants that belong to the group of mainly sativa relevant goods. Usefulness of hemp really is diverse, fiber, edible seeds, edible oil to medicine.
The use of oil in the daily diet reduces the risk of heart attacks because omega 3 (alfalinolenska acid) reduces blood clotting and improves the cholesterol profile. There are also natural anti-inflammatory effects that are useful for people with arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

others. Andrew Weil

Hemp oil is the only edible oil that contains a direct metabolite of linoleic acid and alfalinolenske or gamalinolensku acid (GLA) and stearidonsku acid (SDA).
Therefore, to prevent the weakening of EFA metabolism and helps to balance the body that are a result of genetic factors, other fat intake, aging and lifestyle.
Much of fatty acids omega 3 and 6, and a relatively high proportion of phytosterols is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. GLA has proven to be effective and the treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis and joint inflammation. GLA and vitamin D in hemp are also useful in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. In addition, products with lots of EFA can help the irregularities on the skin, inflammation, loss of water from the surface layer, itching and poor / slow healing of wounds, GLA is beneficial for atopic eczema and psoriasis.

others. Darrell L. Tanelian

Cold pressed hemp oil plays an important role as a food supplement (linoleic, linolenic acid, GLA). The oil is very high quality and is the only edible oil that contains GLA. May be included in the diet of patients with neurodermatitis. This is especially important for patients who have difficulty taking medications.

Dr.. Ronald R. Theimer

We have observed patients with atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation) or eczema. We wanted to explore what kind of allergies that often requires treatment, dry skin and cause itching. In those patients who have used cannabis oil (orally two months to two teaspoons) and noticed a visible change on dry skin, with itching, generally in terms of overall symptom relief. When using hemp oil and noticed a reduction in the incidence of influenza.

others. James Callaway
Currently carried out by different research on the effects of GLA on various types of cancer. Laboratory experiments had shown that GLA and related fatty acid destroys cancer cells but not normal cells. Omega 6 slows the growth of various human cancer cells in the laboratory and in the body slows down the growth of tumor cells. With a smooth body metabolism only produces GLA from acid Omega 6
Omega 6 is present in foods, primarily in vegetable oils and GLA is present in foods in very small amounts.It is well known that diabetics can not create GLA from linoleic acid and is therefore desirable to taking supplements for better functioning nervous system and prevention of diseases of nerves during diabetes.Difficulties in the conversion of omega-6 acids in GLA also exist in the elderly and in people who regularly consume alcohol. 

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