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As regards the "1001 Nights" 

The fig tree has its origin in the East, but in the meantime, spread the warm Mediterranean countries and the diversity of those that benefit consumers because it can get delicious fruit almost all year long. Figs have a recognizable slatkasko honeymoon "Oriental" flavor of the meat so soft that it melts in your mouth.

Ideal fruit for each child

Figs are among the oldest healing fruit. Yet they were Egyptian pharmacists godnina pr.ne 1500, as recommended by the prevention of various diseases. Among the valuable beneficial compounds belonging to the enzymes that aid digestion and make the best of laxatives, then vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and substances that destroy bacteria. Did you know that the fig tree has only ten calories?

And did you know that due to the high concentration of glucose and fructose, which raise blood sugar, fig fruit is considered ideal for any child? The math is very simple. The natural sugars in the figs are better alternative to artificial sugars in the diet of women, and children in the developing world. So instead of nervousness over the child rather eat a fig tree, which will raise your blood sugar level, encourage a better mood and calm the nervousness and so easy for you to crisis. A calorie intake will be negligible.

Secrets of the Orient

We suggest you two special health advice in areas that are known to the Orient thousands of years. If you have a problem with nipples, a few days of treatment with milk unripe figs to remove warts without pain and discomfort. And so you have a toothache, gum rub associated with fresh figs and toothache will disappear.

Joy to the palate

Figs can be purchased fresh, canned or dried. If you like them fresh, eat them within a short time of purchase, and if you like them dry in a few months. Figs in jars or cans, are usually very sweet and that is why they are often consumed with alcoholic beverages or as a gourmet delicacy. For example, figs flambĂ©ed with rum to satisfy the taste of every true gourmand, while fig with vodka idelno be drinking every trendy gathering places.

Gastro advice

We suggest you healing fig recipe, you can prepare a dessert during the dinner or with simple if you want to brighten up your day. So, you need 200 grams of figs, half a liter of water, three tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of lemon juice and half a cup of sweet cream.

In preparing to go stir the water with honey and lemon juice. Figs cut in small pieces and cook them gently for about twenty minutes in a mixture of water, lemon and honey. At the end of each bowl add a little cream. 

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