Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Etiquette at the table

When the table is sitting relaxed but elegant. No, you're wrong. You read it right. often perceived, interpreted and enforced, the way elgancija stiffness and numbness is called elegance. Absolutely false. Elegant and relaxed, rutinerski, free and stylish and yet comfortable for the observer. 

The chair is used for sitting and therefore seize your "authority" for the entire seating area chairs. Legs straight, side by side, his feet planted firmly on the floor. No more shoulder forward. Sit up straight and show the heroic chest. So you will easily withstand several hours. Ladies will look unfeminine, if unobtrusively present one of the most interesting parts of his body. On the contrary .....

While you eat no lean back in the chair. While holding cutlery wrist must not touch the table. There is another reason, that always struck dispose cutlery on the plate when you do not. Cutlery should then, when you are preparing food for the next mouthful and when you put in your mouth. Can chew without eating utensils. I do not bow my head, it would be easier to "insert" the food in your mouth. It is correct to raise the hand with a spoon or fork up to his mouth. Self-evident, that the knife still remains at the level of the plate, because the food at the table knife is not considered "cold weapons", but it is not used to bring food into the mouth.

Elbows and forearms on the table have nothing to look for. If your hands are employed and where they do not "put off", this is hands down on the desk. This is the talks even necessary, which will be easier to endure, the gesturing around the room, do not spread your wings. At the table during the meal must not cross your legs, I think of it, her legs. Also you will not push your legs under the chair, you will not cross your feet or roll around chair legs. While some shoes you tremendously pinch, it can not be the reason that under the table secretly take off your shoes.

In recent decades, the ladies took quite emancipated and many domains of everyday life, which earlier belonged to men. This circumstance is favorable to many changes in their dress lady. Mass is wearing pants or trousers, what is very practical for ladies, and men have opened a whole new "views". However, many young women are partly forgotten nice walk and sit properly. Watch out! No matter whether you wear pants, long or short dress and whether you sit low or high, your legs, especially the knees are always together. There is no reason, but one that lady has spread legs, but it is not subject to process these pages .....

If you are served coffee and cake on a low sofa table in the living-room guesthouse, grab and lift the cup and salver in breast height. With one hand holding a salver other offerings cup mouth. Cup may hold only because a certain place, and that is dr┼íkica cups. Also do you do with a plate of cake by placing it at the level of the chest, bring you a scoop of cake into his mouth or fingers.

A glass with a drink will raise as the first host of the table or the oldest person in the society. The first sip drinks will take all those present at the table, and then everyone will drink according to their wishes and needs. The exceptions were the toast toasting and, everyone will respond closely over the glass to your lips.And how will anyone really drink it in his own business. Before taking the glasses use the towel and gently press your lips. On a glass must remain traces of makeup, but no sauce or greasy fingerprint lips.

For instances, to serve an aperitif before a meal, and if you did not end up drunk - after he commenced eating more will not touch it, even if it is about your favorite picu.Za time serving and eating soup or soup wine is not served and do not accidental mistake and marketing, nonetheless, you might be thirsty.

In many exclusive shops and some host's habit, that the cup after each sip nadoliva. It's quite difficult to control the consumed beverage. But every guest has the right to refuse and takovo nadolivanje. Say it, that you have to drive in traffic or simply say, that can not tolerate large amounts of alcohol. Only fools and you will neotesanci izsmijati.

Remember, there are far more interesting and enjoyable way of proving "masculinity," but what is that drink and not be ustrucavjte, if necessary, to say out loud. You'll find the odobrovanje present, but especially for those people, and where you want to show your "chocolate side". Often incomprehensible how some hosts try to "pour" your guests and friends without thinking about it, that each of them has to sit in the car and drive house. After such "hospitality" in the happiest case may be lost drivers license, what is already enough for endangering the existence of the entire family.

If, during lunch or dinner for the next meal serviranog change wine glass with your current wine you will not touch it, and if it might still be full. cup will stay on the table until it is removed, and you will be given a new wine. If you do not want to change the wine is permitted desire to convey the same host or restaurant and serve your wishes will be respected for sure.

When toasting is allowed to impose "Cheers!" or something like that, and people like to hear, and "beg", which comes from Latin and can be translated as "be helpful." However, while eating more often it is not advisable to repeat. The rule is that men do always cheers lady, always older and younger toast. After a while, the young man answered a toast earlier. Ladies do not respond to the toast ever! In a toast after sips men must raise a glass once again and while seamlessly gifts and look around in present company. Ladies would not do so, but will lower the glass gently to her place. It is considered in bad taste to exaggerate toasts.

glass with "feets" or "┼ítilglas" you must keep your fingers on the thinnest place! For this, there are several reasons. In such glasses can be served only white and rose wine, champagne and champagne, and improper ways of keeping the content could not get warm. Besides fat finger prints to spoil the impression, that leaves the color of wine. But admit it themselves, so it would seem, if held by a graceful glass all over his hand as a shovel? Of course, the sound of knocking glasses is much more comfortable with keeping proper glasses.Speaking of typing, type only with wine, champagne and sect and look at how your vis-a-vis the eyes .. For other drinks that simply does not work. It is enough, as toasting with a glass of slightly raised. Otherwise I would be left just typing especially for significant events.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate to drink with no cooling and sound without using a teaspoon. And if you will make a mistake and fall into my eyes, as rude freak, then make sure to temper the sugar in your coffee or tea, a lengthy intensive and sound mix and then lick the spoon and place on a table or a salver. All you will be sure to notice and remember you for a long time ..... 

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