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Wine and health

Red wine reduces the risk of heart disease by fifty percent
No surprise then that after the nineties, when researchers from Harvard turn red wine among eight
proven way to protect against heart and blood vessels of the heart, some states seriously the role
moderate amounts of alcohol to protect the health of its population. At the same time, with the red wine
official "arsenal of weapons" against heart disease of the blood vessels of the heart is then "dumped" and aspirin.

In order to accurately measure the amount of resveratrol in red grapes took longer to develop analytical methods.
Previous studies have shown that most resvervatrola contains Cabernet suvinjon, and then come
muskattamni muscat varieties and bronze! Since the membrane is rich resvervatrolom red grapes, pomace that remains
After leaching of the grapes is very healthy provided they are not used chemical protective equipment (copper
What wine is darker, the better! While a glass of red wine contains an average of thick 640 micrograms of resveratrol, a handful of peanuts contains only 73 micrograms, and the finished supplements contain up to 600 micrograms
Resveratrol: ie, less than one glass of red wine.


Consumed in small quantities of wine a sense of joy.
Nervous system cells are irritated, and there is a sense of security and strength, and reflexes are slightly
reduced. If you continue to drink, after the first phase followed by mild depressive phase, which is sometimes accompanied by
neprisebnošcu. If consumed in small quantities, the wine has a positive effect: raising the level of good
cholesterol in the blood. Alcohol stimulates an enzyme whose activity leads to an increase in cholesterol Hdl
(High density cholesterol), which is not harmful to the body. Wine stimulates digestion, because of its acidity
provides the highest uncertainties belancevinaj meat, cheese, eggs).
Acid they contain wine is similar to that found in the gastric juice, and the wine is easy to drink
helps digest proteins. In moderate quantities, increases appetite, secretion of bile and urine even
(White wine), however, wine is an alcoholic beverage, and leads to the formation of all the bad consequences of the
Protein recommendations are the easy wine is very different and depend on individual abilities, though all agree that
the recommended daily amount of alcohol should not exceed 10-30% of the calorific value of the daily meal
which means around 11 ° liter of wine and food if the daily intake of 3,000 calories. Wine (red or white) can not
to drink any of the diseases of the liver, and totally totally prohibited in cases of chronic inflammation
liver (hepatitis, a condition that precedes cirrhosis). Liver is a red wine from harmful white.
Because they irritate the nervous system and causes insomnia, wine (especially white) is harmful in most
nerve diseases.

WINE NEVER drink on an empty stomach!

Dietologists recommended only half a cup per meal ie. One drink for lunch or for dinner. It is not recommended to drink wine as an aperitif. On an empty stomach adversely affects the liver, which contains an enzyme that can digest alcohol, turning it into acetic acid, a substance used by the body in the same way as sugar,
hunger at bay. Better is orange juice or tomato: a few calories, not appetite.
An enzyme in the liver can be removed from the body healthy man% a liter in women 14 liters of alcohol a day.
More than the amount of poison and becomes converted into fat and cholesterol, and for it to be eliminated, the body
is forced to destroy its own tissues, ranging from liver and pancreas. Some foods have a positive effect
the consumers of wine: fruit sugars and proteins (found in meat, ribijajima, and milk
products), removing toxic residual alcohol.
Do you drink wine on an empty stomach, iritiracete gastric mucosa, and that because the glucose in the blood goes faster and faster the
blood to the liver. One drink on an empty stomach in the cross krvza 15-30 minutes, until the time limit is extended to nearly 3 hours
if you drink it while eating. Calories that enter the wine from being exhausted, do not help prevent the accumulation of work mišicajeralkohol sugar that is the basic food for the muscles. That is why doctors think wine antinamirnicom. From Wine
thicker. However, in an indirect way.
Good wine and diet, good wine and sports do not go together!
Calories that are not found in wine help to protect against the cold! Alcohol, immediately after we
drink gives deceptive sense of warmth, as it widens the blood vessels, while in the depths of the body causing cooling.
Alcohol and cause increased urination;

One interesting thing: women absorb ETHANOL FASTER THAN A MAN - that is faster, and drink!
Large amounts of alcohol damages the heart and liver. Alkoholje dangerous at night!
The most unfavorable period for drinking wine is from 2 am to noon. After 17 hours until dinner alcohol
is tolerable. At night, the digestive system has less energy to digest alcohol. Those who believe that wine mixed with water, it does not hurt, the victims of prejudice. The amount of alcohol in such
Wine does not change and the water makes its absorption. Vitamin C counteracts the effects of alcohol.

In wine there is health

Moderate wine consumption is good for health. This drink keeps your brain and bones, and it is good for the line and Immunity

Every day reveals more and more benefits of wine. Many say that this is not a divine droplets and alcohol than to food and it is healthy, as evidenced by the latest research. Moderate wine consumption may contribute to better health, and recommended one glass a day and it is to that extent the benefits are great, because it keeps the brain and bone, and it is good for the line and immunity.

And tasty, healthy and ... A glass of wine a day keeps slowing osteoporosis and heart

For a healthy mind and a healthy heart
Wine can save your memory. It is scientifically proven that women in the third age that saw a glass of wine a day have better memory and are brighter. Also, wine prevents clots and inflammation of blood cells. It is the most common health problems that lead to heart disease. In addition, wine raises so. good cholesterol that prevents clogging of arteries.

For stronger bones
Women who consumed a glass of wine a day have better bone mass than women who do not. Alcohol in moderation raises estrogen slows bone with age wear. Therefore, the research has found that older women who drank wine regularly have stronger bones than those who had not drank wine.

Without consequences for menopause
Women who are living in the period just before menopause should drink a glass of wine a day as this will protect against type 2 diabetes, according to a large Harvard study. It is not clear why this is so, but it seems that wine reduces insulin resistance in patients with diabetes.

For a better sex
The latest survey was conducted in Italy found that women who enjoy red wine have better sex lives. The survey was conducted in Tuscany, and scientists have found that one or two glasses of red wine per day leading to full life in the bedroom.
- Historically, it is known from ancient Greece there was a strong association between wine and sexuality - said Dr. Nicholas Mondaini, director of research.

For the slender line
Research conducted in France showed that people who drink a glass of wine a day slimmer than those who consume wine occasionally, but in larger quantities. Also, people who regularly consume wine in moderation have narrower waists and less fat on their stomach. The alcohol in wine stimulates the body to burn calories faster. However, be careful because more than one glass of wine can cause weight gain.

For better immunity
A British study found that a glass of wine a day reduces the risk of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori that causes gastritis and other problems in the digestive system. Spanish study found that the wine softens and food poisoning. So, wine in moderation improves the immune system of the body.

Wine for better lung function

Research in the Netherlands reveals moderate wine consumption correlation, especially red, and improve lung function

AMSTERDAM - A study in the Netherlands reveals association of moderate consumption of wine, especially red, and improve lung function.

Gastro Portal reported that the positive effect of wine attributed to resveratrol, a natural polyphenol that is found in large amounts in red wine.

Research results have shown the correlation of resveratrol intake and larger lung volumes, as well as reduce the risk of narrowing of the airways.

On the basis of previously conducted research it seems that moderate wine consumption has a positive effect on lung function, and the dose of resveratrol used in epidemiological studies correspond to those that can be achieved moderate consumption of wine.

Longer Life

The red wine has other phenols, flavonoids (about 100 mg in 1 liter) to prevent oxidation
bad (LDL) cholesterol. Throughout this process, ethanol, or ordinary alcohol, used as a solvent.
Lovers of red wine is reasonably crowing, as it not only protects the heart, but red wine enthusiast
"Donates" a year and a half. Those who drink live longer, have proven Finnish study from 1995. year, and the famous
and respected Harvard study from 1997. year. Interestingly, both studies showed a large health
advantage of those who drink moderately and
In the scientific journal "British Medical Journal" published the results of research on red wine, Cabernet
suvinjon, who spent scientists from the University of Southern California. That study confirmed all findings
Finland and the Harvard study. Malicious people will say: "Nothing weird, so the studio is paid for wine producers."
However, this observation should not forget, jerjednostavno is not all get paid! This is why
should allocate a Danish study from 1995. , at the confluence of kojojje 12 years studied 13,000 men and women aged 30 to 70 years. The study found that those who drank red wine had a 50 percent lower risk of
heart disease than those who never drank wine!
So the professor. Dr. Morten Grønbæk, leader of the research team concluded: "From the heart and blood vessels of the heart
most are dying, and red wine protects the right system. "Phenolic substances in red wine inhibit the formation of
blood clots in the blood vessels of the heart and brain. Red wine is not a cure, but it is extremely useful and
health foods advisable, because it prevents the worst - the sudden end of life.

The great advantage of a small glass

Prof. Dr. John Pezuto and his colleagues at the University of Chicago llinois never dreamed that of 1,000 plant species investigated active substance resveratrol found in red just grapes.
Since most of resveratrol in the skin has black grožda.jasnoje have it in red wine, an average of 5 mg
u1 liter.
As with the lunch can drink about 0.5 liters of wine, it is a small amount of resveratrol, so no surprise that numerous attempts by drying concentrated wine, a wine powder into tablets.
Dr. Joanne Manson, in his book "Preventing a heart attack," published in the 1996th year, concludes: "One or two glasses of red wine a day can reduce the risk of premature death by 20 to 40
percent. Why people do not use it? "
Nutrients (100 g wine): vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fructose, glycerol, ethanol, extractive matter.
Beneficial effects can only be expected from the high quality wines. And this time it is not good to conclude that our
nevrede wine.

The healthiest wine

"Cabernet Sauvignon", top izborza many connoisseurs, is also the best izborza healthier heart.
Dr. Jean-Paul Brust of sand, southern France, according to type of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes contain high
levels of resveratrol, a powerful ingredient that stimulates a good heart, and limits the formation of cholesterol.
He sees in the British medical journal published given "highest concentration of resveratrol found in
red wine, particularly in the type of Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyards of Bordeaux. "Red grapes produce resveratrol to
To protect against potentially deadly fungus. These grapes also contain high levels of polyphenols,
antioxidant that prevents cell damage caused by free radicals. Jošjedan essential ingredient
red wine is the kvercitin, which helps the blood vessels and prevents blood clotting.
It is important, however, to know that "the effect of a good red wine is closely connected with the pleasures of the senses of smell and taste, selecting the right wine, knowledge of its origin and its tasting the warm and friendly
environment, "said Dr. Brust.
For our region has already become too trusting rule that point everything that came from the west
disparaging her or what comes to us from the East. At least leave space experts, some of
personal logical conclusions, and consequences of this attitude are perhaps immeasurable.
Rating Otome kojeje najboljeje wine room, important to have a quality wine, and you will agree that the taste is not discussed. Therefore, it is essential to drink quality - quality wines.
However, good wine, and you can make it yourself using berries. Fruit wine can be prepared in
under house cellars, in adequate, with the conduct stringent hygiene and with some knowledge.
We get fruit wine alcoholic fermentation of fruit juice or fruit pulp (izmuljanog fruit).
To be certain of fruit species get good wine, velikogjeznacaja of sugar and how
acid contains some fruits.

Blackberry wine

This keeps the drink easier if more alcohol and sugar
On the amount of alcohol you šecerazavisi amount will be wine, dokje content kiselinaznacajanza
formation of taste. Wines with higher alcohol and sugar are easier to preserve. A large percentage of the total acid
raw material prevents the normal flow of the fermentation process and the correction to be made.
Depending on the variety and the climate the amount of sugar in the bush is from 3.5 to 7.5 percent, and the acid from 0.5 to 2.5
10 kg blackberry gets 7.5 to 91 elsewhere. Fruit wine can be prepared in several ways. Jedanje,
when you need to make adjustments in acid širi.Za making fortified wine from blackberry is mainly
muljani pomace, which sumporiše Vinobraní to 15 g per 100 kg.
With the help of water
If not for correction acids (decrease), obtained from the uncorrected beyond the wine was sour and the
disharmonious. By reducing acid content in expanding performed partial dilution with water.
However, this does not reduce the concentration of acid and sugar than wider. Iztog reason, spreads, in addition to
water must be added a certain amount of sugar.
The amount of sugar depends on the percentage of alcohol in the wine we want. So, for example, if the blackberry
wants to get a dessert wine with the lowest percentage of alcohol (12 per cent) on every liter of a broader liter of water is added
and 335 g sugar. For each desired percentage of alcohol in the wine, the amount of sugar is the easiest way to calculate
that the aforementioned amount is added 334 g 40 g sugar

If you want to get a wine with 17 percent alcohol, for each litaršire (10 g of crushed blackberries provides 7.5 to 9
And beyond) Accessories By litarvode and 506 g sugar.
Thus prepared and zasumporisan blackberry pomace (as well as other berries) previre in Vrioni
vats for 3 to 4 days, and may even longer depending on the mass and temperature, then the wine is drained and poured into
clean barrels. Quietly fermentation in the dowel will last until the temperature to drop below 15 degrees Celsius, when
Fermentation and because of the high alcohol content of interruption. The remaining amount of unfermented sugar wine will give
sweet and pleasant taste.
If wine is prepared in small quantities, we recommend the old recipes of our grandmothers. 4 kg for blackberry
use 1 kg of sugar. In order to sequence a larger jar of blackberry red sugar until all is used up, so that the cervix jars
remains blank, no print connected with paper and leave in the sun for 10 days.
Then carefully decant the wine and pour into bottles which only cotton shut up and leave in a warm finish
fermentation. After completion of fermentation, which lasts until the bubbles stand, bottle hermetically closed.
Dessert wine from blackberry is especially recommended for people who suffer from anemia.


Collected (or purchased) fresh blackberries squeezed. For larger quantities of the best vineyard crushers.Content
is left in the tank - the best and most practical plastic, for not picking up the color of blackberries - and they added 15
percent sugar. Leave them to stand for 7-10 days. It is a time point, and it is best that it can be implemented without
the presence of air.
After that, the separating dry matter (trop from which you can bake rakijal).
Fluid is drained and placed in a vat and add a further 10 per cent to the total liquid sugar.
Followed by decanting, just as with wine.
Important to note that this process does not use Nl Nl Vinobraní YEAST!
Blackberry wine is drunk by the principle of "pharmaceutical scoops" - the pinch - because 15 percent alcohol, and should be
take into account the effect of an aphrodisiac!


Medical wine or oenoli are based on the ability of wine to dissolve the ingredients of various medicinal substances
Used for the treatment of different types of wine with different (specific) percentage of alcohol. Here are three
prescription for medicinal wines, which are used for stronger digestive juices secretion, promoting digestion,
especially for dishes that are difficult to digest, and to strengthen and invigorate.
Medical wine or oenoli are based on the ability of wine to dissolve the ingredients of various medicinal substances
In this case, the wine is a matter of receiving the medication to be easily introduced into the body. For this purpose
used a variety of different wines with alcohol content. There are ordinary wines that contain only
a medicinal ingredient and complex wine with a larger number of these constituents.
They are made with a long soaking and then filtered, and stored and maintained in fresh bottles were
filled to the brim and tightly closed. The use of these wines was once much larger, but still disappears
In addition, by international convention (Brussels, 1925), strong acting drugs should not be used in
form of "wine" because the patient may acquire the habit-addiction-and gradually increases its
taking. As a medical official mention of wine and wine-theater wine, wine grape and gentian with others. 

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