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The Secret Life of Food

Today we are witnessing cases of cannibalism, so who is it to care for animals, let alone for the plants? On the contrary, it is enough conscious vegetarians are the ones who care for the plants ... because they believe that vegetarianism is not the last step, and thus the best in the human diet. 

Thinking about vegetarianism, well-meaning member of Western civilization, whose diet is based mainly on meat, sent to the address of the International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants, PCAP International, the following letter:
'Dear friends! I'm not a vegetarian, maybe it never will be, but as an environmentally focused nature lover in general, appreciate and respect the beliefs that are identical or similar to mine. Already in the preamble of your society says it is engaged in the prevention of cruelty to plants. And plants are sentient beings with feelings and different from other living beings only in that they are real.
I'm not a fan of meat, but I eat it. Suppose, however, that the animals and plants living beings equal and have an equal right to a dignified man's relationship to them. But what is? How to live healthy? How then can a man (as though the most prominent living being, at least on Earth) survive and live among living things? I do not believe that man can eat earth, minerals or chemically prepared (inanimate) diet comprised of minerals and vitamins. Also, now all we raise voice against genetically modified foods. Not trying to devalue your vegetarian movement or deter you from vegetarianism. I want you to me, and all who are not vegetarians, helping to honestly judge for the facts for and against. '
Sensitive and aware of the plants?
Every prudent man, who has a keen relationship with nature, has no doubt that plants have feelings. And maybe more than that ... and it is not written in the book Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. While it is less important that there are scientists who do not agree with this fact. There are people 'blind in his right eye', among which are some vegetarians, who of course do not doubt that plants are alive, but they dispute the sensitivity, and hence capacity for suffering. This, however, should not be surprising, because it is too basic characteristics of those who do not recognize the vitality of any animals, especially fish and other marine and freshwater creatures. People mercilessly killed every day (and those who eat it indirectly participate in) the millions of animals for their diet, callously ignoring the fact that they are suffering unspeakably. Is it the same case with the plants?
Yes, the plants 'cry' in his own way, like some people admit it or not, when they cause pain ripping through their leaves, stems, roots ... and not just for the food. On the contrary, we have seen that many people do not blink an eye to the bloody slaughter, the cruel torture of animals, the degrading conditions in which their 'food' survives the execution. Designed to be killed!? It is human (be) sense of mission animal, but those who can not 'understand' gentle language (do animals talk?) These creatures know to cry (deaf): 'We're here to grow, learned and loved! On its own, the way an animal. The world does not come because we want to become a meal greedy eater! '
Messages plants should not be significantly different ... but nevertheless, for those who do not have ears, something different. Even if it does not yet support the prevailing view that the plants 'lower' beings to animals (such as animals versus humans), plants and animals, with certain similarities, yet in many ways different beings. An important difference, however, between plants and animals is not external (manifest) nature, but primarily consists of (jednakovrijednim!) forms of consciousness they possess. Awareness of every animal and plant reflection, however, mission (tasks) that they were intended for. Like an animal, every plant is unique and deserves respect. And respect means, first of all, do not take other people's. Who else takes life, steals and own. This is as true when the victims are human beings, animals and plants.Nevertheless, why vegetarians eat plants?
Cut cabbage Vs. slaughtered animals
In the book, How to become, and remain to be a vegetarian or vegan? about the implacable reasons for a vegetarian diet, Juliet Gellatley derisively answering the question how do you know that plants do not feel pain, 'Let me know when you see the cut cabbage and run screaming down the street. We will witness the first plants to the central nervous system. ' If we are compassionate, we can that statement and hurt. But if we truly compassionate, we first have waived participation in the execution and devouring those creatures that we, as humans, look innocent eyes, who, like us, breastfeeding mothers, who, like us, terrified the flash (butcher) knife. ..
More important than the question whether plants equal animals is our attitude towards them. The evidence of thought known spiritual teacher in the book Stephan v.. Steppe-Doliwa, Sai Baba says about relationships:
'... A ... a throw chaff and grain and think that plants have feelings and, therefore, there should not eat them if they have an open heart for all living beings. Rather than because they start to eat just fruits and nuts as some yogis, they take it as an excuse to continue to eat meat. What an unreasonable decision! In addition, a comparison between animals and plants is not correct. Plants have though - measurable! - Respond to external influences, but I do not have a nervous system such as animals and humans. They therefore do not cry, do not complain and do not vote as they do when they kill animals. So do not draw any conclusions meaningless ... '
From this standpoint, without diminishing the desire to protect all life, is not of itself most naturally go srodnijih species? Unfortunately, today we are witnessing cases of cannibalism, so who is it to care for animals, let alone for the plants? On the contrary, it is enough conscious vegetarians are the ones who care for the plants ... because they believe that vegetarianism is not the last step, and thus the best in the human diet.
Less known is that there are people who, and how healthy, living only on fruits or orašarki. Not for human consumption must, therefore, not kill the plant. I (still) do not follow their example, as is foreign to some of us embrace exclusively plant foods. It follows that the nature of things and just lined so that, in his spiritual development, every man (and other things) with food all the time 'cleaner' store and eventually begin to eat only the food that should not be deprived of his life or the one being . Lack of knowledge in most people causes a laughingstock because of these words. And where there is ignorance, there are doubts, prejudices, aberrations, fears ...
Rabbit or apple?
Any question comes what they believed to bring new insight into the reality of the 'plate', as well as compassionate and responsible attitude towards the 'food', especially one that looks, breathes, walks ... is a blessing. Such a witty quip from a manual to live a healthy food consultant Harvey Diamond: 'Put a little baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. I ate rabbit and continue to play an apple, I'll buy you a new car. 'This observation, which vividly testifies that people just are not mentally mature enough for eating meat, speaks for itself. Children are 'saved' knowledge about the proper selection and adults? Did you ever wonder why they are disgusted attend slaughter (except exceptions 'heavy' stomach)? And they have cramps when scoops carrot or lettuce? Ask your plants, if you understand their language, what they have to say about it ... You will be quite surprised by the response (from first hand, and not, as here, the mediation of someone who should not be trusted).
Those who really care for the protection of plant life, if I can just go to the fruit diet, let's imagine a bar of the experiment (not recommend to perform): 'Try to eat a month exclusively plant foods. When you persevere in it, try to resist eating just a few weeks, but only just, meat (no bread out of the question as a supplement). Finally it remains to assert how you feel after eating meat in parts of animal carcasses compared with live plant foods. I think you answer the question whether it is necessary to be a guinea pig, when nature itself provides a clear and unambiguous answer. '
Responsible choose diet
Of course, your objection is that if you call the slaughtered animal carcasses (carcasses), the same thing we should do is harvested (slaughtered?) Plants at the site. A corpse is a corpse, no matter which was. Only, in this case, friends who eat plants, stop mowing the grass, filled vases bouquets, fruit tree cropping, forest fires cause ... And this is violence! You are free to contradict almost all vegetarians, although do not eat meat, wear leather shoes, belts, bags ... And it is! Only for that skin is not necessarily to kill animals, it can be obtained even when the creatures die. What about the flies that can fly into your mouth vegetarian, and this nehotimice swallow them? It is not (knowingly) inflicting suffering. Violence (against other living creature) implies intentional pozljeđivanje (causing pain). But they are, accordingly, violent some of the above procedures to plants.
Instead of a conclusion, it is worth thinking specify Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitza, (agronomist, journalist and writer, who was in Dachau concentration camp during World War II ate only plant remains degrading 'thin' meals, and even a little food often gave way to the sick and starving prisoners and it's also regularly fasted) from his book Animals are our brothers:
"There are indeed people who claim to be speaking on plant and animal carcasses as. I can see that it would be unreasonable to argue with them. The only exception is the result - it is not a body, it is what nature throws in my lap and said: Eat it! Yes, the result is a true gift of nature, which gives us herself. You take them without causing suffering - they ripen for you, and their maturity throws them in your lap. Maturity is a kind of perfection. It would, therefore, most noble and most fully fed only fruit. I believe that it was food for the man who is close to perfection, with the other food is barely able to survive, because everything in them imperfectly pursued for food appropriate for their stage of development. '
And as we progressed in development? Are we like herbivores that chew grass or animals who are greedily swallow chunks of flesh victims were mutilated just before? Or are the people who, endowed with reason, take care of it (for) what and how they eat, choosing foods that people guided by the principles of responsibility, respect, and causing the least possible suffering to themselves and other living things? 

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