Saturday, January 12, 2013

That most of the food we grow older

Food is our fuel that gives us energy and enthusiasm, or if you choose the wrong kind of life the starter, and it slows down our old and tired. We have singled out the five foods that should be in such small quantities on your menu.

Your brain feeds on glucose. However, unlike all the other bodies, he lacks the ability to keep inventory - no matter how he gets it, it will immediately go into the bloodstream. Therefore, it is a sweet snack or a drink like the injection of glucose for your brain. Get current shock, which quickly disappears and the brain comes to a crisis. You feel weak, sore head, you are depressed and can not concentrate. Numerous studies have confirmed that excessive sugar consumption shortens life, which is why it is called "white killer". Of all the foods on the most accelerated aging.

Sodium and chlorine - two ingredients of salt - are important minerals that maintain muscle and nervous system. So the simple food flavoring and is present in processed products: canned vegetables, cheese, cold meats and soups. If used in excessive amounts is harmful to our youthfulness, because in excess accelerates aging. So it is not advisable to take more than three grams of salt per day.

Cow's milk
Although cow's milk is rich in calcium, vitamins and protein, it also activates four of the aging process - slowing digestion, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and acid formation. Need to look at derivatives of milk in bread, cakes, biscuits, meat products and snacks. Start to drink goat's or sheep's milk because it is richer in many vitamins and minerals, so eat a mozzarella and feta cheese.

Meat protein needed to build muscle, ligaments and skin, but these foods triggers all five of the aging process because it is high in saturated fat and highly caloric. Processed meat has high levels of carcinogenic substances, for frying causes changes in the DNA, and the appearance of free radicals leading to oxidative stress. Keep your menu to find more fish, which is a good source of protein. Other desirable sources of protein are eggs, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Do you eat meat, avoid it in pohovanoj variants, as well as sausages, bacon and burgers.

Every cell in our body has a protective layer of fat and protein. If the outer layer is made of good fat, it can help cells to absorb nutrients and water. However, if it is a layer of fluid which is not due to diet with a large amount of bad fats, this process is impaired. It is believed that this is the trigger for the many symptoms of aging, including a decrease in the quality of skin, inflammation, allergies. Among the worst fats are trans fats, which are found in processed foods such as cakes, fast food, ice cream, and oil for deep frying.Consume fat from unprocessed products, oily fish, avocados, goat and sheep products, soy and nuts. Do not forget that coconut oil, though very caloric, healthy and even help with weight loss. 

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