Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spinach is sometimes dangerous

Can some vegetables, such as spinach, actually be harmful? 

I am interested in how truly benefit dark green leafy vegetables, as is often mentioned, and the negative side of its consumption. For instance, I heard that spinach can be harmful. What is the best form of their consumption?

Dark green leafy vegetables including chard, spinach, lettuce, kale, chicory, dandelion, herbs such as parsley, etc.. It is a food with high nutritional density. Hundred grams of cooked and drained kale gives an average of about 25 calories, while the rest of the waste water and the vital vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals numerous. It is an excellent source of chlorophyll, which acts as a 'cleaner' blood and liver.Is rich in dietary fiber, making it an ideal choice for reduction and dieting.

I highly recommend freshly squeezed juices from spinach, kale, dandelion greens, lettuce and the like. (To enhance the flavor, you can combine them with fruit) and freshly prepared salads. When preparing meals recommend steaming, as vitamin C and vitamin B complex destroys water, light and temperature. The addition of chard / spinach in lasagna and tjestetninu will enrich the dishes.

Careful with spinach!

It is true that spinach, along with plenty of nutrients, and contains a substantial amount of oxalic acid, which can be a problem kidney patients, and high concentrations of purines, which is why it should be avoided by people with gout, kidney and gall stones, and artiriti─Źna disease. Standing skuhanog spinach possibility of nitrate accumulation and transfer of undesirable nitrite, which in our bodies give nitrosamines, carcinogenic compounds. For this reason it is very important to the proper use and method of preparation of this potentially high-quality foods!

A few tips when cooking spinach: buy fresh spinach, stems and leaves should not be yellowish, wash with cold water before use! Dishes of spinach eaten within a day, do not let that stand for long periods and do not heat them later. Unwashed spinach can put it in a plastic bag and then into the refrigerator will stay fresh and keep the nutritional value within 3-4 days. Frozen spinach, you can also use a large amount of reserves of nutrients due to rapid zamzavanja.

Be careful if the above tips, you can enjoy unencumbered by the freshness and the amount of energy that you can bring these foods. Do not forget that they strengthen the defensive capability of your body, 'clean' of toxins, and some show and medicinal properties. For this reason I recommend to include 'green' juice in everyday life, or at least twice a year to make their support detoxification. 

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