Saturday, January 12, 2013

Orange juice for your health

Morning meal we should meet a quarter of the daily needs for nutrients. We make it really? Mostly not. 

But all too often excuses why skipping breakfast is not that we should prevent morning drink at least a glass of pure fruit juice.

All the fresh fruit juices extremely rich body indispensable vegetable matter, so. phytonutrients, which protect us from many diseases. In this sense, the most abundant orange juice - it contains even sixty, mostly flavonoids, natural antioxidants, responsible for the health of the cardiovascular and immune systems.

A glass of orange juice provides 110 kcal and meet the average daily requirement for vitamin C. A good source of potassium, folacin and thiamine (B1), and contains B6, niacin and magnesium. Natural orange juice, scientifically proven, raises the level of HDL (good) cholesterol: after 12 weeks of morning glass of orange juice, and both women and men, and the ratio of good to bad cholesterol, improves good for the benefit of as much as 16 percent!

The most important meal of fruit juice still has a number of important roles:
Helps regulate digestion because dietary fiber from fruit juices provide better mobility intestine.
Prevents so. morning hypoglycemia, or a decrease in blood sugar, which can lead to a series of physiological and physical symptoms, such as dizziness, weakness, mood changes, pain, anxiety and depression.
Daily intake of five servings of fruits and vegetables is key to good health, ease of regulating body weight and maintaining good form - morning cup of fruit juice, but one of them!
People who do not feel hungry in the morning, orange juice will open your appetite and help take away the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast will give us the energy necessary to withstand the most arduous day. 

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