Saturday, January 12, 2013

Magic of spice

Unlike the seasonings used in sweets and desserts, and they have already written, most spices and herbs has its application in the preparation of savory dishes, roasts, soups, sauces, stews, goulash, in making bread and pastries, as well as the addition of in marinades. Herbs contains valuable nutritional ingredients, so there are only a role that enhances the taste of food, but its consumption is often recommended, and the healing effect on the body and relieving various health problems. 

Spices have been used since ancient times, there are records of their use dating back to ancient Greeks, Egyptians and the ancient Chinese medicine. The spice trade in the past has had important oil trade, were "gold" and is almost worth the gold and paid, were available only to some countries that were expensive at the time, sold the rest of the world.

Mediterranean spices

A typical Mediterranean herbs and spices that are added to fish, lamb, salads, soups, baking, basil, parsley, dill, thyme, marjoram, bay leaf, rosemary, oregano, saffron, capers, fennel. Basil is a must in dishes with tomatoes, whom he gets on well, characteristic odor, and is one of the most popular spices of the Mediterranean.

Dill is usually placed in sauces and soups, and if you have never tasted the salad of cucumbers and sour cream, it is high time to do so. Thyme is a herb seasoning well with fish, various meats, which gives a strong, tangy flavor. Favorite spice for marinades. It contains essential oils, and because the therapeutic properties of thyme proved particularly disorders of the respiratory system. Relieves cough, and antiseptic, and is often an ingredient of tooth pastes and rinse.

Mint mood, and improves memory and concentration. It has a calming effect and helps against cough, sore throat and cold, as well as problems with digestion.

Parsley, do we need to enumerate all the uses where it is one of the most popular spices in the kitchen. He was once a purely medicinal plant, whose home, according to some interpretations of Sardinia, and today is unthinkable without it the world's cuisine. Equally used and parsley root and leaf. The leaf is rich in vitamin C several times but the root, and contains B vitamins, minerals, iron. Parsley is a treasure trove of medicinal substances. Vitamin C is another rich aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean, also very widespread use, rosemary. It is put in soups, stewed dishes, all kinds of baking.

Stoves fish on the grill, and it does not smear rosemary, that's inexcusable failure Dalmatian cuisine. It is recommended to use fresh rather than dried rosemary, which is no longer a problem because it can be bought in stores and in pots.

Spices from the East

Lovers of spicy Arab, Indian, or some other Eastern cuisine is well known for one of the most common spices Arabic cuisine, which is turmeric. Orange, bitter taste, aroma reminiscent of ginger. It is used as a flavoring for sauces, marinades, often substitute for more expensive saffron. Is an essential ingredient of the Indian curry. Originally from Asia, and anyone who is added to sauces, soups, salad, potatoes.

An integral part of all the hot and spicy chili dishes is required. Several times the strength of hot pepper is added in small quantities because of stews, roast potatoes and meat. Chilli is used in the preparation of hot sauces such as curry, tabasco sauce, Mexican salsa. In Asian dishes as a condiment that gives specific, aromatic taste of ginger is very widespread. Originally from China, is among the most expensive spices, and except in Asian countries, it is used a lot in Arab cuisine. 

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