Saturday, January 12, 2013

Facts about food that will shock you

Who would have guessed!? 

The old adage says, you are what you eat. But do we really what we eat? How many of us when buying a product, first looked at the list of good things that he has?

If you choose to trade well packaged product, it is very likely that in themselves have the ingredients that you probably do not know even pronounce. Constantly eat healthy and organic foods free of harmful ingredients is not as simple as it sounds, especially considering that most of us live fast paced life that we often forces you to eat food 'on the fly', in between dozens of other acts that day we have to do . But he did not hurt to ask, what is it that we take into ourselves.

Advisor for groceries and author of Eat this, not that, David Zinczenko, warned some scary facts that you should definitely consider.

Foods rich in nutrient costs ten times more than fast food
Researchers from the University of Washington calculated the difference in cost between healthy and junk food, and found that two thousand calories in fast food costs approximately 19:21 dollars per day. On the other hand, two thousand calories in nutrient-rich, healthy food costs a 196.61 dollar a day. From 5:49 every kuna spend on food only one kuna 'go' to what you eat, and the remaining 81 percent of the cost is spent on marketing, production and packaging.

Fruits and vegetables lose their nutrients
Products that we eat today contain significantly fewer nutrients from the food we ate our grandparents. The researchers analyzed 43 food items and found that the amount of protein in feed for today's six percent less than the one that was in the food fifty years ago, and the same goes for calcium (16 percent), riboflavin (38 percent) and vitamin C ( 20 percent). The only way to compensate is to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The number of calories listed on food labels are not accurate
This will come as a shock if you are one of those that spend half a day of counting calories in the body.Analysis of 296 food items from 42 restaurants and facilities that sell fast food showed that nearly 20 percent of the food had a hundred or more calories than it was highlighted in the menu or on the product label.

Chicken has 266 percent more fat than 40 years ago
That most of us eat chicken several times a week, mainly because we think it is healthy and it is not that complicated to prepare. However, today's chicken has 266 percent more fat than 40 years ago, and 33 percent less protein, and the main culprit is the modern (read: unhealthy) chickens.

Probably eating trans fats, and they do not even realize
All, or at least most of us, it's serious warnings about the hazards realized trans fats, but food companies have found a way to trick us. Food manufacturers are allowed to write on the product as it does not contain trans fats, even if that same product contains trans fat grams 00:49. Preparing food at home, you can avoid this problem, but make sure to carefully read labels on purchased foods. Also, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables before eating them, but be sure to wash. 

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