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Combinations of foods that are not good

There are food combinations in which such foods that fight. If you eat them together, will negatively affect one another and greatly reduce its nutritional value. 

The results of these combinations are bloating, colitis, indigestion, irritable bowel, migraines, arthritis, candida, chronic fatigue, especially after meals. The food that the "feud" for "Blic" says Dr. Branko Mirkovic, a nutritionist.

Meat and cheese - delicious, but ... Calcium from dairy products hinders the absorption of iron from meat.Otherwise, this joint is entered too much protein from animal sources, which annoys the kidneys.
Spinach and eggs - very popular combination in many Households, one might say pure classics, but ....Roux is added spinach is rich in acid fiti─Źnom therefore hinders the absorption of iron from the yolk.
Milk and Coffee - Hot coffee with milk is too difficult for some because these two ingredients together to create a substance for which welding is required and three hours.
Meat and potatoes are not combined because this combination causes bloating, belching and gas. Gastric emptying is delayed causes constipation, but occurs rapidly and eject undigested food. The feeling of exhaustion and fatigue is a side effect.

The basic division
The basic division is the food protein and starch foods. By separating'll do yourself a lot of good and lead weight in order.


All kinds of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, cheese spreads.
The concentrated protein food must be separated into a protein meal. You can mix it with all the vegetables except potatoes. It would also be good if you eat protein without bread, pasta, rice or any other grain.These meals are easy to prepare and very easy to digest. After this meal, you will not feel tired, sluggish and listless.
If you want to improve digestion in the same meal eat only one type of protein. With concentrated protein eat a lot of salads.
Vegetables, grains, milk and yogurt contain protein, but in smaller quantities. Beans, peas, lentils are not concentrated protein food in the main agree with starchy foods. Here's an example menu below:
- Meat or fish with vegetables
- Eggs - Omelet with cheese, mushrooms, vegetables salad
Salad with cheese, eggs and vegetables
- Grilled cheese sauce
- Cauliflower with cheese and eggs
- Mixed vegetables, mushrooms, cheese
- Hard-boiled eggs in a cheese sauce with vegetables
- Eggs with spinach

Starch Meals

The starch foods include potatoes, whole grains, breads, pasta, rice, beans, potatoes, peas, lentils, soya milk and yogurt, tofu, soy cheese, egg yolk, bananas, sweet pears, figs, grapes, fresh and dried, honey, jam, jam.
Starch meals were similar in fasting diets. No cheese, milk, eggs, yogurt, meat. It is permitted to enrich yolk, very similar to when spicing up soups. So you can vegetable broth to spice egg yolk and soy milk.Meals can also enrich a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, nuts and seeds. Butter, cream, whole milk or soft cheeses are allowed if they contain a small percentage of protein.
Proteins from vegetable agree with starch diets, but agrees very sweet fruit, such as grapes and bread.Here's an example menu below:

- Beans with salad.
- Cabbage, roasted peppers and beetroot bread
- Spaghetti with vegetables and mushrooms
- Flakes with cabbage,
- Vegetables with rice
- Vegetables with Potatoes
- Various kinds of pie with cabbage, mushrooms, potatoes and leeks

How does the digestive system
The main function of the digestive system break down the nutritional substances and their absorption into the blood along with water, electrolytes, trace elements and vitamins. Digestion involves a large number of physical and chemical processes that enable the transformation of food into suitable shapes that can cross the intestinal contents into the blood and into cells to be used for various needs of the organism. The whole digestive process is divided into four stages. The first is brewing in the mouth, followed by digestion in the stomach, then digestion in the small intestine, and eventually biochemical procs in the colon. The enzyme breaks down starch saliva ptijalin to glucose, the breakdown of proteins is responsible pepsin. Casein is a milk protein charge, while lipase acts on fat. Digestion continues in the small intestine and colon. Different parts of the digestive tract are responsible for the breakdown of different foods. Today, there is the view that the division of food starch and proteins are very useful and those that are applying this method, they say they have no bloating, weight during digestion, and eat less food and have more energy, and thus combining foods weight resulted in red .

Only fruits as snacks
Fruit is best to eat as a snack or a meal independent, three to four hours after meals, and up to one hour before the main meal. Can be combined with carbohydrates, fresh cheese, cream or yogurt, but not with meat and fish. 

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