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Mushrooms are always welcome on the menu. Why? Because the same time a significant delicious source of protein and vegetarians who love and those who hate meat is not. 

Except for a very customary mushroom, porcini and shiitake mushrooms and even you can occasionally indulge and seasonal mushrooms such as chanterelles. I do not encounter them very often, but they are certainly worth our attention.

Nutritional value of mushrooms

Like other mushrooms, and chanterelles (LISIČIĆ) are a good source of dietary fiber, including chitin which is believed to also reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, and beta-glycan that proved blagotvorinim the entire circulatory system of the body. However, it should be noted that the amount of these two valuable nutrients reduced by heat treatment, but not to the extent that they would no longer be measured.

As for vitamins, mushrooms are rich in vitamins B1, B2, C and D, and chanterelles especially vitamins A and C. There are also minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D and thanks are recommended for the prevention of metabolic bone diseases (eg rickets, osteoporosis, etc.).

The influence of fungi on health

There is strong scientific evidence to show that fungi have a positive effect on human health. Some mushrooms contain antibiotics, and some immunostimulant - substances that are effective in fighting tumors and viruses, substances that lower blood pressure, balance blood sugar levels, soothes the nervous system, slows down aging and the like. Based on the above, it appears that the fungus will be foodstuff future!

In addition, it has been proven probiotic effects and fungi, which relates primarily to help defend the body against harmful substances and organisms. In other words, mushrooms strengthen the immune system.Lately, so fungi have increasingly used in the treatment of patients suffering from cancer. As far as chanterelle, Chinese for centuries they attribute to the healing power of vision and respiratory channels.
The fungus is proven probiotic effect and in recent times they have increasingly used in the treatment of patients suffering from cancer

How to look like chanterelles?

Chanterelles, which are also called Lisičići are very common in our area and with mushrooms and mushrooms probably one of the most popular types of mushrooms. They can be found in the period from June to October and in the dark forests of conifers and broad-leaved trees on the moss, and often grow in large identifiable groups.

Chanterelles have a yellow-orange hat big 3 to 10 cm, which is a dry area, very fleshy and sinuous, hollow in the center and bent edges. In a word, looks like a funnel. The stem is tapered towards the bottom, and the same color as the cap.

The meat is thick chanterelle and tough, has a pleasant smell and quite mild peppery flavor. These characteristics of meat require slightly longer cooking, but it pays to invest a little time for such a tasty end result. It should be noted that all the above mentioned chanterelles are not suitable for drying.

If you start picking the chanterelle

Mushroom picking is never a small thing, but if you decide to go into this venture, it would be best to seek the assistance of experts who will advise you to the secrets of the trade. However, first-hand information, here are a few: I do not have enough experience could happen to replace the chanterelles with a poisonous seductress.

How to prevent this, consider the following: chanterelles grow in groups under the leaves, and grow seductress punched in on the stumps. Chanterelles are slightly smaller than the temptress, seductress and if we take in hand, will leave an orange-brown with traces of the chanterelle is not the case however. In addition, the vamp is more intense orange color of chanterelles and is clearly distinct cap and stem (with chanterelles and stem cap blend).
Use in cooking chanterelles

Chanterelles texture is gentle, but firm enough - do not fall apart as easily as other fungi and well held when they are mixed or when processing the fire.

From the culinary perspective, it certainly has its advantages. Cover the taste of their cheese will still be strong enough to be felt. It is similar combinations with tomatoes, poultry and meat. Appendix contrasting but complementary flavors gives fullness and variety of dishes. Chanterelles can be served with onions and reduced wine sauce in which they were cooked. For the simplest version, you can just fry the chanterelles in butter and add to them a little garlic or onion. So deliciously prepared with Toast, and many like them, and in addition to an omelet.

However, before any preparation chanterelles need to be cleaned with a brush and thus remove any dirt. If, however, the chanterelles are large amounts of dirt, you need to wash them immediately before use to avoid storing mushrooms in a damp condition.

Good to know:
Mushrooms should not be introduced in the infant before the age of three.

Inexperienced pickers mushrooms should be limited to picking only young adult specimens because the newly sprouted mushrooms can look to be different than the usual.

By no means do not eat mushrooms that are showing signs of aging or decay.

Mushrooms should be stored in paper, not plastic bags. Yet another possibility is to store the baskets, but certainly at a sufficiently low temperature. 

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