Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why is breakfast important?

Do you happen to have a moment mornings running out of energy, so it seems that is all around you in slow mode, while you're fighting with the team to keep your eyes open?

The strangest thing of all is that you are probably enough night's sleep, so do not find the cause of your fatigue. This might not know, but if you skip breakfast, you are likely to condemn themselves to take a whole day is one big failure.

'Eat breakfast king, lunch like a prince and dine like a poor' is an old adage that even today shows true.Often skipping routine breakfast consumption in order to, for example, catch the bus or arrive on time for work or simply shortened intake of calories in the body. Some even claim that they are very difficult to eat so early in the morning, but remember one thing - you breakfast is not the enemy. Quite the contrary.

Skipping breakfast not only completely ignores the needs of your body, but it in this way deprive many benefits. Feed intake per day later and almost destroys all chances that your body will properly burn up excess fat, constantly bringing the risk of obesity, heart disease and you really make an attack on the brain and reduces intelligence. Indeed, so serious, so do not get fooled.

In order to enjoy all the benefits that you offer breakfast, and keep in mind that it includes a beautiful skin and a better immune system, you can not swallow purchased cereal mixed with milk and think that you can solve by this task. To start the day properly, your breakfast should consist of a complete meal that includes whole grains, protein and fiber.

Strengthening the brain

How do you view the workplace more escapes 'into space', you may ask yourself why you can not focus on one thing. The fact that you start the day with two sips of coffee may be the reason. After a whole night of sleep, in which you consume food, your brain is essential that glucose serves as fuel. Without it, you will have trouble "digesting" of new information, physical understanding and you will not be able to remember a lot of data.

Getting essential nutrients

Your morning meal should be full of nutrients that your body needs in order to function normally every day. Here we mean the folic acid, iron, B vitamins, fiber and other ingredients that we get from food, and the body can always store them and slowly dissipate until the next meal. However, it is extremely important to understand that the initial stock of such ingredients just getting through breakfast.

Help your heart

What you eat breakfast every morning, will make you more than awake. A healthy and complete breakfast is also responsible for a healthy heart, so what prevents diabetes and lower blood pressure. Those who skip breakfast consumption typically have higher levels of cholesterol, which is a big factor in terms of heart disease. People who often eat breakfast in your diet consume less fat and more fiber, which leads to a reduction in binge eating and unhealthy snacks between meals.

Large breakfast instead of dinner

Instead pretrpavate heavy dinner, start your day with a hearty breakfast, which will help prevent insulin resistance, obesity and metabolic syndrome. The research studied the types of food and the time in which it is consumed. For example, mice that were fed food visokomasnom after waking had normal metabolic profile, while the mice that ate more carbs in the morning and in the evening visokomasnu food, showed a significant increase in weight and other indicators of the metabolic syndrome. So when the morning visokomasnu eat food, your metabolism working efficiently and have more energy without any risk to health, and when these foods you eat late at night before bedtime, the situation is exactly reversed.

Forget about eating disorder

Although skipping breakfast (unfortunately) quite a common thing, it is a type of eating disorders, especially if we consider that most of them skip breakfast for a better look. But what you probably have in mind is that the breakfast is like starting the engine, after which you burn calories faster, and healthier you.So, if you have health care and good looks, skip all but breakfast does not.

Enhance the immune system

To be successfully fought with seasonal colds and other illnesses, especially need to eat your breakfast.This meal stimulates interferon-gamma in your body, the natural antivirus that directly activate immune cells. Skipping breakfast causes as much as 17 per cent fall in the activity of these cells.

Improving complexion

Eggs, a popular and favorite breakfast foods, do so much more than just make you fuller. No matter what, the eggs are great for your skin. Lutein, a carotenoid antioxidant found in eggs, helps to maintain skin elasticity and protects skin cells from free radicals. Only one egg a day can increase the level of lutein in your body for up to 26 percent. There are a bunch of other ingredients that also perform this task, such as oatmeal, pancakes or walnut.

Stay Skinny

Just eating breakfast will help you to magically resolve the accumulated weight, but can help your emotional relationship with food (which actually constantly affects your weight). Long-term dieting and fasting can increase your body's response to insulin, which ultimately increases fat accumulation and weight gain. Breakfast prevents overeating and vain attempts to eliminate hunger by eating speed calorie bombs like donuts or snacks from a vending machine.

Stabilize your energy level

The balance of carbohydrates, protein and fiber is the key to a healthy breakfast, and eating foods with these components increases your energy level. Breakfast restores glycogen stores, which supplies the muscles of immediate energy. Also, breakfast is covered as much as 25 percent of daily consumption of human energy, which leads to a more productive and ispunjenijih days.

Live longer

An apple a day may keep you away from hospitals and doctors' offices, but quite healthy breakfast will take care of your health. Studies have shown that people who have lived over 100 years and regularly consumed every day rich and healthy breakfast, and such people are less likely to develop fatal habits like smoking and excessive drinking. Thanks to all the benefits of breakfast, the meal will be protected from the disease.

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