Sunday, December 16, 2012

White truffles

Truffles have an aphrodisiac effect and are rich in important micronutrients

And this is the sign of autumn truffles, unique aromatic mushrooms. Fans flock to these specialties Istria, because the white truffle is world renowned and appreciated by gourmets around the world. What is the specialty truffles, which have an aphrodisiac effect and are rich in important micronutrients such as phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur and iron, and how to distinguish a particular species, they told us Puh Daniel and Mark, owners of Natura, whose headquarters in the city of truffles - Buzetu.

Division of truffles

"Tuber magnatum pico white truffle or noble, his season starts from mid-September until the end of January. Nugget was covered with numerous, highly branched white markings and shades of color takes the milk to a strong pink. Rights White truffle is a treasure, and not only by price, but also for its culinary potential who recognized gourmands from around the world for the perfect meal with a distinctive aroma ready to pull hundreds of miles and set aside a small fortune. considered to Istrian white truffle aroma characterized by very good, so is revered as one of the best in the world. Black truffles have all year, and they differ in precious black truffle season is from early November to mid-March, followed by a summer and a winter black truffle black truffle. "

Truffle hunting

If you are looking forward to picking individual truffle forests of Istria, our interviewees remind you to hunt for truffles truffle hunter must have specially trained dogs with a very refined sense of smell, a special license and pay an annual fee. Otherwise, in Istria are the richest natural habitat of the fungus, which was first discovered in 1929. These sites are situated around the valley of the Mirna River, the most in the Motovun šumi.Obližnji Buzet named the town of truffles so, we learn the family business, Natura, which blends with Istrian truffles best Istrian olive oil, cheese, mushrooms and mushrooms so that they are inserted in various types of products packaged in production assortment called Natura truffles. 

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