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Wheat germ

Wheat germ
Most people do not pay attention to the various types of radiation and pollution in their immediate surroundings that endanger health. You must face the truth and all the pollution of the environment taken as a great warning and reprimand. It is necessary to change unhealthy habits and that above all, we should start from the everyday table. The market abounds with products whose origin and method of cultivation can not be controlled. Markets, supermarkets, full of fruit and vegetables that we can not be sure whether it is the smallest of the treated toxin.
Germs are just the most natural thing - that we would prozveli, we do not need any additional process or chemical means (much too).

We watch them every day to advance, grow and adapt them to your own taste. At the stage of germination of grain volume is several times higher. For example, 7 times in alfalfa and mung beans for 8 times.
One supenog plate lenses that let it germinates, we get food in the form of salads in quantity sufficient for three adults and with it much richer in vitamins than any other fruit or vegetable. This salad does not burden the body, on the contrary, is a great tool for cleaning the accumulated toxins from the body.

Wheat is most conspicuous when used in the form of seeds. Use sprouts in the diet is a classic example of eating raw food. For samoproizvodnju germs you do not need a lot of preconditions. All you need is a little good will, glass jar, cheesecloth and a jar rubbers. Washed, full of beans soak in clean lukewarm water and grain to two fingers, three fingers of water. At the conclusion of soaking, drain beans, and water does not throw a drink but it is full of minerals and vitamins. Jar, cover with gauze and secure with a rubber band.While germs do not grow up to 1.5 cm 2 wash it once or twice a day with cold water. Must always be moist, but not wet. A few hours before use, sprouted seeds (sprouts) in place of the sun in order to form chlorophyll. Unused sprouts can be stored for several days in the refrigerator, in a sealed plastic container or jar. Rinse them with cold water every day.

Soaking time wheat was 12 hours, and during germination of 3 to 4 days. The ideal germination temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.
In exactly the same way they can germinate and other cereal grains and other seeds. It's the time soaking and sprouting otherwise. See the chart:

Time needed soaking and sprouting grains steeping time Type Amount Purpose Wheat germination time 12 hours 200 g of 3 - 4 days salads, cereals, soups, riđuvelak, dessert Sunflower 24 hours 200 g of 2 - 3 days sauces, salads, yogurt supplement Buckwheat 3-4 hours 100 g 2 - 4 days muesli, spread, salads, soups addition Oats 10 hours 200 g 2 - 3 days muesli, bread, soup Lentils 100 g 12 hours 3 - 5 days salads, soups, spreads, mashed Corn 12 hours 200 g 2 - 3 days muesli, corn-flex Mung beans 12 hours 100 g of 3 - 5 days of soup, salad, mashed potatoes, sandwiches, juices Rice 24 hours 200 g of 4 - 5 days salads, soups, side dish Sesame 8 hours 200 g 2 days salad dressings, cereals, sauces, desserts Soy 12 hours 2 days 100 g milk, soup, side dish azuki beans 12 hours 200 g 5 on salads, sandwiches, mashed Riđuvelak
Riđuvelak is obtained by fermentation of wheat germ in the water. Already soaked and sprouted wheat kernels washed with cold water. In the bowl every 2 finger propranih germ put 5 or 6 fingers of water.Cover it with gauze, tied with a rubber band and stand at room temperature for 3 days. After that, the content of strain, with very few seeds remain in the liquid. Obtained riđuvelak can drink immediately or stored in the fridge for later. Then pour the same amount of water in a container with germs and then leave it ferments for 2 days. By the end of the second day of juicing again, again topped up with water and put off for another day. Then strain it again, throw seeds, and obtained riđuvelak drink or stored in the refrigerator. Cold is the best. Riđuvalak a tangy, refreshing taste.
Riđuvelak purifies the body and enrich the intestinal flora. It contains more vitamins, including several vitamins from the B group, vitamin A, C, E and K. Moreover, it is very nutritious. I recommend it at least once a month.

Some people find it quite tasty sprouts and healthy food, and most people only mention of their causes, unfortunately disapproval.
Very few people actually know that germs are not only very healthy food, but the food is very rich in nutrients.
When the edible seeds (or legum) beans, lentils, mung beans (Chinese origin), soybeans, peas, etc.. leave it long enough and wet enough conditions to germinate and continue on, there is a formation of bacteria.
One of the main reasons that the germs are considered very healthy is that during germination, ie.germination, an increase in the nutritional value of seeds several times more than before germination. It seems very healthy sprouts addition to any meal.
When the seeds sprout leaves only, with regular watering and lack of oxygen, it goes through the following phases of the process:

decomposition of complex greases
Starch is converted to the basic (non-complex) sugar
Proteins are broken down to amino acids
minerals are transferred to different parts of seeds
leads to the creation of new nutrients
The nutritive value
Data on the nutritional value of saplings were collected on the basis of information supplied by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture).
Among these data provides information on a variety of nutrients, which can greatly contribute to improving our diet and who can do more than sound, which is reflected in our general health.
Sprouts contain most of the water, protein and carbohydrates and very little fat and calories.

The ingredients
Sprouts beans, lentils, mung beans, and soy beans contain a lot of minerals, vitamins and other healing ingredients such as:
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-6
Vitamin A
Medicinal properties
Speaking about the positive effects of germs by our general health, it should be noted the following:
contribute to the improvement of digestion
salad sprouts containing even richer in nutrients and medicinal ingredients (vitamins, minerals and fiber) than ordinary lettuce
extremely rich in proteins and amino acids
of great help to people trying to lose excess weight
contain large amounts of antioxidants, which are crucial when it comes to the prevention of several types of the disease is extremely dangerous to our health, including cancer
are completely organic and does not contain toxins, or cholesterol, but are nevertheless a good source of essential fatty acids
From the above we see that the seeds of these plants should be used in the diet, or as a main course or as an addition to salads and dishes. 

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