Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tea or coffee?

Caffeine in tea, called tein, was discovered in 1827. year. Coffee, tea and, in some traditions was extremely honored and Mayans and Aztecs believed the sacred plant.

But despite some of the positive effects of coffee, the caffeine in tea, unlike that in coffee, does not adversely affect the heart and circulatory system, but on the contrary increases blood flow and metabolism in the brain.

The tea has about 30% less caffeine than coffee. The caffeine in coffee is already dissolved in the stomach, while that of tea mostly dissolves intestinal juice.

The tannins in tea also act to slow receiving caffeine, and caffeine from coffee arrives in the bloodstream rapidly while the process runs at tea a lot quieter.

Effect of caffeine from coffee reaches its peak in about 10 minutes, stops for 30 minutes. At tea, caffeine effect reaches a peak at 40, and stops after 70 minutes.

Caffeine in tea, a refreshing, and the end results are improved mood, and reduced fatigue and sleepiness.

Tea in different cultures

Today's tea after most ispijana liquid water. Is widespread throughout the world and is prepared in various ways.

In addition to tea harvested from tea tree plant, widely used and so. Herbal and fruit teas. In the area of ​​ancient Greece there is a whole science of preparing tea for healing and holistic health preservation.

This knowledge is promoting teachers in the program, called Learning Fire, and for many families in the Balkans, thousands of years of medicinal teas tradition passed down from generation to generation.

But certainly the most popular type of tea is black tea, which is also called an Indian or Russian tea.

In different cultures, prepared in various ways. Usually, it adds a bit of milk to soften the bitter taste.

Indian yogis with milk and add some spices like cinnamon, honey, ginger, cardamom and clove. Tibetan monks have gone furthest in tea by adding salt and butter, because they believe that they will be so strong drink to keep you awake long meditations.

Kura black tea

As simple and very good way to clean the whole body of waste products and contaminants, try a course of black tea. This therapy strengthens and cleanses the liver and kidneys.

It is necessary to boil 1 cup of water until the water quantity is reduced to half a cup. Add 1 tablespoon of black tea. In the same cup add 1/2 cup warm water neprokuhane.

Drink it all at once. Course of this should be done every morning for 15 days, at least once a year. 

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  1. Wow, it is a very old post but fortunately I found it today. Very interesting topic and also very informative. I will give up coffee and will take a glass of Goji Berry Juice every day.