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Setting the table

According to rules of etiquette that should always be carefully stored, even when customers are not coming. In addition, always involves careful table manners. If it is a formal lunch or dinner tablecloth must be white from quality materials, perfectly clean and ironed, napkins should also be in the same vein. Sometimes used by individual and tablecloths that are practical to maintain. For every person there should be at least two feet wide, because then the only guests can feel comfortable and cozy.

The knife is placed on the right side of the plate and fork on the left. Bucket is placed to the right of the knife on the outside. The handles of cutlery must be snags the edge of the table and the blade plate. Only this arrangement on the table corresponds to usage. When we eat the simple flatware set first shallow and then put him on a deep soup plate. In the image to serve as an appetizer onada first small plate set with special silverware.
When in the course of a lunch we serve more meals poterebno set and separate utensils for each dish, but never more than three knives and three forks per person. If we use fish as a starter set poterebno special accessories for fish, and to the left of the fork on the outside of the plate, and the knife right between spoons and knives for the main course.
Small spoons and forks for the dessert is placed on the top plate so that the handle is facing right hand.Compote bowl is placed to the left of the salad saucer.
The plate is placed napkins that are mostly white napkin represents an not a luxury but serve to protect clothes from stains and wiping hands and mouth after eating. Glasses are postaljene the table so they do not have to lift or pomerti to them cuttlefish, but standing next to the plate. A glass of water should be between 2 and dl of red wine 1 dl. Great accessories (ladles, large spoons and forks ...) usually stands near the hostess at a smaller table.


Sometimes when luncheon unleashed only crystal glasses, can now be used glasses of different materials, colors and shapes. Glasses are placed to the right of the plate and in the sequence of consuming beverages and from right to left. Before you start eating all the way to the left is usually set with a cool glass of plain water or acidic. The first in a series of glasses for white wine and drink from it during the appetizers or side dish. If someone with a starter drink beer then the first schooner. Like other glasses are usually served slightly wider glass of red wine that goes well with roast. If we end up with some sweet wine or champagne to drink with cakes will be on the end of a string and cup sets for this purpose.
You should never mix two or more types of wine, and the water is avoided except in some intimate banquets. Always filled with toasting glasses. Never toast with empty or half-empty glasses or cups filled with juice or water (toasting with a man, not a drink that is said to us not by etiquette). Toast until after the meal.

Table manners

Table manners is one of the basic lessons you need to know. At the table sit upright but not stiff, put your feet so as not to disturb the present. Be sure not to stretch or turn too komtno place because it can disturb someone. Hands always stick to the barn but not the elbow, which must be nailed to the body (and if you eat and if you sit and talk).


When you sit down at the table, servijetu first put over his knees and then start the meal. Do servijetom (towel) wipe your face or hands, it's not by etiquette. The hands and face are deleted pocket handkerchief.


Držnje buckets will not be a problem. Thumb is on top while the index and middle fingers are on the bottom.Spoon gently so that the mouth of it there are no leaks, and small mouth opening heart, but of course so nothing is heard. If the soup is too hot to do not blow it cool, but the mix with a spoon. If noodles are not too big to fit in a teaspoon, spoon edge share them. Bucket is the mouth, not the head money box or a plate.

Fork and knife

Cut the food with a knife, and that each piece individually. Soup or sauce is applied to the bread knife, and then the mouth with his left hand. The sauce can collect a piece of bread only when you are alone, so never in society. Also, spoon, knife and fork never licked.

The meat is cut blade with slow movements and not pressing flesh, because then I can not hear the pleasant sounds. Knife and fork, you can not switch from hand to hand. Bread, which is located on the left side tanjra not allowed to cut with a knife or tearing teeth, it is recommended that odkidate piece by piece.

Stick a fork in my right hand and is used in all cases where something has to be cut. It stews, pasta and similar foods. Potatoes, donuts, pancakes, eggs and other dishes are only allowed to fork.

When you eat, keep your elbows close to the body and does not bother the neighbors. Do not lean over the plate, but stick to the right.


We have a big dilemma, how to eat chicken and other feathered fowl. The answer is simple, according to etiquette chicken eaten only accessories, not the hands.


Another doubt, the fish are eating utensils, fish or just fork is served if cleared, if not the bones are removed with a knife with fork. The fish are eating my front teeth, to feel the bone and not recommended to be eaten with bread.


A knife with a fork, additional accessories, and is used for cutting and sitnjavanje all kinds of dishes. A knife is a knife to eat or the mouth, it is also not cut or salad.


Shellfish eaten special equipment, used a special fork to one arm of which is slightly wider, tricksy as a knife. This knife is removed and the shell opens the fleshy part, squeeze a few drops of lemon, waved his mouth, leaned, sucking the juice with oysters, but without slurping. With mussels, white wine is recommended.


Eat crabs, it is not difficult to eat because my hands. The first mulled cancer detach scissors or pliers, suck the juice, open their armor, if makan fingers, and if not, separate small pliers and then pull out the meat.After the tear off the tail, suck the juice again, open the solid crust and the fleshy part of the draw. At the end of the armor out of the hull with blades and parts extracted from the fleshy part eaten. After the dishes are sure to wash your hands, and the bark of cancer siding tanjra if no special containers.


The meat is eaten with a knife and fork if it is not already ground meat or chopped meat. Then you can only use the fork. Meat is the mouth just a fork. Meat is eaten bit by bit. Be sure not to cut the meat first and after a fork to buy it piece by piece. During the meal, a knife and a fork, do not put on the table or the edge of the plate, all the while eating utensils are placed crossed the plate. Upon completion of the Arrangement knife and fork are placed side by side on the right side of the plate facing the middle. Fork and knife is allowed to serve only in their tanjru, Saleta, stews and other dishes are poured kit that is in the bowl to eat. If the dish is eaten only allowed to hold a fork in the right hand fork (finally something that is allowed). All kinds krompra (cooked before or chips) are eating fork. Potatoes do not crush the juices from the meat and sauces.


Salet they only eat a fork held in the left hand. Salads are not placed in a dish with other meals, but eat saucer set from the upper left edge tanjra. Vegetables are placed on a plate of meat and sauces.


Macaroni fork to eat, but sometimes even that is not enough if you're not trained by it, then do the exercises. When you cook them, you can be reduced to a bearable length, to facilitate eating. When you eat spaghetti you can wind up with buckets on the fork. It's easier to eat spaghetti if you go from the edge of the plate. If you have a compote for dessert or cake with fruit, seeds returning to košičicu that after eating in a small plate.


Large claims cakes are broken by hand, while the creamy chocolate cakes eat fork. Regular or special spoon a teaspoon of ice cream eating ice cream out of metal containers.

Sausage, hot dogs, EGGS

Sausages and hot dogs are eaten at the table with a knife and fork, but somewhere in the passage, at the buffet, can be eaten out of hand. Fatty sausages, such as krajnjske, eaten only with a knife and fork, but it requires special caution. If the fork is used carelessly it can happen that greasy sausage juice out of your chest or someone else's clothes. Eggs are prepared in various ways, and the rules are very different. Soft-boiled egg mpže be served in a glass, a fork to eat. Also, the egg can be served in the shell in a separate bowl.In such situations, the top of the egg shell is broken spoon. The knife you will not need if you get scrambled or fried eggs, because in that case just eat with a fork. If the egg is served with ham and cheese, can be uptrebiti knife.


Since the well-washed fruit can be served. Bark is removed from the fruit knife speciajalnim for dessert.According to the protocols of good manners is necessary to know the whole opposition of consuming fruit.

Apples and pears are knife cut into four equal parts. Then every quarter interventions fork, clean, take out the seeds from the middle and end up eating. If too much is a quarter cut into two or more pieces, as applicable.

Oranges require more skill. If not served a special knife for cleaning fruit, it should be plain. First, it removes the knife peel of citrus fruit with a knife and then takes off white inner crust, divide the fruit into pieces and remove the seeds small incisions.

Peaches and apricots are naožem the intersection kernel, it is removed and then eaten with a knife and fork.

Cantaloupe, watermelon and pineapples are eaten with a knife and fork. Grapefruit is served slit in half and eat the spoon.


Cup accepts your right hand on the lower part. The wine is not poured cups to the top. A glass of beer is kept in the middle. If a guest at a time when he wanted to have a drink of something Asked, should return the cup on the table until he answers. Glass should not be placed near the plate that negligence would not be overturned. If you are drinking during the meal, you should delete the lips napkin or towel and place the knife and fork on the plate.

It's not polite to drink too quickly, because a person can have the inconvenience. Who does not want to drink will refuse to offer easy movement of the hand, or pull himself closer to the glass. Matching cups his hand is not polite. The person who serves wine should take account of the fact that wine is properly heated.White wine should be cold and black tempered. Šampanjanac must stand on the ice. In heat develops much carbon dioxide, which would cap could excursions out of the bottle under pressure. For šampanjanac there should be a special container filled with ice.

Wine is poured into glasses to the right customer. Šampanjanac bottle is wrapped in a white towel to a drop of water would not dirty suit, dress or tablecloth. The service should be free of noise and lots of skill.

If you happen to be a drinking cup tipped over, it should not make any noise, but let her go during floods, especially if it's in a glass of water. If any wine, order a black, should look a little salt and sprinkle the stained place, because it reduces the damage on the tablecloth. Hostess should apologize to view and quiet words. Showing great inconvenience can not "hurt" to reduce or repair.

Do not eat too fast!

You should not eat too quickly, as if a man in a hurry, as in the times we live quite normal. But it is not good to eat slowly and not fall behind the others at the table. We should not leave food on your plate. On your plate is poured only enough food koiliko can eat.

TABLE Luncheon

For luncheon or dinner and that is especially prepared, covering the most beautiful white tablecloth or sets the color. With color tablecloth should be harmonized and flowers on the table in low bowls. With a white tablecloth fit all the colors of flowers, and the color kits, for example pink, white or blue flowers. With svetiozelene kits fit all colors except blue flowers, and especially the beautiful decoration of flowers of various kinds and colors. The fall is beautiful in the middle of the table to put the official dish of selected and well cleaned fruit, decorated with autumn leaves.


Who has adopted the principles of good behavior should be described to him just to draw attention to the behavior of a larger group.

With the meal begins when the housewife to do so, and the man is waiting to begin his neighbor, a neighbor.Soup should not be left at the bottom of the plate or moving your plate. Once we finish the soup, a spoon is left on the plate.

Bones from meat are not taken in hand, except for chicken bones. Meat with bones removed with a knife and fork. It is better to leave those parts of meat that can not be removed from the bone.

Pieces of meat to be cut off as a bit should not be neither large nor small. Around this expensive piece of the little sauce left hand and the mouth. The knife is not released from his hands. Continually postponing a knife on a plate, or change from one hand it is very awkward and rude.

Food is eaten and mouth closed silently biting. Never speak loudly. Knife and fork can be disposed on the plate just to take some bread. If you are a housewife, at lunch, after baking, put your fork or knife next to the plate, a sign that they will continue to serve the same equipment, so that the guests are allowed to do the same. During the luncheon, each dish should have special equipment.

With meat sauce, and fish taken in moderation.

Pitted olives, plums or similar placed first at the fork or spoon, and then the plate. In the absence of a small accessory, it is permissible to protect his mouth with his hand as it ejects seeds.

The knife is never put in your mouth!

All the cutlery can be very simple. Should strive to be on the table, everything you need and, of course, abide by the rules of etiquette.

One must not turn away from a neighbor on the right side when talking to those who sit on the left iii vice versa. The body should be kept right, turning his head just to the left or right side.

It's rude to come to dinner or lunch, sick with the sniffles. If it does happen, you should use a handkerchief discreetly, without looking back at this in a way.

Guests at the table to talk about the only bright and pleasant. Sad events, disease, various arguments and disputes are under discussion at the table. All that disturbs, upsets, causing a grudge - should be avoided.


A toast should be short and simple. The first toast is pronounced in health najpoštovanijeg guest, which makes home after the served roast. During the toast is not served food, and guests should be peaceful.

By holding the first toast only if the company had gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the host or hostess, what a joyful event in the home or the like. It should not be forgotten that the toast housekeeper, who usually thank myself, and in some countries they do a husband, son or brother instead. Anyone wishing to hold a toast stand up and say, for example: "I raise a glass in the home health ..." Other guests stand, provide glasses, knocking it to that which is toasted, saying, "To you!"

If the person who is toasted by far, offers the only glass toward him warmly and says: "To you!" I would like to thank host.

When forgiveness of dornaćina never grateful for food but for the friendly reception and enjoyable entertainment. For example, it says: "Thanks for the nice time spent, fun ..."

Advice to the young housewife

That eggs "about" would not adhere to the bottom of the pan when you fry them in butter, first heat the butter and when it melts poprašiti with a little flour and break the eggs immediately.

Icing the cake is not a whisk. Stir in whipped egg white one, and put the pan in the fridge to cool well.Remove the bowl and whip with wire whisk - quickly becomes very tough.

The scale that has accumulated in the pan should be cleaned easily if the court pour a little soda water and put two raw potatoes, and boil all that well.

To roast any juicier, to the pan in which to bake put the grid, so that the meat does not lie directly in fat.Pairs from all sides and contributes nicely to the meat tender and juicy it.

If you want to be a juicy omelet, then the torture of each egg add a teaspoonful of water and a teaspoon of milk. Well then fry over low heat to grow better.

If you need to pour some boiled vegetables or a hot buttered bread crumbs to fry, and that on that occasion butter (butter), not turned black, first to the pan by dropping a drop of oil.

The flowers last longer - in heated rooms cut flowers quickly develop and dies. So should the ends of the stems before placing in water, rub the ends of candles and flowers will keep fresh for longer.

When leaking jars - vases affected area inside and out ited good rub peeled garlic and leave 24 hours. After that, the vase can pour water and put flowers - vase to be waterproof.

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