Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Plastic bottles are dangerous

Plastic bottles are slowly poisoning us

For some reason not to drink tap water rather than tap or buy one from plastic containers? See triangle stamped on the plastic and the number in the middle. You could discover some startling things.

You are only interested in the composition of the water, but ignores the chemical composition of the packaging in which the water is? At the bottom of each package, see a triangle with a number in the middle and find out how dangerous plastic you can hold in your hand, writes

1 - PET (PETE often)
These bottles are in most cases the intended single use. There is a possibility that emit heavy metal antimony, EPA chemical substance that interferes with the hormone action. These bottles can be discharged and carcinogens.

2 - HDP (sometimes HDPE)
It is a 'good' sculpture, for which there is the least likelihood of releases of chemicals into the water.

3 - PVC (sometimes 3V)
Two releases toxic chemicals, and both interfere with hormone action in the human body. Nevertheless, this is still the most commonly used plastic bottle.

4 - LDPE
Plastic, which does not release chemicals into the water. But imagine, is not used for making plastic bottles but mainly for making plastic bags for groceries.

5 - PP
Another 'good' plastic, usually white or translucent colors. It is used for bottles that are packed in syrup or a bowl of yogurt.

6 - PS
Released into the water carcinogenic styrene. Most often used in coffee cups disposable packaging or fast food.

7 - PC (or no label)
This is the worst plastic for food products because the chemical BPA excreted. Unfortunately, it is used in bottles for infants, sports bottles and containers for food storage.

It seems, therefore, that the chemicals do not emit plastic 2, 4 and 5, and the ones labeled HDP, LDPE, PP.The worst packaging is marked 1, 3, 6, or 7 In the bottled water is subject to temperature or chemical action, and in the case of subsequent loading and bacterial contamination.

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