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Light waves from raw food

Biofotoni - healing light waves from raw food 

Biofotoni the light waves emitted from cells of most living things.

Plants or parts of plants across the Sun absorb photons and convert them stored in biofotone.

Interactions between light and biological material studied Biophotonics.

Once dismissed as quackery, Biophotonics today gained wide acceptance in the scientific and academic circles.

Followers biofotoničke theory believe that foods rich biofotonima Energizing and has medicinal properties.

The origins of biophotonics

Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch discovered in 1923. The living things that emit photons in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

This invisible radiation of living cells Gurvitch called "mitogenetička radiation."

The discovery spurred numerous investigations of many scientists around the world.

But the first real breakthrough of this theory occurred only seventies of the last century, along with the work of German scientist Fritz - Albert Popp.

It is concluded that DNA is a major source of these waves of living matter, which he called biofotoni.

We also developed a device that can measure the low frequency light waves.
Based on research biofotoničkih measurements, Popp found that healthy people radiate much stronger, but the sick. Also, I found the other important sources biofotona other than DNA.

So now we know that these waves are found in RNA and in other forms of macromolecules, including chlorophyll, enzymes and hemoglobin.

Assessing biofotone in various commodities, Popp found that organically grown food emits five times more energy biofotoničke but industrially grown food.

Also, organic food that grows freely biofotona emits twice as much, but the food is cultivated organically grown.

It is also important discovery that cooked or in any way treated food are hardly radiates biofotonima.

Wild plant foods

Just as Popp found, wild plant foods are the richest dietary sources biofotona. This term refers to the edible plants grown without any human intervention.

Holistic nutritionists say leaves of dandelion, nettle, edible herbs, mushrooms, nuts and berries as a highly recommended source biofotona.

Wild plants and other organically grown foods are consumed in raw form in order to maximize its value biofotonička.

Entered into the body within two or three hours after picking.

Biofotonička measures showed highly significant differences, depending on the plan the diet.

For example, people who eat junk food or often implemented drastic child had approximately 1000 units biofotoničkog radiation.

Contrary to these results, the average biofotona observations in people who are on a raw diet was up 83,000 units.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

After a wild, wild, next biofotona the healthiest source of fresh-picked, organically grown fruits and vegetables.

There has been an experiment aimed at comparing biofotoničkog radiation from fresh fruits and vegetables with radiation from multivitamin supplement containing all the vitamins in the recommended daily amount.

While irradiation of fresh food was great, the radiation from the vitamin actually proved nonexistent.

So, to ensure the highest level biofotona, eat raw fruits and vegetables, preferably freshly picked from our own organic garden.

If, however, the urban dweller that there is no possibility for gardening in the city, you may have friends or relatives in the countryside who are giving you the healthy fruits and vegetables.

In this case, eat it as soon as possible.

Our bodies radiate light

Our body glows, emits light discernible, but a thousand times less intense than those visible to the naked eye. Almost all living creatures emit a faint light.

Using highly sensitive cameras that detect each photon, Japanese researchers found that the level of light that changes depending on the time of day.

Physical radiation is the lowest in 10 hours and a maximum of 16 hours, then slowly begins to decline.

It is assumed that the emitting light is connected with the body clock, probably due to the metabolic rate that changes during the day.

People's faces were shining brighter than the rest of the body, probably because they are the most exposed to the sun.

Therefore, if you want to literally shine, let it briefly every day sunshine!

The best source biofotona:
wild, wild plants
freshly picked, organically grown fruits and vegetables

Biofotone will not find in ...
cooked, or in any way treated food
fast food 

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