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Interesting facts about food

Curious about the fried potatoes
Chips invented - Indian

Elegant "Carey Moon Lake House" in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York, it was mid-19 century popular summer resort of wealthy New York. In the summer 1853rd , among them was the railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt. In a restaurant one night, he does not like fried potatoes. Several times they were sent back to the chef, complaining, "are too thick and not crunchy enough"!

The chef at the hotel was a certain George Krum, Indian and, according to all that the narrator, a man quite morose. French fries prepared in a thick nasečenom, standard French style, popularized in France in the 18th century. And just as in a prepared potato is immensely enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson when he was U.S. ambassador in Paris. Recipe for preparing potatoes so unusual with him was brought to America and "frenčfrajs", much to the satisfaction of guests, regularly served at his home in Monticello. But back to "Moon Lake Hotel" and Vanderbilt and Krum. Every time the chips Vanderbilt sent back to the kitchen, Krum make them angry, the thinner sliced ​​but did not meet any such picky Vanderbilt. Krum was at one point got tired and decided to take revenge: "I will burn them as thin as paper and put it in hot oil, so it will be crispy and without them I posolitil good deal, and asked his thin potatoes spoiled" - decided to Krum.Krumov the plan, however, fell through because instead of spoiling dinner Vanderbilt, was delighted with the sweetness and ate several servings.
The news of Krumov thin and crispy fries spread quickly, immediately became a specialty of the restaurant, "Carey Moon Lake Hotel" on his menu were listed under the name "Saratoga Chips", according to Saratoga, where they were both "born". What happened after that? George Krum was soon opened his own restaurant opened across the street from the hotel, but on the other side of the lake and it "Saratoga of potato chips" served in baskets on each table, but, unfortunately, did not protect the patented his invention. Soon the chips found their place on the menus of many restaurants, far from their places of birth. From restaurants to shops got the 1895th year thanks to a certain William Tapendonu from Cleveland, Ohio.
Tapendon began modestly, in your own kitchen, I delivered and chips shops in my neighborhood and then, as the orders grew, his business passed out of the kitchen in a converted shed behind the house. It was the first factory in America Potete chips. During the first two decades of the 20th century will see a number of other manufacturers. So in 1926. The Laura Skuder from Monterey Park, California, owns a small family business to produce Potete chips, invented a special bag that keeps their freshness. In Cleveland in 1937.was established and the "National Institute of potato chips" and forty years later, under changed name - "Snack Food Asociation," his office will move to Washington. Two of the largest manufacturers of potato chips, "Frito Lay and" teaming up 1959th year and become the most powerful manufacturers of various types of chips - "FRITOLAY". He soon we will have potatoes in countless versions - with and without salt, to taste grilled, onion and garlic, special jalapeno pepper, vinegar, cheese, bacon, lemon, roast beef, mustard, yogurt, in the Mexican style, the way hot, Cajun ...
How many cultures and so many different flavors and it is certain that they would face a lot of other variations. Americans eat more chips than any other country in the world. Its manufacturing is the best, say, potatoes coming from the state of Pennsylvania, but to a lesser extent, and potatoes from Michigan and Minnesota, Nebraska and North Dakota, Florida, Serverne Carolina, Alabama, Colorado and Texas, what began 150 years ago by accident , the elegant hotel restaurant, "Carey Moon Lake House" in Saratoga Springs, New York as one of revenge Krumova Vanderbilt, grown in the meantime, the industry worth, just in the U.S. - $ 6 billion! And you thought the product Potete chips without a past!

Wine and chocolate - the perfect combination

Swiss company "Caleb Bari '(Barry Callebaut), a leading global manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate, chocolate has connected its" controlled descent "with different types of wine in an effort to take advantage of the premium chocolate market growth by emphasizing that" sophisticated "flavor balance.
Chocolate "controlled descent" is made from cocoa beans originating from only one country, which means that the final product has a distinctive and unique flavor.
The company hopes that by highlighting its compatibility with different types of chocolate wine show how such a combination may be more strongly emphasize a wide range of chocolate flavor.
"Bari Caleb" its origins to the chocolate flavor divided into three groups: mild, strong and powerful flavors, and each group is proposing specific wines.
Mild chocolate flavor with little cocoa and a distinct fruity or floral flavor, it should, for example, to be eaten with a dry or semi-sweet wine "extreme acidity, subtle fruit flavor and elegance," said the company.
Emphasizing direct correlation chocolate with wine, Hans Frins company official said: "The chocolate should be enjoyed in the same way as fine wine. Chocolates' Bari Kaleboa's controlled origin, like wine, to a large extent a reflection of specific types of cocoa and a single soil and water in areas where the cocoa bean products. "
Consumer testing in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Britain and the United States have shown that 42 percent of respondents have already discovered chocolate with controlled origin, which is 26 percent more than in 2006, a fifth of all consumers of chocolate they ate at least once a month.
"Caleb Bari" has more than 40 different types of chocolate origin, many of which have only recently been launched to meet growing demand.


Note change the taste of wine

Listening to certain music can affect the taste of wine to drink, according to the authors of the study devoted to the issue on which he collaborated Chilean winemaker Aurelio Montes, who recommended for Cabernet Sauvignon is the music legend Jimi Hendrix deadline.
Professor Adrian North from the University of Edinburgh, explains that the study is based on research which shows that listening to certain pieces of music with the tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon boosts the flavor by 60 percent, so that it becomes richer and stronger.
A survey conducted by the Department of Applied Psychology University of Scotland, based on the theory that music stimulates specific areas of the brain. In fact, when we drink wine with music and smoking are becoming more active and influence the perception of flavor.

Blondie with Chardonnay, Cabernet with Bob Dylan

In the development of this interesting study worked Chilean Aurelio Montes, who uses music in the process of making wine. Montes was convinced that sounds monastery, spiritual music that is beyond the room where the wine is done fermentation improve product quality.
Obviously a fan of Blondie, Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix, the Chilean enologist claims that some of their songs have a special effect on the taste of certain wines.
Thus, Montes recommends rhythmic, uplifting song "Atomik" in the manner of disco Blondie with chardonnay, wine with rich tones and flavor, which takes in the combination of magnificent flavor.
However, merlot wine, which belongs to this variety provides the ultimate fans with their very soul with his famous song "Sitting on the dock," Otis Redding's biggest hit, whose velvety and powerful voice, the sound of water and waves, highlights and top line characteristic of the variety red wine.
Montes particularly on the special, Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon from 2006. The most that fits with the "Tower guards", the songs of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix performed, where the poem gets almost divine sound of the guitar-dominated sound of sobbing.


Whose champagne?

Growers and winemakers Swiss village of Champagne have decided to wage a battle against the ban on using the name "champagne" for its wine, because, under international trade rules, he reserved for sparkling wine from the French region of Champagne vineyard.
The bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the European Union, the Swiss government in 1999.accepted that the name "champagne" is reserved for the famous French wine with that name. Swiss village of Champagne was given until 2004. year to stop using that name, reminded the agency said.
"In this country we have no right to use our own name, which is fatal for us," bitterly Action Committee Representative Thomas Bindschedler the village.
He recalled that the growers of the village used to sell 110,000 bottles of wine, to make sales last year fell to just 32,000 bottles, after changing the designation on the label, which now does not indicate the place of origin of the wine.
Peasants from Champagne to indicate the name of their village for the first time mentioned in 885th year and the first notes of grape growing in the village date from the 1657th
Bindschedler assures that farmers do not want to take away the right of producers of sparkling wines from France to use the name "champagne", but only require that they are entitled to use their own names to indicate the origin of their products.

The English daily throw four million apples

Residents of the United Kingdom every year thrown in the garbage food products worth a total of ten billion pounds, the result of the government's research, according to "The Independent".
Nearly four and a half million apples, 600,000 eggs, 1.3 million packs of yogurt finish in the garbage every day, and most of the food that is thrown away and neraspakovan remain intact.
"People are buying and then do not eat it," says "The Independent" and recalls that, on the other hand, in many parts of the world shortage of food due to population growth, drought and the use of crops for biofuels.
Meanwhile, in Britain last month, food prices rose by 4.7 percent.
"Independent" refers to reducing the quantity of food that is thrown away and a significant reduction of the consequences for the environment.
According to a government study, the resolution of these problems have to be reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 18 million tons per annum, which is similar to the effect that would be achieved if the traffic is washed every fifth car.

Macadamia nuts - for beautiful skin and a healthy heart

Macadamia, or macadamia nuts, lower blood cholesterol and contribute to heart health, according to a study conducted at Pennsylvania State University.
These nuts, if consumed frequently, can reduce the risk of heart disease, and should therefore be included in the daily healthy diet.
Although macadamia nuts are not, nor Indian and Brazilian, included on a list of useful health nut, published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the effects are undeniably beneficial.
Macadamia nuts contain more saturated fat than "allowed" four grams to 50 grams of nuts. Macadamia contain six, Indian 4.6, and 7.6 grams of Brazil, Tanjug news agency reported.
However, they reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol because they contain monounsaturated fats higher level, such as those found in olive oil. Total cholesterol decreased by 9.4 percent, a level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the "bad" cholesterol, by 8.9 percent.
Also, macadamia nuts can replace other sources of fat and protein in the diet. A handful of these nuts (about 40 g) helps prevent heart disorders and its functions.
"Reducing cholesterol level was higher than using nuts that only have" good "fat," said Dr. Amy Grill, explaining that these nuts contain a substance which has a beneficial effect.
Taste like hazelnut, macadamia nuts are rich in valuable nutrients, and contain a lot of calcium and other minerals. Although they are quite fat levels, have low levels of carbohydrates. Macadamia nuts contain about 22 percent of the omega-7 palmitoleic acid. It is used in cosmetics, because the skin is easily absorbed and has nourishing properties and helps in the rehabilitation of burns from the sun.
Since the heating lose some of the good features of these nuts, it is recommended to eat fresh. However, beware if they nibble at their pets - are poisonous to dogs.

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