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How to serve food?

On what should we pay attention? First of all, the color of food.
Cold appetizers can decorate rings tomatoes, sliced ​​boiled egg, chunks of bell peppers, radishes cut like flowers, rings of onion, radicchio leaves, green and black olives, parsley leaves.

Rice salad looks beautiful when framed by wisps of grated beets or carrots.

Effective on the table look "baskets" of tomatoes. Pardajadz rashaladiti well in the fridge. Then rounded up the part with a sharp knife incise broad "handle", and around and inside out environment. In this oblikobane baskets can be placed a little Russian salad, some boiled vegetables, asparagus ham roll or say.

Only a little tomato baked in the oven is a great addition to steak or obarenoj peas. Meat or beans to put in the middle of the plate, and around over lettuce leaves align propečen tomatoes.

Instead of lettuce between the tomato can be placed bouquets kovrdžavog parsley.
Vegetables can be served in a shallow bowl with fire, so to rotate peas, cooked carrots balls, then rice, spinach, potatoes etc fine.

Take care that vegetables should be cooked in a preheated pan, pour butter and heated it up to hold serve warm.

To acquire the skill of serving not have to wait a very solemn occasion, but you do whenever you have the time, so it will become a habit and will not require any special effort.

HOW greet guests in the house

Modern means of communication, radio and television, theaters, cinemas and other cultural and artistic events, have greatly contributed to the fact that the faster pace of life, and that relatives and friends have less and less time for going out and socializing. As much as the current way of life took the old habits and customs of our Balkan region, in which people were living slower, idiličnije and "longer" than in most of Europe and the West, it is our hospitable people kept a lot of their ancestors.

As for the habits and customs when it comes to food and eating, and it is our people inherited from their ancestors epithet gourmet. These ancient traditions that remain, and new ones brought different way of life, time is accepted, mixed and modified, so that today's generation to adopt all the time and now are on their way.

It is understood that these "new" rules and customs are present in everyday life, including family, as well as opportunities when they come home to our family more or less important guests. On how to deal in such situations, ingenuity and skill, we will try to briefly discussed in the present and help you to cope and be good hosts.

Arrival of guests

To the extent that customers can be divided into important and less important, and then we determine the criteria for it. The group, which will be classified depending on the length of acquaintance, friendship, and the like. Proceeds them spontaneously, directly, without mannerism and artificiality, means we will be natural. Not what our guests have come, already know. If someone comes unannounced, in this case the hostess should not "lost his head", and to be nervous, but calm.

If according to this criterion guests designates "less important" meal it should be a little more formal than regular meal with the family, but the ceremony must not exaggerate, because the "less important" guests consider close friends, that is. that they almost can not be separated from family members.

For such a closely guests unnecessary to hire a special person who would be responsible for serving guests.On this occasion we will be on your own, it all flows nicely and, at the same time that the entire course of the meal gets festive tone.

In such cases, we will first prepare two small tables, possibly mobile, one will be at your fingertips homemaker and it is: spare clean plates and cutlery, cup full of sliced ​​bread or biscuits, oil, a jug of water, etc. ., and the other will be near home. His duty will be to the appetizer table supply, drinking cups, drinks (beer, wine, water, acid, ashtray, cigarettes) and the regular guests to pour drinks, so that the glass will always be 2/3 liquid.

All invited guests will certainly come at the same time, so we'll pending the others present serve an appetizer and a drink we serve, peanuts, almonds, some of the bars of salt, olives and the like.

Table with aperitifs and appetizers (everything from food which is served with a cocktail called the appetizers, such as hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, bars, etc..) Will be set up in the living room, but somewhere from the end, so do not bother communicating.

As guests arrive offer them an aperitif and appetizers, but quietly because we can become boring. Aperitif never served at the table where they will be dine.

After refreshments aperitif that will offer twice, host home (in his absence, it will make a housewife) invites guests to take a seat at the table for a common housewife who has already submitted an appetizer or soup.The hostess will serve guests from his seat, not moving to, and will eventually serve themselves.

After all it is (on a small coffee table) on hand will not do much to stand up from the table and be absent.Please note that we will welcome you and serve this intimate friends, those who are separated from family members.


The term official figures mean that customers know enough, but they appreciate and respect to the extent that we care about them as a better welcome, receive, welcome and see off.

Because of this, the duty and obligation housewives begin immediately after setting the date and time of your arrival. When calling the guest hostess needs to make sure that they are similar age, similar intellectual capacity, equal education, ie. to share some common ground. This is because in order to avoid unpleasant tension that is often poorly composed companion society.

If the guests do not know each other among themselves, it is up to them housewives spontaneously and unobtrusively introduce and bring in some of the pleasant topic of conversation.

Housewife can not be forced and intrusive in the offering, insisting that serve at all costs and if the customer does not want. Customers may not notice that the hostess sleep, nervous, exhausted and that their arrival brought unrest and resentment in her home. Wishes hostess should never be greater than the reality. For lunch or dinner, guests can be invited in writing, orally or by telephone. For first-time visitors to come to our home, we need to talk first obtain the consent of the arrival and the times, and then notify them of business card or short letter, which will serve as a reminder for coming.

Arranging TABLE

On festive Obed special attention is paid to the serving table and looks. Do not think only the precious and luxurious fixtures, but the taste and the creation of enabling that even with modest means and to create genuine and friendly atmosphere.

On the table lies a tablecloth, white or pastel colors in one. If facilities are available, and guests are so important, then the hostess for the occasion out of the closet embroidered tablecloth (if any), the more interesting it would be like to be covered with white tablecloth lace tablecloth, and it is served lunch.

Tablecloth has to fall on either side of the table by 30 cm. Or a few inches to the seat of the chair. Instead of tablecloths recently used and sets, which are made of linen and decorated with various folk motifs. They come in various shapes and colors, and placed in front of each guest. These sets are very grateful for the use of interesting and decorative work.

When we are properly covered table, then we draw the chair and make sure that the distance from one to the other guest is enough, because this is of great importance to their mood and the possibility of serving.Guest should have enough space to be able to put both elbows on the table, without having to touch the guests themselves.

When we arrange the chairs properly, ie. also determine the number of seats at the table, and ensure sufficient space between the guests, then we will put the appropriate plate against each bowel movement.We will remove the chairs away from the table that we would not mind serving time for.

Appearance serviranog table depends largely on the quality flatware service, glass, porcelain, silver bowls and anything else that comes to the table and around the table, ie. everything in sight yet.

With a lot of knowledge, skill and imagination, can be properly, decently, and even enviable serving and garnish as well as daily inventory. It is essential that we perform the flower arrangement on the table. It has to be low. Should not bother the guests, that they obscure views to be higher than the glass on the table and inventory. You must carefully choose the flowers for table arrangements. The one with the big flowers, with large leaves, with long handles Docu not considered because its purpose is for other arrangements. Nice and properly shaped flower pots (flower arrangement) will be placed in the middle of the table, ie. in front of the host and hostess of the main guests.

For arranging flowers to be used "sponge" that can get wet with water and it is easy to sticking flowers and so we get the desired shape stone planters. Thus formed flower pots of fresh flowers will last us ten days because the food is absorbed by the water "sponge".
Selection of dishes - ITEM

For this solemn occasion hostess should enlist someone to help in the kitchen and in serving dishes.

From the menu that we have prepared for a certain meal depends on the inventory that we prepare and serve.

In setting menu for a particular meal must be guided by the following rules and laws of hospitality.

For lunch we always plan a soup or stew, and for dinner very rare and if it will be easier to predict soups such as konsomen, broth, Marmita you some light pottage.

When calling have yet to discreetly find out if any of the guests suffering from an illness, which require the application of the child, which will be considered in preparing menus for invited guests. You should also find out whether any of those called allergic to some herbs or some foods, which are also not going to put on the menu for the occasion. You should also find out whether some of the invited guests the day of the planned lunch - dinner coincides with some important dates in his life (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.), it will mark a special care.

For dinner we will never serve pasta dishes, as well as fatty foods. Will avoid deer, red wine, and all the dishes in which a pulp, which means that they are difficult to digest. This is due to our dream was nicer and easier night. We will never in a single meal, and repeat the same two similar dishes, two of the same flesh, the same salads, vegetables, etc. the same. I never soups or stews later we will serve stewed dish.

If the housekeeper does not know the tastes and desires of invited guests, not to experiment with some untested recipes dishes, but this must be kept trusted classic recipes.

So, when we are properly, with a lot of attention to select the menu, we'll move to the serving table.


If we say that we covered that already put a shallow dish of flowers and flower boxes, and we anticipate a menu appetizer, then we'll put in a shallow plate of a paper napkin, a small plate over it for a cold appetizer.If we start lunch with soup or soup then we put a plate over the deep core shallow dish, that is. instead of a small plate of appetizers. If we serve the fish, then we serve it for more shallow dish. A shallow dish that is served as a backing plate intended for soup or broth and serve the area to serve the main course.

We serve the bread baskets, and the house will be put on a small plate on the left side where the guest can delay a slice of bread. If we anticipate cake, we will use the whole, so that our customers will come off as necessary, and also postpone the small plate on the left side at the top of the fork.

Also on the left side below the saucer for bread, served by a small plate of salad. Cloth napkins, beautifully polished, will be placed on the top plate in front of the guest. Guest will be the bottleneck and put the wing.

On the left side of the main dishes will be served a large fork with tines facing up, and the right to eat a large knife with the blade facing the plate. On the right side of the blade is placed spoon for soup or stew.

Accessories for cakes placed on the table along with a small dish, when it comes time to serve the cake.

A glass of water will be set up at the top of the knife to her, the largest white, and next to it a glass of red wine. What should I ask for two sets of salt and pepper and flower boxes on either side at a time. Toothpicks are presented on the table when you serve the main course.

Ashtray is put on the table when one of the guests lit a cigarette.

We can not leave it to chance that guests will be allocated and who will sit where. To avoid confusion and commotion is best to make arrangement in advance who will sit where. On a piece of paper ispisaćemo name of each guest and we will put in front of a glass or been served on a napkin that. the central plate.

Adequate appreciation of wine by

Predicted menus

According to a particular menu and wine will choose. Deciding the wines we make sure that wine goes with what dish. When we know that snatch with white meat and red wine go, and to go with the black meat white wine.

The white meat include cold dishes and snacks, fish, crabs, snails, clams, chicken and cheese, etc.. The white meat included all types of game, pork, beef and all fatty foods.

Wines have properly cooled, in order to achieve the desired effect. On this occasion, we should know that drinking chilled white wine at a temperature of 8-10 °, pink wine at a temperature of 10 - 12 °, and red wines at room temperature of 16 - 18 ° until the champagne and sparkling wine drink the coldest of 4 - 6 °.

High quality and famous white wines are not cooled in advance but are frapiraju. Frapiranje the rapid cooling of wine, so that wine does not lose to their properties and flavor.


At the time of receipt of such a ceremony, lunch or dinner, light and lighting, whether natural or artificial, are playing an important role in creating the atmosphere during the meal.

At lunchtime, when natural light reaches across the table at which he served lunch, then we'll pull the curtains or lower the blinds, or if it is during the day so many clouds that are uncomfortable to sit, then we'll turn on the lights discreet.

If it comes to dinner, it is recommended that a more powerful lights are on at the time of your arrival refreshments and aperitifs, because customers will see better with each other. This is all the more desirable it is certain that most of the guests and inadequate knowledge. This light is also important to toilets, jewelry and hairstyles seen better, since we know that women love to be noticed, and that will better enable stronger light.

SCHEDULE guest at the table

On the table will be arranged in the chandeliers, the use of orange, or in some original way, a few decorative candles. After refreshments aperitifs with legs, the host will invite guests to take a seat. On the table will have been lighted candles sheathed in plain water or acidic, and served bread, corn bread, cake, bread or toast. When guests sit down will start serving dinner, and we will reduce the light-throttle.

Housewife takes first place in the middle of the long side of the table (if the table in a line), across from her place is reserved for the host. Right from the housekeeper shall sit oldest and most honored guest. From the host's right, we sit down and oldest honorable guest. The hosts left side is reserved for another guest was by seniority, and so on according to the number of guests. The youngest is usually determined at the end of the table.

When assigning ratings to ensure that married couples are not together, nor that women are singled out and that all sit next to each other, of their own choosing. In this case, the men not to remain a second choice.

Serving the customer

Serving begins with servirka approached from the left, offering the bowl as close to eating a plate on which the guest fork and spoons that will be used by. Take away food as they want, and what part they want. This is how we serve every meal, offering him twice. Serving schedule is as follows: a bowl of food to serve prinećemo first guest who sits at the right stop and then host it on the left side of the host, then serve all the guests in turn, and at the end of the hostess.

According to the same schedule and the same way we will use all the guests who sat on the opposite side of the host.

If two people are served, then served with both sides starting at the same time.

Food is served from the left and the right drink. In the same way, and the same sequence is performed deserviranje (disposal of used inventory).

Immediately after serving appetizers provided poured the wine and 2/3 cup.

After changing landscape of serving plate, and if the customer is finished eating we'll know Deferred utensils. When the customer is finished eating, utensils (knife and fork) postpone parallel.

When you serve the main course, I'll be pouring red wine by 2/3 cup capacity. A glass of white wine is not poured deservira but still white wine. If the guest chooses to drink white wine all the time his habit to follow.

If on this occasion as envisaged medjujelo cheese, then we serve it in the following way:

On a larger kitchen board, in larger pieces comparing several types of cheese, and we will put a kitchen knife in the middle of the table. So each guest to cut the cheese they want, and what kind of wants. Sir will put in a small dish that we served in front of each guest with a small knife for spreading.

Before serving candy to raise increasingly unnecessary, and that is: a small plate of cheese with a knife, a plate of bread and place in front of each guest to clean the crumbs and scraps of food. Then each guest put a small plate of cookies and cakes accessories, depending on what we predicted from the cake to serve for this purpose.

If the hostess planned to serve guests and fruit, then this will be right after the cake. For each guest should be served with a small plate with a knife for cutting fruit and a bowl that will be served to the right side of the saucer fruit. This bowl will be poured 2/3 water with added lemon slices, and serve to wash away eventually if the fingers when taking fruit ulepio.

By the end of lunch, the first guest gets up from the table and with a guest on his right hand, and for them and the other guests, and transform into another room where he will serve coffee, liquor, and some of the best cognac.


If the hostess to celebrate a more important date, many invited guests, it is quite clear that they will not be able to serve a meal at the table, because in my house there are not enough places to serve. In this case, it is best to opt for hot and cold snacks, which will be used for smaller tables that will be more convenient for the guests and the hostess.

In this variant, the place is not determined in advance but each guest at their discretion chooses place.

The larger table be covered with a long tablecloth, place it in the middle of the room and everything in it arrange the serving bowl with the cold that we envisage for this opportunity.

For this occasion we can not predict a variety of fish, roasts, cheese, ham, bacon, egg dishes (cold), cold appetizers, snacks, salads and the like. The central part of the table rezervisaćemo for larger cakes and small cakes.

All of these dishes should be as beautiful and tasty arranged. Several small tables will spread in the same room (and take care not to endanger the communication around the main table) and put them: dinner plate, fork, knife, salt shaker, paper napkins, vases of flowers.

On these tables is that instead of rewarding cloths are sets. Glasses and drink will be on a separate table, and the guests serve themselves at will.

After being selected by their place, he will take a plate and serve the dish as many times as wanted.

Some time later, when the guests are served a cold meal, a person in charge of the central branch will present all that provided hot meals. They'll take into account that the half-empty bowl relations with the central table and replaces them full.

It will also replace dirty plates away to clean.

This variant is very grateful and happy to accept guests a variety of reasons: you are served and how much they take enough of the foods you want, communicate, get acquainted with the other guests, all the while on the go, a housewife has more time to give attention to a number of guests.


Around servings children need to borrow an adult who has a thing for it. It will help the children with some refreshments while the more complicated it will be easier, simpler, let them.

At every opportunity, we will serve the children specifically for the shared table was that one of them celebrating a birthday, or have parents or relatives come as guests for lunch or dinner. Children when they are separated, it will have a better appetite and will be spared the various objections, which for this purpose should be excluded. When it comes to the birthday celebrant to tell parents how comrades planned to call.

On the shared table should be set at a small plate with a napkin papirantom right of the cup of tea with a saucer and spoon.

Birthday cake symbolizes the best this holiday, which means that it should be beautiful and good.

On the edge of the cake to be stuck as many candles as birthday celebrant full year. When inflammation candles, incense is the birthday cake that goes out the candles and then adult help when serving guests cake.

On birthdays, besides the cake, they are first used various sandwiches, patties, hot dogs in the test, small cakes, cookies, biscuits, pretzels and rolls, etc. filovene., And free drinks variety of juices, tea, milk, white coffee, so and chocolate. On each paper napkin to skillfully draw: according to some lovely flower or animal. More mature children to record the date and the name of her guests, and the little things will remain as beautiful memories.

Cutlery, crockery and other utensils used for food preparation time are stains or darkens, and must be well cleaned and washed.

Sometimes it is necessary to apply a less common procedure. It is recommended that you put it in a deeper pan, pour water to wallow in the water pouring dish soap. Allow to boil water, leave it supplies about ten minutes, and then rub a piece-by-piece sharp side dish washing sponge and rinse with warm water. Obrišitite with clean linen or linen cloth, and will again shine as new.

Important note: do not boiled cutlery with plastic handle, no matter how resistant plastic. The kit will best clean sponge with rubbing a little toothpaste or rubbing the inner part squeezed lemon peel. In both cases it is necessary to immediately after cleaning utensils thoroughly rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Silverware tarnishes over time even if you do not use it, just from standing. In this case, you can Scrub cloth soaked sour cream, then rinse thoroughly, remove and clean ironed with a dry cloth.

Large steel kitchen knife easiest way to clean the stain if it Scrub cork stopper who have rained vinegar and sprinkled with salt.

The metal plane should always be washed immediately after use. If you failed to do so, so they taped the holes in the dried remains of food, place the grater in warm water with detergent to sit for ten minutes. Then a wooden toothpick or a pointed palidrvcetom remove food residue from the hole, and used a stiff brush and scrub.

Wooden panels and ladle should never keep a long submerged in water. It is best to wash immediately after use and dry. However, if you are still hooked odors or too dark stains, scrub them with a brush sharp zamočenom in a mixture of salt and vinegar, and then rinse with warm water. If necessary, this process can repeat two or three times, until you are satisfied with the result. Occasionally, but not often, wooden panels and ladle can drop into boiling water with detergent for dishes, cook a minute or two and rinse immediately with warm water and pat dry.

Plastic containers and extractors are very practical, but they may eventually get hooked stains and odors.They should be washed immediately after use, but if you failed to do this, sometimes you can spray the outside and the inside of the oven cleaner and leave to act ten minutes. Then scrub with a sponge or stiff brush and rinse well.

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