Sunday, December 23, 2012

Honey and weight loss

Honey melting excess weight

It sounds incredible, but it really is true that honey can help people with overweight to lean on the safe way to health. All previous efforts to develop science preparation that will enable people who are overweight skinny on the correct way health failed. Liposuction as an increasingly popular surgical method has shown its shortcomings.

Patients who have undergone liposuction are three times more likely to return if the pounds do not adhere to proper diet, and four times more likely to regain weight without regular exercise, according to Dr.. Rod Röhrich in a study published in the Journal of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons in December 2004.

Early last year, several affirmative articles in the British press provoked virtually empty shelves in stores with honey, especially in Scotland. Specifically, there is a story that came to being overweight can easily master the simple process: eating bee honey just before bedtime!

Hibernation diet

Finally, in January 2006. The authors of this concept (Mike McInnes, Stuart McInnes) published a book with a detailed explanation of the whole idea titled hibernation diet (The Hibernation Diet).

You must be wondering how this is possible when the common knowledge that honey is high-energy foods.That is correct. But the Nutella and high-energy food, and none of it has not lost weight. The difference is simple: honey is a natural product, and the nature of each predicted illnesses and medication. The only question is whether he recognized the man in the right way.

Authors child long worked on optimizing sports nutrition. Their research and experience have resulted in a recommendation that athletes take honey before bed to recover their body from excessive physical effort went in the best way. The response was fantastic athletes, because they noticed great results (increased endurance). From famous athletes practice this diet cyclist Chris Hoy who is in Athens, won the gold medal and champion boxer Alex Arthur.

As all perfect and ingenious solutions of large problems, and the explanation for this effect is simple. Honey contains a high percentage of fructose. Ratio of glucose and fructose in honey is approximately 1:1. A similar relationship is found in fruits, but the fruits contain far less. Honey is therefore more appropriate, since the same effect is achieved by eating small amounts of honey, just a teaspoon or a tablespoon at bedtime. When a man enters a large amount of fructose, it goes to the liver and not in the muscles, and there is a longer process through into glucose. Only a liver enzyme system that can process fructose. In the liver, fructose is converted into glycogen. Because it does not pass through the liver and does not enter the systemic circulation. From glycogen can create and release glucose into the bloodstream when blood sugar (glucose) levels fall.

But, this story does not end with fructose. On the contrary. Fructose in the liver activates an enzyme that enables it to adopt a much more glucose than it needs. This incredible trick by which fructose enters the liver and opens the door to glucose-fructose authors named Paradox. The entry of large amounts of glucose in the liver prevents sudden increase in blood glucose levels. In other words, fructose practical way of acting, its effect on reducing blood glucose levels and can be called his controller.

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