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Honey and Health

Honey is a sweet addition to nutrition, easy to digest is ideal for combating cough and cold autumn and is a great addition to beauty treatments.

This sweet foods sure to place it in a drawer or on a kitchen shelf. If you start day with a glass of warm water in which you dissolve a spoonful of honey and a little lemon sure you're a great source of energy.

This healthy food is an excellent substitute for sugar in drinks like tea or warm milk, and is ideal Morning snack with a slice of bread or toast.

Honey has antibacterial properties and improves the digestive system, and is effective in preventing the tumor.
With the arrival of autumn, the season begins and cold and cough is becoming commonplace. I dripped a few drops of ginger juice to a teaspoon of honey will cure the infection successfully grla.Antibakterijska properties of honey also prevents the growth of bacteria and prevent infection. Honey also speeds up the healing and soothes inflammation, reduces swelling and pain, and even scarring.

Types of honey

Depending on the composition of bee honey and pasture plants, there are several types of honey. All honey is good for certain ailments. If we can not provide the desired honey, is good and regular, amalgamated, but on condition that the natural-bee.

Sunflower honey

Sunflower honey is highly ranked in the world. Only pure honeydew and some special types of homogeneous honeys in front of him. The reason for this is the extremely high concentration of flower pollen and some minerals dissolved in sunflower honey. Its color ranges from yellow to orange. Has a pleasant taste. For us, this type of honey is not valued for its ability to quickly ušećeri. Rarely, it remains in a liquid state for more than forty days. Although it is better to eat candied honey, because then more time in the mouth, the fact that we change our habits die hard and that offer this type of honey in our area is relatively large, have led to the sunflower honey, absolutely unfair, pushed behind some real lower quality honeys.

Acacia honey

Pure natural honey locust tree is made entirely of black locust flower nectar. This honey is prized in Europe because of its mild flavor and golden color. Because of its properties that are very slow ušećeri, great for those with food guides that require it in liquid form.
Acacia honey is clean, smooth and very light honey and is therefore ideal for children, but not younger than 12 months. Once in the mouth, feeling his sweet taste of white acacia flowers.

Wild flower honey

Wild flower honey is rich and pleasant taste, and can be lighter and brighter. It is especially recommended for people who are prone to pollen allergies. This honey is produced from a variety of meadow flowers and shrubbery plants. On the strength of various components of a positive influence on children's development, the elderly and those in need of rest and extra energy. The specific structure of plant species, especially mountain, make a distinctive honey.

Linden honey

Linden honey is clear, almost transparent, comfortable, strong odor and pungent. Consumption of linden honey brings relief for colds, digestive inflammation and respiratory organs, and some kidney diseases.Immense significance in harmful substances expelled from the body as it stimulates metabolism. Lime-honey soothes cramps and applied against kidney disease. Against colds, helps iskašljavanu. However one must take into account that the honey lime must not be given to people suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


Honey from rapeseed is one of cenjenijih honeys in the world. He is known that the bees in the pasture experiencing incredible growth. It is true that at the time of flowering rapeseed colonies on the rise but that does not diminish the quality of this honey. It is very rich in minerals and pollen.
This honey crystallizes very quickly, but a few days after the honey extraction. Unlike sunflower honey that crystallizes in large crystals, honey rapeseed has a very fine small crystals, so reminiscent of the fat.Because of these properties are used in many cosmetics mednoj in the preparation of various creams made from honey.

Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is dark, and the dark color of it varies depending on the area or year, the distinctive flavor and very distinctive, slightly bitter taste. Strength of its distinctive characteristics favorable impact on overall digestive system. Stimulates the intestines, facilitating the work of congested liver and bile and protects gastric and intestinal mucosa. Recommended for diseases of the digestive organs: stomach, gall bladder, liver and intestines palačnog twelfth. This honey has an extraordinary effect in recovery from jaundice. Recommended to take tea with chamomile, rosehip and thyme. Tea with chestnut honey should be taken several times a day and one to two hours after eating.

Clover honey

The basis of this honey is the nectar of succulent plants, primarily in the clover, which is sown for fodder.Therefore, honey is mild, clear and almost colorless. It smells like hay and is sturdy. It slade residents of the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Toxic honey

Toxic honey contains otrivnu acetilandromedol matter, which displaced persons located in the nectar and pollen of rhododendrons, azaleas, andromeda and tripetalije (same message. Ericeaceae), as well as other species. Causes headache, dizziness, difficulty breathing, vomiting, etc.., And therefore can be called a "drunk honey." For the bees are not always harmful. The case of mass poisoning honey, which is described by the ancient Greek writer Xenophon general and then in Colchis (present-day maritime regions of Georgia). The soldiers who had eaten honey manifested signs of severe poisoning, which were passed after 3-4 days, but some soldiers died. There is information honey poisoning in the USSR, Japan, USA and England. In Bulgaria, they were determined slu269; bearings poor honey poisoning in Strandja. In case of poisoning Yugoslavia honey are not precisely defined, but in the earlier literature are mentioned. However, of all the plants that you're toxic to animals and humans and can not get poisoned honey.
Toxic substances in honey are volatile, stored for long periods in open courts (covered with only gauze) in normal conditions, they gradually disappear. Toxic honey can be done more quickly usable by postipku - zagrvanjem at 46 º Fahrenheit at lower air pressure in the vacuum.

Sage honey
Extraordinary uses for dry coughs and colds, and facilitates the expulsion of mucus from the trachea and bronchi.

Honeydew - Forest Honey

Honeydew or honey dew is sweet substance that occurs periodically, at certain time intervals, individual leaves of evergreen and deciduous trees, usually on the list of pine, fir, spruce, willow, oak, chestnut and others.
Some authors argue that there is honeydew plant and animal origin. However, many years of research by some foreign experts could not determine the plant tissues secrete honeydew.
Honeydew produced some insects, mostly aphids. They list their RILIĆ drilled to penetrate and Pure parts through which pressurized circulating in leaf plants. But other insects that feed by sucking sap from sweet listiva and other parts of some plants. These juices aphids in some way processed in honeydew, and sucrose influence of aphids from plant juice is converted mainly in the grape and fruit and other higher forms of sugar, and in this way creates the bees to produce Honeydew, or, as more called, forest honey or defect.
How will the honeydew on the leaves appear, depends almost exclusively on the climatic conditions that affect the development of insects, plants assimilate processed in the honeydew. Depending on the plant, godišjeg seasons, weather conditions and the type of insect honeydew becomes different in their characteristics and sasravu. If, for example, fall hot and dry, winters mild and early spring appearances, then one can expect a lot of honeydew, and vice versa.
Bees gather honeydew happy with leaves, is related to the hive and from it prepared honeydew.
Honeydew varies according to the characteristics and chemical composition of honey comes from nectar collected from flowers honey plants. Contains considerably more minerals. The honeydew and floral honey, distinguished by the quality, color, taste, time, etc. crystallization., Which depends primarily on the type of tree from which collects honeydew and insect species that is produced.
Due to the small amount of water and large amounts of resin, mucilage and other substances in the colloidal (dextrins, proteins, etc.). Honeydew density is more viscous and harder to centrifuguje. It is usually dark (amber, dark brown to black) color, but may be lighter or with green sauce. Some types of Honeydew (eg with oak leaves) remains in a liquid state and ekoliko years, while others, Quick crystallize even more in the honeycomb cells, forming Gus, fine-ground-like paws (eg os fir) or large crystals that are deposited and above them remains liquid part (eg with lime leaves and larch). Honeydew from willow leaves sometimes crystallizes in the form of dry whitish powder or fine sand, which can be visited and fall under the hive.
Honeydew is great for human consumption, is respected and has a good price on the domestic and international markets. The only flaw is that it is not suitable as food for wintering bees. It contains significant amounts of fermentable matter, and since winter bees can not fly into the regular treatment, it is indigestible substances accumulate in the digestive tract of worker bees, which leads to disease and diarrhea. In more severe cases may die a number of worker bees, and even can lead to death of the entire colony.


Bee products natural remedy for all problems

A list of ailments that honey and bee products effectively treat very long. I always apply a single rule, that honey and its products are not immediately swallow

Honey and bee products effectively treat and relieve various discomforts

LIST ailments that honey and bee products effectively treat and soothe, it is extremely long. I always apply a single rule, that honey and its products are not swallowing immediately after placed in the mouth, but gradually dissolve in the mouth or drink dissolved in hot water, tea or milk, be sure to use a wooden or plastic spoon.

Tonsillitis, inflammation of the mouth and gums

Take a teaspoon of honey every three hours in the supine position otapajte it slowly in the mouth. For these purposes can serve comb honey or honey with wax caps, which should chew more times during the day.Effectively and gargle and drinking half a glass of propolis in water which was added 15 to 20 drops of 20-percentage alcohol solution. It is desirable that the chews clean propolis, whenever the opportunity arises.

Heart arrhythmias, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis

To be taken three times a day before meals tablespoon of honey dissolved in warm water or tea. It can be taken, too, three times daily scoop mixture of honey, pollen and royal jelly to dissolve slowly in the mouth.

Inflammation and hypertrophy (enlargement) of the prostate

Taken three to four times daily teaspoon of honey and pollen mixed with 20 drops of 20-percentage alcohol solution of propolis. Or, scoop pollen razmućenog in warm water, or a mixture of honey and pollen in a glass of warm water, once or twice a day.

Acne, eczema, fungal skin diseases

Honey mask used 60 minutes a day 15 days in a row, and it can and 20-percent alcoholic solution of propolis that is placed on locally altered skin sites. Recommended taking one spoonful of honey three times a day before meals. Affected area of ​​the skin can smear and propolis ointment.

PMS symptoms

Three times a day, one hour before a meal, take a teaspoon of mixture of honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis extract and honey in the comb. Before you swallow, mixture should be kept in the mouth until dissolved.

Weakness, anemia, loss of appetite

Before meals three times a day to take one teaspoon of preparations consisting of honey, pollen and royal jelly. Also, three times a day can be consumed and a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and green walnut fruits.

Nervous tension and psychological trauma

Several times before food is taken tablespoon of honey, dissolved in hot water, tea or milk. Or, also, three times a day, one hour before a meal, take a teaspoon of pollen razmućenog in warm water or tea. Or, three times daily scoop mixture of honey, pollen and royal jelly.


Rheumatic diseases, sciatica or inflammation of the joints, are also effective coating of bee products. Lining makes wax and propolis pure commensurate four to one. The dish, placed on local sore.

A better life with a teaspoon of honey

You will remember your mom when you were a child giving honey every morning. Thanks to this "medicine", you must have been healthy all winter ...

If you want to have healthy teeth and strong gums, teeth, wash two to three times a day, clean the silk thread between your teeth and go to the dentist regularly to control. Oral hygiene is very important because bacteria can cause cavities, gingivitis and bad breath. Against their reproduction help some natural ingredients.

For instance, anti-caries preventive effect cure of a horsetail. Wash your teeth twice a day with a mixture of 1 g of herbal powder and half a teaspoon of honey. If you mix a teaspoon of honey with lemon, you will receive an excellent syrup for treating throat and cough.

The benefits of honey are well known since ancient times. Did you know that honey protects against bacterial infections, "cured" of urinary symptoms and reduces levels of bad cholesterol?

• Eating honey strengthens the white blood cells and stimulates the fight against viral infections, as well as against bacterial diseases.
• Honey mixed with cinnamon is used in the treatment of urinary tract infections.
• Two tablespoons of cinnamon and honey mixed in a glass of water encourages the destruction of microbes present in the bladder.
• One of the most common ingredients in traditional medicine, honey is a natural cough syrup. Thus, for example, a mixture of a teaspoon of honey and lemon can be used in the treatment of sore throat or a tranquilizer strong, persistent cough.
• Honey is also used to reduce stomach acid in the treatment of ulcers.

If you drink tea enriched with three teaspoons of cinnamon and two of honey in your body will now reduce cholesterol levels, and by 10 percent in a few hours. If you mix a teaspoon of honey, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon can significantly shorten the duration of colds classical and clear the sinuses.

Royal jelly and bee pollen

Royal jelly is a thick mass of white to pale yellow color. It has the characteristic flavor and crisp and slightly tart sweet taste.

Royal jelly is a secretion from glands located on top of the head of young bees. The amount of royal jelly components varies in a rather wide range. It was noted that Royal jelly is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, vitamins B, C, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, inositol and folic acid. It contains remarkable amounts of proteins, lipids, glucides, hormones, enzymes, minerals, and specific vital factors that act as biocatalysts in cell regeneration processes within the human body.

Although some of the elements found in royal jelly are in microgram quantities, they still can act supremely with co-enzymes as catalysts or can act synergistically.

Royal jelly is showing healing and gives positive effects of influenza and other viral infections, increases immunity, reduces symptoms in chemotherapy, accelerates the healing and rebuilding of bone after fracture or injury, reduces inflammation and pain in the joints in arthritis, helps with dementia and neurosis, held hormonal balance, regulating the lack of sexual energy, prevents infection of male and female sexual organs, affects the normalization of blood pressure and reduce blood fat levels.

Royal jelly participate in the regeneration of pancreatic cells and has a positive effect on lowering blood sugar levels. It helps in strengthening the hair roots, improve muscle tone and appearance of skin and nails.

Bee pollen (pollen) is one of the richest natural source of nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals needed in any stage of life. Pollen is the carrier of the genetic features of the plant and therefore contains all the nutrients necessary ingredients for the creation and development of new life.

Pollen is the main source of vitamins (especially E and B group), minerals, lipids and proteins in honey bee colonies, and also contains enzymes and co-enzymes, polyphenols, nucleic acids, hormones, and other substances.

Pollen protects the liver, heart, brain and adrenal gland of free radicals and raise antioxidant defense.Improves nutrition of the uterus without harmful effects on the fetus, and the fetus results in increased weight and hemoglobin levels, total protein, albumin, and serum iron. Thanks to the content of vegetable matter (phytosterols) that have hormonal effects, positive effect on sex glands in males (increases potency and sperm count) and women (relieves menstrual and menopausal symptoms).

Pollen improves the immune system. Beneficial effect in chronic constipation (constipation) and constant diarrhea (colitis), probably due to antibiotic activity of intestinal bacteria, particularly gram-negative.Reduces the level of increased triglycerides, cholesterol and uric acid in the blood.

Application of pollen from the hive, or as an additional sustaining therapy has shown good effect in depression, neurasthenia (fatigue, decreased vitality, lethargy, a feeling of permanent fatigue and exhaustion, low life tonus) and alcoholism (decrease withdrawal syndrome).

Fresh and fermented pollen improves health status in chronic inflammation of the liver. Pollen from the honey comb involved in the beneficial effect on hypochromic anemia. Prevents prostate problems, especially in chronic prostatitis.

And royal jelly and pollen used as a dietary supplement. Proper nutrition means these two products.

Royal jelly has in recent years entered a very wide range of applications, but most people do not have enough real information on how to use it and that all its positive effects on human health.

If you turn off into the markets for beekeeping, you'll notice that the majority of beekeepers has propolis, honey, pollen, beeswax, but who rarely has a beekeeper and jelly. Why? Because modern beekeepers know that today is remarkable biological properties of royal jelly can not keep out of the hive for more than seventy hours. Jelly destroying light, high temperatures and long standing. It is therefore understandable that his survival in honey is not safe and that the purchase of such mixtures only get a little more valuable version of honey, but not authentic jelly.

Wealth biostimulators

If the jelly kept in alcohol or frozen, that's not the safest way, because we are so subtle they are losing all of his lavish biostimulators composition. Of course the best fresh bread, but preserved the same value and stimulative properties of royal jelly, which has just undergone a process of freeze-drying, or process in which water is removed from it, and thus isolate the dry part in what are the most valuable ingredients.

- Seventy percent of jelly is water, and 30 percent of the dry residue. The dry residue of royal jelly contains almost all vitamins, minerals, and hormonal biostimulators components are complete biological counterparts to human hormones, then gammaglobulins, acetylcholine, proteins - all essential and non-essential amino acids (29), essential fatty acids, sugar and many other useful biostimulators. To preserve this treasure of royal jelly, it is necessary to draw water from it. This is achieved by freeze-drying at low temperature, in a vacuum, after which we are left remains dry, powdery, powdery form. E of this form may take a few years - explains Dr. Mirjana Jovanovic, a specialist in microbiology and parasitology and associate company "Protehna" which deals with the distribution of bee products.
She points out that the resulting jelly, packed in capsules or effervescent tablets, has preserved all active biosupstance that have multiple benefits for our health and nutrition.

Good after menopause

Royal jelly regulates and improves immunity, circulation and physical energy, revitalizes, improves mental and regenerative functions of the organism and its cleaning. First * n * primarily operates in the prevention of acute and chronic diseases.

- Due to the presence of estrogen, jelly and can relieve symptoms that occur during menopause: weakness, sweating, mood swings. In a similar way, regular consumption of royal jelly can be reduced adolescent disorders for which there is hormonal imbalance in the form of dysmenorrhea or absence of cycles. And with them the jelly directly or indirectly improve hormonal balance and balance - says our interlocutor.

Need a daily dose

Lyophilized royal jelly effervescent tablets can also be combined with vitamin C, iron, zinc, calcium, selenium, magnesium, chromium.
Daily quantities used for preventive purposes should not be larger than 50 to 60 milligrams of lyophilized royal jelly. However, the therapeutic need for royal jelly and go up to several hundred milligrams a day.

- I recommend two ways to use regularly and intensively. Regular, preventive uses include a daily intake of 10, 20, 30 mg. Giving an indication of intense royal jelly may be subacute or chronic viral infections, a chronic degenerative condition such as atherosclerosis, liver or intokcikacija, or an initial cirrhosis or indigestion, a condition of chronic fatigue, neurological problems, conditions after surgery. Then he gives hundreds of milligrams per day as needed to enhance metabolism, recovery and strengthen immunity. Each application is determined individually, as required by the principles of apitherapy, the medical use of bee products. Of course, it should be done in consultation with apitherapist who do have experience - highlights Dr. Jovanovic.

Royal jelly as a first-class adaptogen helps to maintain a good balance in the body, which is disrupted by stress.

- When a man is under stress, it consumes more energy to cope with that, and everything else is suspended, no Bioregeneration. Then there is a larger amount of hormones. As a direct damage beyond that we have low immunity. By entering the royal jelly increases one life, anti-stress and antioxidant capacity - concluded Dr. Jovanovic.

Allergies rarity
Describes the extremely rare allergy to royal jelly.
- However, there should be a parallel between allergy to bee products, including bread, just because of violent reaction to a bee sting. Even allergies to pollen and propolis may be less intense than the native pollen, and most are local skin reactions. Any allergy should be tested and certified. As an immunostimulant and immunomodulator, jelly, affirming, and is often used as a concealer and desensitizer when the body has an allergic reaction overemphasized or inclination - says Mirjana Jovanovic.

Jelly - medicine since ancient times


Honey and royal jelly are known for their medicinal ingredients back to ancient times. The latest scientific research confirms that jelly and preparations based jelly favorable effect against many diseases and ailments, while modern medicine has not yet found the right medication for the disease.

Jelly produced salivation honeybees and the main purpose is to nourish bees-queen. Because, among other things, food mtičnim only royal jelly, the queen can be a day to lay about 2500 eggs and her life expectancy is 4 to 5 years, much longer than other bees century.

The ingredients of royal jelly
Scientists have found that tests savremnim royal jelly in a large number of useful and beneficial natural ingredients such as:
antioxidant enzymes
acetylcholine - a neurotransmitter
B complex vitamins
Ten-hydroxy acids decenska
collagen gels
aksorbinske acid compounds
omega fatty acids
pantothenic acid
natural hormones
compounds that act similarly to insulin
There are many positive and beneficial effects of royal jelly that scientists have not yet found the cause, although a favorable effect on the organism.

Healing properties
Jelly raw or processed with modern methods without preservatives and no additives positive effect on the body:
beneficial effect on the skin, against many skin diseases
antibacterial and antiviral
acts as an antioxidant against positive stress
increases the number of red cells in the blood and thus improves blood test
and increases libido in women and men
beneficial effect on male fertility, as it increases the number and motility of sperm
favorably reflected on arthritis
positive effect on diabetes
strengthens the immune system
improves mood and reduces anxiety and distress
applied to the various nerve disorders (multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease)
regulates blood pressure
its natural hormonal effects of increased fertility of women
lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides prevents arteriosclerosis
srečava formation and helps in the treatment of many cancers
stimulate growth and development of children
usporva aging of cells and organisms, and thus extends the life
Honey contains many nutrients and beneficial ingredients and honey and royal jelly to use in diet or taking them everyday at least in small quantities. The pharmacies and the general sales there are many drugs and medicines produced in honey and royal jelly, which only confirms their value.

In some individuals, and certain diseases can happen to honey or jelly have side effects, so before you use should consult your doctor. When using honey and royal jelly have restrictions for children under two years of age. Jelly to buy or franchise stores and pharmacies or from well-known manufacturers and retailers.
Before using products based on royal jelly, be sure to read the instructions to make the best use of the content and avoid some of the negative effects.

Royal jelly - a natural immunostimulant

Due to its favorable effects on the human body, jelly should be taken preventively, and not only when the disease has already occurred.

The arrival of colder days begin to raise questions and immunity, prevent colds and flu? Faced with this question almost daily in pharmacies, where people come to seek any treatment which will help them in the fight against viruses and infections. One of the most famous natural immune stimulators, royal jelly, which has a powerful effect on strengthening the immune system and prevents various diseases. What is his work and where all showed the effectiveness of this najcenjenijeg bee products.
Food for the queen, a drug for humans

Due to the favorable effect on the human body, jelly should be taken preventively, and not only when the disease has already occurred. Of which is made up this nutritional substance that is the subject of researchers all over the world, and only the bees know the true secret origin?

- Royal jelly is a secretion pharyngeal glands of worker bees 8-12 days old. It has bee "milk" for the larvae of bees and food for the queen laying eggs during intense. This is an excellent concentrated nutrients to the mother country to live longer than five years, while the life expectancy of all the crankshaft 2 to 4 meseca.Prema appearance is homogeneous dense, opaque and creamy white to yellowish substance color.The chemical composition is very complex. The basic ingredients are water, proteins, sugars, fats and mineral salts. About 3 percent of its composition has not yet been identified. In nature there is no other source of a substance or it can be manufactured.

Anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibiotic activity

Jelly increase resistance to disease, prevents infection, strength, endurance strengthens the body, good for the venous system, a word has a wide range of activities thanks to its composition.

- Scientists have examined the effects of royal jelly in medicine and cosmetics because it has been observed that the rich biologically active substances with a broad therapeutic effect, which manifests bactericidal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Biological effects of royal jelly in facilitating the health problems of people known for thousands of years in traditional medicine of Eastern cultures. The highest and most successfully used in the treatment of diseases and conditions for which there is damage to the complex mechanisms of regeneration of normal muscle tone and body. Although there is not enough reliable scientific evidence for pharmacological properties of royal jelly, the data so far suggest that the more natural it is harmless stimulant effect, probably via the nervous, hormonal and immune systems, the regenerative mechanisms in the body to maintain health balance. "

The positive effects of royal jelly

Asthma. In several clinical studies have observed a positive effect in asthma as manifested in reducing the number of attacks and considerable improvement of lung function.

Menopausal symptoms. After 15 days of treatment with a mixture of flower pollen and royal jelly in honey, many vegetative and psychological disorders, such as headaches, inability to hold urine (urinary incontinence), vaginal dryness and low vitality, with most treated women disappeared.

Fat in the blood. Reduces "harmful" cholesterol by 14%, and total lipids by 10% compared to the placebo group.

Stimulation of the nervous system. Despite the fact that no reliable scientific evidence, the traditional experience and some experiments suggest that royal jelly stimulates the nervous system and could help improve concentration, memory, perception, motor function, and mental and physical endurance in humans

Immune system. Royal jelly is believed to strengthen the immune system through 10-hidroksidekanoičnoj acid and gamma globulin. Gamma globulin is a decisive factor in fighting inflammation and immune stimulant.

Physical endurance. Knowing that increases physical endurance and reduces fatigue indicates that it should be represented as a dietary supplement for people who do heavy physical work, especially in athletes in the preparation and competition period, not only because of the higher yield, but also faster recovery.

Blood pressure. It is believed that the establishment of a steady state neurovegetative system jelly may help normalize high and low blood pressure.

Thrombosis. Experiments indicate that the jelly may be used in the treatment of thrombosis-related, because it prevents blood clots.

Anemia. Antianemično effect of anemia caused by large amounts of blood loss during delivery was observed in all mothers.

Source: Ž

Superfoods: Bee Products, seagrasses and super-plants

Bee Products

Indians used them for thousands of years, the Egyptians - at least 7500 years ago, the Babylonians knew the healing ...
In the Western world about the benefits of bee products they find "by accident", studying the life of bee-natives in Russia. Their life expectancy was over 100 years old, and they are all consumed every day bee products.

Royal Jelly
Royal jelly, also known as the queen bee products is a complex natural substance that is produced in the glands of honeybees. Bee-nuts are fed almost exclusively the food and live 40 times longer than other bees.
Royal Jelly is a treasure trove of nutrients that includes everything you need for life. This is the best food source of pantothenic acid (which is also known as Vitamin B5). Pantothenic acid effectively prevents stress, fatigue and insomnia and is essential for healthy skin and hair.
Royal jelly is known immunostimulant for all ages, strengthens the nervous system, restores vital energy and gives vitality.

Pollen - or pollen - honeybees collect from plants during flowering. Then the pollen stored in the hive as a source of protein, important vitamins and minerals.
Pollen is the most perfect food, which you can find in nature. Contain 5-7 times more protein than meat.The perfect source of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, K), minerals (contains 28 minerals) and trace minerals. Of the 22 known amino acids, are all found in pollen.
Pollen also contains a number of enzymes and co-enzymes, important for digestion. Such a wealth of nutrients not found in any other product.
Pollen is a natural antidote to allergies, especially pollen fever and sinusitis. Research shows that pollen prevents aging and increases mental and physical fitness of the organism.

Propolis is a resinous substance that forms in processing vegetable juices, which bees collect from various plants. Bees use propolis to the hive hygiene - to defend it from attack intruders, including infections.
Otherwise, bee hives are known as najsterilniji space in nature - and it's all thanks propolis!
People have long been using propolis as a natural antibiotic, which protects against bacteria and strengthens the immune system. Unlike ordinary antibiotics, propolis acts against viruses.
Research shows that taking propolis in flu and cold season reduces the risk of disease from these diseases by as much as 53%. Propolis is effective in the treatment of coughs, sore throats, sinus infections and tonsillitis.
Cream of propolis is an excellent tool for the treatment of fungal and bacterial skin infections.

Today, when it is due to excessive use of synthetic antibiotics most microorganisms acquired resistance to them, it is wiser to find solutions offered by nature.

The goal of every physician is Primum non nocere, it is primarily not to harm his patient.

We all know that synthetic antibiotics cause side effects that occur immediately or some time after its use, as gifts of nature have unintended consequences.

Research confirms that in nature there are many products with antibiotic activity. Propolis is one of them.

It's a perfect food that nourishes and heals the human body.

Propolis is a common name for a mixture of resinous substance collected by bees from the flowers of various plants.

Bees gather and mix it with the secretion of mandibular gland, enzyme modify it so that the most important components, flavonoids, become active agents.

Propolis is the distinctive, unique bitter taste and characteristic aroma.

The composition and color of propolis depends on the plant species from which the bees collect material about the season.

Propolis has been traditionally used for over 2000 years.

Historical records show that propolis was important and appreciated product in the medical Egyptians, Babylonians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and many other ancient peoples.

Beneficial effects of propolis

Propolis contains 50% resin, 30% wax, 10% essential oils, 5% pollen, numerous vitamins and minerals, organic acids, polyphenols, flavonoids.

Flavonoids are largely responsible for the beneficial effects of propolis.

Flavonoids are pigments present in fruits, vegetables, flowers and bark of trees. Have antioxidant activity, their role is to protect plants from pathogens in the environment.

The propolis are flavonoids include numerous: galangin, quercetin, chrysin, kaempferol, apigenin, and pinocembrin pinobanksin.

Propolis is one of those wise nature of drug that kills everything that bothers healthy organism. At the same time preserves healthy tissue and treat.

Numerous studies have found that propolis is a natural anesthetic, antioxidant, antiseptic, antibiotic, that works against most viruses, including influenza virus. It's great to combat fungi and parasites.

The particularity of propolis is that bacteria do not make it to the resistance and has no adverse side effects, which is a disadvantage of synthetic antibiotics.

Before bedtime is enough to put on the chest propolis to soothe coughs and ensure a deep sleep.

Propolis ointment is excellent for wounds that do not heal, and for many skin conditions: acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fungal infections of skin, nails and scalp.

It is extremely effective in ulcers, burns and bites.

Propolis its stops abnormal cell proliferation (cytostatic) and treated with benign tumors.

It is well known that propolis stimulates the production of new cells and regenerate damaged tissues.

Propolis helps in case of severe diarrhea, where other remedies are helpless.

As a top biostimulator active, propolis contributes to improving the state of the entire organism, normalize metabolism and immunity.

It is also used for the treatment of diseases of the ear and mouth. Gives excellent results in the treatment and prevention of sore throat.

Helps with toothaches, periodontal disease, bad breath, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infection and gastritis.

As a powerful antioxidant effective against harmful free radicals, which are today considered many causes, including major diseases such as atherosclerosis, cataracts, cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

The latest research shows that Propolis strengthens the immune system and has anti-tumor effect.

How to use propolis

Propolis can be used in its natural, raw form. You can prepare it the aqueous extract, an alcohol tincture (drops of propolis), ointment or cream.

Water extract of propolis

Water extract of propolis can be prepared in the following manner. Crude propolis freeze and then grind to a fine powder.

One teaspoon of this powder, mix in the evening with 250 ml of pure water. The next morning, drink small sips of the liquid. Propolis who remained on the bottom of the cup before breakfast, eat.

Fat propolis

The enamel or ceramic bowl put 80-90 grams of Vaseline. Heat the pan in a water bath so that the water gently boiling.

Add 10-20 g of ground propolis. Stir until the liquid propolis is dissolved. Impurities from propolis will come to the surface, so they pick up a wooden spoon and discard.

Finally, add a little alcohol tincture of propolis propolis to homogenize with vaseline. After that, place the pan in cold water. Continue beating until the fat is cool.

Propolis ointment Store in an airtight jar in a cool, dark place.

Raw propolis

Crude propolis can be taken as follows: 3-5 g per day, between meals. Before you swallow propolis, suck and chew it in your mouth for at least 15 minutes.

Propolis tincture

The tincture is made from propolis and alcohol. For the preparation of tinctures used 96% and 76% better ethyl alcohol, which is indicated to be used as a food product.

In a jar put the propolis, then pour the alcohol in a 1:2 ratio. Hold the liquid in a jar and shake 5-7 days 3 times a day.

After that, the liquid filter, for example, using coffee filters.

You can take 20-90 drops of tincture per day, depending on the disease, between meals, with half a tablespoon of honey, warm water or tea.

Wild flower honey is the most complex and contains the most vitamins

If we adhere more saying "honey nourishes and defends many diseases" we spend less time on the waiting rooms in health centers. Experts say that every day should eat as many grams of honey as we kilograms, divided into two or three doses.
It is best to be taken 15-30 minutes before meals with warm water or tea, or to be placed under the tongue to slowly melt. To sleep better, stir in a tablespoon of honey with warm milk. So as not to go too far with a permissible dose, you should know that a spoon can be interventions from 28 to 30 grams of honey, a spoon, about 15 grams.

- Honey is not a cure, only medications, and that brings with it a Homolja, and the other with the Stara Planina not affect the quality - explains to the reader "Vecernje Novosti" Mica Mladenovic, professor of apiculture Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade. - All Medari have the same breed of bees, and the difference can be only in mineral content. Acacia at least, only seven or eight minerals, lime has a 16-18, about 25 meadow, forest 40, and has a chestnut 45th The latter is therefore ideal for the "strengthening" of the mind.Although he attributed many medicinal properties, honey is mainly food, and therefore needs to take a large spoon. Jar should always be kept on the table, a matter of taste whether you eat acacia, meadow, lime, floral and forest honey.

Acacia is the brightest, there is little pollen, so I can eat it and people who are allergic to pollen. Compared to other honeys, which has the highest fructose slowly crystallizes and remains in a liquid state for up to three years. How is the sweetest honey, the kids love it, and are recommended for pregnant women, because it adopts the best in the intestinal tract and rapidly absorbed through the blood stream and transported to vital organs that use it. In athletes to the muscles, the students' brains, for convalescents place where the regeneration of tissue and the like.
Wild flower honey is the most complex and contains vitamins derived from many plants, and each plant has a specific chemical composition. Somewhere in between there is more alkaloids, minerals somewhere, sometime vitamins, especially the significant presence of essential oils and phytoncides (herbal antibiotics that defend the plant against microorganisms). Because vitamin content, meadow honey should be taken during the fall and spring cold.

- Forest honey is crvenkastobraon to black and is specific for high mineral content that are relevant for the mental and physical activity, and therefore has a high price - explains Dr. Mladenovic. - We do not have a constant production of this type of media which usually every second, third and fifth years. The most common media during a hot summer night when the morning dew or moisture, which is rare. However, when all conditions are agreed, there is a honey harvest, and it is often the most abundant oak blight. Gives a lime, and honeydew is particularly interesting as pine and fir in Greece, which are rich in minerals.

In combination with pollen, royal jelly and propolis, honey cocktail is prepared containing all the materials needed to man during the day. There are plenty of carbohydrates which provide strength and a pollen concentrate biogenic materials that provide all the nutrients. Propolis has a protective role, and bees use it as a disinfectant or as a means by which to regulate or suppress all pathogens in the hive.
With flavones and flavonoids, which contains the most propolis, and bactericidal effect bakterostatički and is used in the repair of the disease, especially in spring and autumn. It protects, stops or kills pathogens.
- Royal jelly or translated queen's milk is extremely nutritious varying amounts of essential acids, minerals, vitamins, hormones - says our source. - Feeding on royal jelly, the queen lives up to seven years in contrast to bees that have 40 days. In addition to regulating metabolism, it can help in the recovery of some diseases - heart problems, ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Quality Inspection

If you want to check what you are buying honey, you do not need to be specially trained. It is enough to draw a teaspoon honey and to follow the thread that is created during the fall. Unlike syrup, eventually falling in drops, honey thread never stops, it just thins out. The difference is also in what tablespoons syrup to fall right, honey and real waterfalls.
- And the fact that sellers sometimes try to lure customers by turning the jar, the more advertising and has nothing to do with the quality of honey - the story Mica Mladenovic. - This just shows how much water with honey. By the rules can contain from 16 to 20 percent water, a hat when going slower, it just means that honey has less water.

If someone exceeds the recommended daily dose of honey and take a double measure or more may be present serious complications. Honey is highly ugljenohidratantna component and releases high temperature due to "overdose" can jump temperature, to report cardiac arrhythmia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. The complaints usually disappear after a few hours when eaten honey stomach.

Honey can be corrupted if the bad closed. He hidroskopan, absorbing moisture in the surface layer may be diluted. Then begins the process of fermentation silent, which means that honey can be sour. On the surface, there is such a honey foam and change the smell, but then you can just remove the layer from the surface and eat the rest of the honey.

Source: Evening News

Few variables during autumn and cold winter day, when lurking at every step a variety of infections, many resort to various synthetic preparations, believing that it will strengthen the immune system and protect it from the usual seasonal diseases.
Most unfortunately, he forgets about the benefits of honey and other bee products that are great for prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. Because it has been proven to have a remarkable protivmikrobne, especially antiviral qualities, such as antibiotics do. In addition, bee products and preparations rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are included in all vital processes.
- Theoretical and practical knowledge unambiguously indicate that the bee products and preparations of honey and bee products in the most efficient case of chronic disease caused by the weakening of the immune system - to detect "Herbs & Health" Mr. Zarko Stepanovic, apitherapist from Belgrade. - Bee products, in addition to vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements, and include others, for immunity, the important components. Honey, for example, one of the richest food enzymes, while jelly contains gamma globulin, a protein that slows aging and protects the body from viruses and bacteria. Propolis, in turn, consists of 40 different phenolic compounds, mainly flavonoids, which are among the best "amplifiers" of immunity. Beeswax is rich in biologically active vitamin F vital to establish a defensive balance of the organism.
However, our source says, although regularly take honey and (or) number of bee products they are using them incorrectly. The way of taking nutrition, prevention and healing depends on the type of bee since each product has its own physical and chemical composition and properties. As for the method of application of honey healing, says Mr. Stepanovic usually applied recalls the advice and recommendations of Professor Stojmir Mladenov of Bulgaria.

Taking honey

* Due protivmikrobnog and protivupalnog action in case of inflammation of the oral mucosa, tongue, or lining grkljanja, angina, sinusitis and defects of the mouth, a little honey is taken, preferably a teaspoonful every second to third hour. It is important that the longer the honey melts in the mouth to oral mucosa could absorb substances that act against microbes. Against these diseases are most suitable crystallized, honey in the comb or with a sealing wax.

* If it is used to treat stomach and intestinal inflammatory diseases such as inflammation of mucous membrane of the small or large intestine, it is recommended that, before taking, honey dissolved in a glass of water.

* If it is taken for cough honey dissolved in warm milk, water or tea recommended by a doctor or phytotherapist.

External application

* In the case of diseases of the nose, tonsils or sinuses, throat inflammation and or throat, lumps crystallized honey sticks are placed in each nostril while the patient is lying on his back. Because body temperature honey melts and leaks at the nasal and throat, and when you reach the honey diseased animals can not stand up. However, it is necessary to stay in the room until after the mild reactions such as pain or short-term secretion of mucus from the nose. The therapy is applied in the morning and evening, five to 10 days.

* To Healing gynecological diseases using the pure crystalline honey, and can be added to it and other bee products. These therapies are highly effective, natural, no contraindications, and adverse effects, except for possible allergies.

* Against the festering wounds and other skin and subcutaneous tissues, using a clean honey, honey dissolves, honey ointment or drops (honey dissolved in distilled water). In addition, solutions of honey used for lining and baths.


* Aerosol inhalation compressor or ultrasonic inhalers are recommended for the healing of chronic respiratory diseases (allergies, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma ...). Every day we prepare a fresh solution of the preparation of honey in distilled or mineral water. During 30 to 40 days, recommended two inhalations a day, for 15-20 minutes in the morning and afternoon.

* Inhalation honey ultrasound provides a finer spray solution, while the concentration of the solution is the same as in the case of aerosol inhalation.

* For steam inhalation honey at home using the teapots, vessels or steam inhalers. This applies similarly inhalation aerosolnoj, but provides less concentrated preparation of honey.


* The ingredients of honey due to the organism of the patient using the device for elektromedicinskog galvanic current.

Apitherapy between the covers

Users of honey and bee products, as well as those who are studying or applying Apitherapy, a new book will delight our Associate Zarka Stepanovića "Gifts of the honey bee - apiterapijski access (access to healing)" published by the Belgrade publishing printing company "Graphics uno". 

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