Sunday, December 16, 2012

Foods that are heated in the winter

After we had during the summer days exposed body warm sun, it's time to pull over on itself a little thicker clothes. Winter days are on the horizon. Those with stronger immune systems, are likely to be small enough warmer winter clothing. However, a good number of people can get hot body, no matter how clothes brought upon themselves.

Did you know that by using certain foods can increase body temperature, improve their own immunity, mental ability, potency, and even the mood?
For example. proven that spicy foods, except that warms the body, secretes a chemical called endorphins, which causes a good mood. I eat soup enriched with "chili" you'll notice that sweating is increased, which means that toxins are released in the body. Also, the vision becomes clearer and much better thinking.

In the abdominal area are all vital organs and their proper functioning depends on the quality of our lives.In esoterics is considered to be the solar plexus center will either fire element, so if we have a strong digestive fire, and have a strong will, a strong mind, strong body.

Probably the most logical advice heated body is that cold foods and cold drinks. In this way, our body temperature is drastically reduced. Foods that we took out of the fridge, it would be desirable to at least reheated but we have no time for preparation of warm hearty meal.

If you've already decided on making a meal, to keep warm, you can choose a range of foods. For example.All nuts and seeds, and all that is made of them raises the body temperature. As well as providing a tremendous amount of energy, is also rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. An interesting fact is that the fruits that grow slowly are usually warmer than those that grow faster in the winter so we can include food fruits and roots (parsley, celery, carrots).

Bulbous fruits such as garlic and beets also help to low temperatures, and there we were, of course, potatoes, mushrooms and beans. Beans retains heat for a long time and is rich in protein, while fungi stimulate the production of blood cells, and have proven quite salutary.

Spices that are placed in food or tea is also a good warm up:

Cinnamon - warms the kidneys, improves digestion and circulation, and is a good antiseptic. Good substitute for sugar.

Horseradish - also a good antiseptic. Clears airways. If you love fatty foods will help you to help her digestion. Rich in vitamin C.

Chilli - Extremely hot spices in the form of red peppers. Very good effect on digestion and detoxification of the body. Is rich in vitamin C. Recommended caution in contact with the sensitive parts of the body. An integral part of some self-defense sprays.

Ginger - a very good antiseptic and antioxidant. A beneficial effect on blood circulation. It can be put in tea.

Pepper - also a good antiseptic and antioxidant. Provides instant warmth. It can be used for spreads, soups, salads ...

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