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Food for better moods and favorite dish in the world

It is known that food can cheer you, only if you overdo it with awkward amount, if you consume more than your body needs, because then plump and endanger their health (plus be upset when you find that you unexpectedly fat, so clear that improve mood). Here are some ways to improve your food mood, and that this does not lead to weight gain - how you use when you normally would during the meal, there will be no unnecessary surplus.

One good idea is to use white plates. Part of the pleasure of food comes from her looks, and he will come up to the fore on a white background. In addition, the white color most associated with something positive.Believe it or not, those who eat the food served looks beautiful on a white background often have the impression that the food tastes better so than if they were painted on the plate of the same composition, but less good-looking. Nothing weird - food should be a pleasure for all the senses, if one enjoys a sense, the more they will enjoy and others.

Eat colorful foods; bright color palette will also improve your mood. Red stimulates appetite, so it should not be the dominant color if you have a problem with excess weight, but the yellow (some corn, for example) will cheer, and pepper in different colors, the yellow will go nicely as a contrast purple eggplant ( Yes, I know how that sounds), and the visual will be a nice addition to the clear green parsley or mint leaves.

If some company along with eating in a restaurant, try to order first. It turned out that, after the first person orders, others often try to order something else, and (irrationally) to be less satisfied with their choice.

These tips will not always be able to apply, but when you can, a little bit nicer mood in order.

Strangely some vegetables

Watermelon and melon are a favorite in the summer days. They have the look and the taste. However, did you know that they belong to the same family as squash, cucumbers and pumpkins, so they are not counted in the fruit but a vegetable?

Large watermelon red with a solid core ideal for quenching thirst on hot days. There are oblong and round, with thick and thin bark. Depending on the variety, the crust is light or dark green, has white stripes or spots.

Melon Charentaise is the smallest, yet most delicious in its variety. Nežnonarandžasti fleshy part of the fruit is very juicy melon, and has a flavor reminiscent of a mixture of pineapple and papaya. That is ripe melons shows her light-yellow rind and intense, characteristic odor.

Tendral the melon and honey melon grown up in Spain. It has the shape of rugby balls, and her bark is smooth and gray, with dark green spots scattered. Her pale green flesh is firm and sweet.

Orange cantaloupe was developed by crossing two varieties, and Hony Dew and Ogen melon. Svetloroze the orange color of the fruit has a pleasant fruity aromatic flavor. Her crust is firm and smooth with honey and melon. No single furrow itself.

Beneath the smooth bark and bright yellow melon mednih hides a very sweet, light green and light yellow flesh fruit. Mature fruits have a wonderful aroma and flavor reminiscent of honey. Serve as an appetizer with prosciutto and addition of various salads. Of course, the very melon is particularly delicious.

Favorite food in the world

Potato has for centuries been one of the most common foods to feed mankind. According to many statistics, it takes second place in the food chain on the planet, behind rice, groceries, which is still the most consumed, a favorite dish of potatoes in recent decades in all continents are - chips.

This delicacy, apparently originates from the French fried potatoes, known worldwide under the name of French fries. French around 1700. The invented this dish that can be easily and quickly prepared and easily won the taste of the people. This specialty is made in America, the American ambassador to France - Thomas Jefferson.

In the summer 1853rd The Indian George Kram worked in a restaurant, "Moon Lake Lodge" in Saratoga Springs, where they were preparing the french fries manner. It's actually a very thin sliced ​​potatoes fried in hot oil until golden crust. After a customer complaint that the fries at the restaurant mentioned too thin and it's not like the French, Kram had the idea to make different chips - like transparent sheets of paper, much darker in color and crisp. This product was delighted guests who complained, but all the others present in the restaurant, and since that day he found himself on the menu and the house specialty - potato chips.

Very soon after this discovery, an employee at the restaurant they started selling chips with legs - in bags, well-done and well-salted. Kram had great success with his invention and eventually opened his own restaurant.

Until 1920. The potatoes are peeled and cut by hand, and then designed the first machine for peeling these foods. Twenties American, Herman Lay, a traveling salesman who was visiting the cities of the American South, he learned many restaurant owners from Atlanta to Tennessee in order to make the chips, which quickly won the U.S. market. Lejov chips officially became the national brand 1961st , and shortly after that Herman Lay started a company to produce chips.

In the years that followed chips has become the favorite product on every continent. The products are manufactured and can be purchased in almost all stores across the planet, and affordable

Whose bagels - Turkish or Greek?

Historical rivals - Turkey and Greece - which is slow on many political issues, have now opened a new front disagreement: whose bagels, rolls that are prepared for centuries in both countries.

The Istanbul Chamber of sellers Bagel (Simit) seeks to protect the product as Turkish, as the Greeks claim that this is their biscuits, known as kouluri.
The reason for the latest dispute was opened by the Athens newspaper "Eleftheros tipos," which attempted to prove that the bagels since before Christ was popular in Thessaloniki and Istanbul. Therefore, this product is Byzantine, but in any case not Turkish.

In Greece it rolls called "kouluri Salonika."
In Istanbul, the allegations are greeted with hostility.

"Bagel (simit) is the symbol of Istanbul. It is part of the Turkish culture and the rich and the poor. There is a big difference between the Turkish and Greek bagel in the way of cooking and add the sesame seeds over it," says the producer Comoros bagel.
Turkish Patent Institute has announced that it is ready to join in this action to protect the bagel, Simit respectively. But in Greece have their own arguments where the bagel called Salonika kouluri.
"Anyone can claim that his bagel, but historically it was confirmed that dates from the Byzantine Empire and then called kolikou," explain the association bakery in Thessaloniki.
Athens and Ankara can not find any common ground on many political issues: settlement of the Cyprus problem, as well as the demarcation of sea and air in the region of the Aegean Sea.
In recent years, despite improving relations, misunderstandings occur and some other minor issues. In Istanbul a few years ago and reacted sharply when the one event in the European Union baklava presented as a typical Cypriot dessert Grka.Slično happened around lokum.
Therefore, it is important to "make war" not important occasion!?

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