Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cooking Tips

Minced meat never buy pre-prepared,
demand that is ground in front of you,
because in the pre-prepared meat germs multiply rapidly,
even when it is in the fridge.
Every butcher who keeps up to its reputation
This means you will not create a problem with that.

Meat stew will be much tastier and juicier
if the time for stewing add some
lemon juice and half a teaspoon of sugar.

Meat on the grill Never nabadati fork,
it will expire through holes made gravy
and that is exactly what is baking the most delicious rostinju.
Rotate the blade meat for meat.
Solita only when baked.

Gristly meat will soften if you rub it with salt and baking soda.
Leave for a while and then rinse.
When you cook the meat in a toughened glass of water, put the rum.
The meat will soften.

If you fry the fat it will not spray
if you put it in a little flour and salt.

Roast chicken will have a more beautiful if the top crust chicken with toothpicks
Attach a piece of deep-frozen butter.
While chicken is roasting slowly melting butter and obliva chicken.

In order for you at the same time were cooked and bigger and smaller potatoes,
larger potatoes stab knitting needles (toothpicks).

Baked potatoes will taste better and will have a more beautiful color
Before baking, if you roll in a little flour.

Mashed potatoes should be mixed with warm,
not with cold milk,
will have a nice color and will not coagulate.

Onions can clean without being "Do not cry"
If each head first soak in hot
and then in cold water.

Garlic is easier to cut if each cen Sprinkle with salt.

Parsley leaves is very rich in vitamins, but they
destroyed by cooking, frying or sautéing.
Therefore chopped green parsley should be added only when the meal was almost
or even better - just before serving.

Cooking spaghetti when not if slepiti
the water add a few drops of oil.

If she cooks dinner for friends
Do not serve an appetizer.

So if you can not wet the salt shaker or container with
add a few grains of rice.

With yeast dough will rise up faster if the bowl with dough
put into a larger containing the hot water.
Knead sugar later.

Tomatoes are very easy to peel
if you soak it briefly in boiling water.

Oversalted dish you can save if you add
a raw potato or a slice of bread;
they will absorb the excess salt.

Donuts and other fried cakes are much lighter
If the dough is put a little beer.

Strong odors easily penetrate the egg, which is why never hold
with parsley, lemon and other unexpected strong smells.

When barite egg put some salt in the water
and eggs will not spray during cooking.

Shell with cooked eggs can be easily removed if the egg
the hot water immediately put into cold water.

Hard-boiled egg nice if you cut moisten the knife in hot water
and wipe with a cloth. For each egg, repeat the process.

Are the eggs fresh?
You will know if you soak them in a bowl of water.
The egg is fresh if floating on the surface.
Slightly older will remain at half court
long-laid and it will sink to the bottom of the pan.

Cans is very dangerous to keep an open.
Or use them right away or the content of canned
switch into a glass container.

Bow before you fry cook in a little boiling water.
That would be more palatable.

Mushrooms fry in a little fat.
In a lot of fat to lose characteristic odor.

The cake is still hot knife to cut heat-treated.
Cold is better to cut the cake with a thin thread.

Is the cake baked'll see if the needle thrust into the cake.
Until the dough sticks to the needle cake is baked.

Fruit pies should be made into the oil
because the oil is tightening as the fat.

Milk before cooking it is necessary to boil in a pot
some water. Thus, the milk will not burn.
When cooking meals of smoked meat, ham, dry ribs, etc.
Be the first to spill water because the salt. Then cook the dish.

Meat from older hens I'll make it quick and it will be better and tastier
If you are in the water for cooking squid tablespoon brandy.

Potatoes will save more vitamins if cooked with shell
and quickly cleaned.

The diet should be forced parsley. Be sure to use it while it's fresh.
The food is placed directly before removing from heat.

Lemon rind should be preserved because it can be used effectively for
removing odors from dishes.
For example, with the smell of onions boards after use, or kitchen knife.
You only need to rub the lemon zest.

Pancake batter would be better if the first mixed
milk and flour and then add the egg.

Coffee machine will clean the best
If the first grind rice spoon.

Mayonnaise will be tastier if spices
with a few drops of white wine.

If the water is boiled potatoes, shelled (pure water)
is required to be used for soup or stew
because it contains vitamins and nutrients.

To make cleaning easier meat machine after use
First grind a piece of bread and then washed.

Apple will remain stewing in white if you soak in a little water
supplemented with lemon juice and salt.

Omelet will be particularly airy and inviting if during agitation
break in the eggs and add sour cream 1 tablespoon per

Flesh that burns will shortly be delicious if prepared in the following manner:
buy meat the day before. Each steak spreads on both sides
pepper and mustard and oil soaked. All put a steak on the other
and leave it in the fridge overnight.
Prodirace aroma of spices in meat oil will soften it.
In this way can be processed beef, pork,
beef steak and venison.

If you want to remain white cauliflower
cook it in milk with salt.

Pieces of cheese will be dried if wrapped in clean damp cloth
and so put it in the fridge.

Dried meat, when cooked, will be delicious if it before cooking
do not put it in boiling water.
In case of contact with boiling water pores of the meat rapidly
prisons and all the juice left in them.

Potatoes, vegetables as part of a mandatory, usually muddy soup.
Because potatoes cook separately.

Milk, as well as any milky food, always cook on low heat only
and not to strong.

Track zagorelog food from the bottom of the pot does not remove the knife
or a blunt object.
Remains of meals zagorelog best if you can remove the pour a little court
water and a little sugar and zakuvate on low heat.
After that, pour in a little cold water court and a little zakuvajte.
At the end it will only be necessary for the court to rinse
warm water and a cloth.

Little to wile grain rice thickens:
water in which rice is cooked add
a few drops of lemon juice.

If you want a strong and greasy chicken soup
Hen put in cold water and cook.
If you want the soup to be weaker and the chicken tastes better
Hen then put it in boiling water.

Onions will fast porumeniti pots if you add a little sugar.
You will achieve the effect of not changing the taste of food.

If the meat is hard and you want it to be as fast raskuva
put into the pot a little baking soda.

Raisins in the test will be evenly distributed
and will not fall to the bottom or compacted in one place
The tart before use if you poprasite with flour.

If you want to improve the taste of coffee mix with
milled and one teaspoon of cocoa powder.

It is not necessary to cut lemon if you need
a few drops of lemon juice.
It is enough knitting needle puncture two holes,
nacedite a few drops of lemon will be saved
as if you did not even principles.

Cake, poured out of the mold and the slack
down in cold milk
Varta and then in the oven to dopece.

Vegetables (peas, green beans, spinach, etc.) retain their beautiful
natural color if the fire where it was not sudden boil,
if you put the vegetables in salted water values
and if the court does not coincide.

Potatoes will cook much faster if the water
where the bar we pour a little oil.

Gibanica standing several days will become bound
as if he was now cured
If the piece soak in milk, leave for a few minutes
and then every little piece of fry in hot oil.

Hiding the smell of fish out of the courts in which you have melted the
only if those courts boil a little Russian tea.
Otherwise may be held for days.

Puree will be tastier if unsweetened milk substitute
but well heated cream.

Burnt food, not stirring it, quickly pour in another court
and cover with a wet cloth. After a few minutes the cloth dici
and replace it with another wet cloth, and so on
until the odor is removed zagorelosti.

Sausages will not spray if they are firing before
only superficially Obara and sprinkle with flour.

Mayonnaise can be perfectly successful only if
oil and eggs have the same temperature.

Cake is good whipping when mass is so dense
to create creases in torture
which is not compensated immediately.

Do not have the cake stuck to the pan and baked to
easier extradited, to the walls and bottom of the pan spread
Grease and sprinkle well with flour.

Cake can be cut using a straight end.
Thread should be placed over the sides of the cake;
tighten up on that level where you want to cut
the end of the thread that is holding the cross in his hands
and slightly tightened.

Cake will be quick whisk if you whip the first solid dreams
of egg whites with sugar and only then
Knead slowly yolk.

Cake is best if cooked cut the day before.

If the soup stand until the next day to remove the dumplings from soup
and only during the re-warming them back into the soup.

If you like mustard, dried out and hardened razmeksacete ga
if it is mixed with a little vinegar.

If you smell on your hands or white onion
Rub them with sediment of black coffee
and the smell will quickly izceznuti.

To make potato as soon as it should become res salt
only at the end, when it is completely fried.

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