Sunday, December 16, 2012

Coconut water

For centuries the drink in the tropics, and two years ago they discovered the Westerners. In addition to becoming a hit among Hollywood luminaries, all this water is more valuable because it is an all-natural, low-calorie and nutrient-rich.

Coconut water is the clear liquid that is found inside young coconuts - bright green coconut juice. Extracted from the fruit while the meat is still not mature, precisely when the state of the so-called gel. Unlike the white milk that comes from ripe fruit, it contains a very low amount of fat.

Besides being low in calories, contains 0.69% calcium, 0.59% magnesium, 0.05% nitrogen, 0.56% phosphoric acid, 0.25% potassium and 95.5% water.

This refreshing and naturally sweet antioxidant can be considered a natural isotonic beverage.

It is for this reason an increasing number of athletes are using this drink to make up for lost electrolytes and essential minerals workouts.

Consuming pure coconut water can restore nutrients to the body without the negative effects caused by sugar and caffeine.

It has been proven to help with weight loss, cleanses the kidneys, strengthens the immune system and provides a natural clean energy. Improves digestion and metabolism and balances the pH of the body.

It is known that coconut water used in the past as intravenous fluids, and in some parts of the world where medical care is not available, it is still used.
Is similar to human blood and plasma, and is the only natural substance that can be safely injected into the bloodstream.

Coconut water from the distant past is drunk in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

In Central America, known by the name of agua de pipa, and in Brazil, agua de coco.

I am the taste of water depends on where coconuts grow. Indian coconuts have a very sweet taste, a Brazilian dairy, and the cutest Bangladeshi.

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