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Chocolate Diet

Sweet torment
Chocolate diet - just for addicts!

Briton Ann Voak in The Chocolate Diet is a diet intended for chocolate addicts all about chocolate. Believes that it is unrealistic and even harmful, completely eliminated from the diet chocolate diet.

Namely, if the chocolate lovers face with diet where food is chocolate that is strictly necessary to avoid, the desired effect is just the opposite - there is an increased desire for it and fight where čokoladoljubac sooner or later let go. This often results in excessive enjoyment followed by remorse and ultimately, abandonment of a child. For chocolate should therefore be seen as the "enemy" has been accepted as a sensual pleasure that everyone can occasionally afford.

Basic principles of child

But surprisingly, this diet except that strictly controlled calorie intake, helping to overcome the addiction to chocolate. In order to accomplish that first step is to completely eliminate chocolate from the diet for a period of one week. After starting in the second week of abstinence were allowed a small amount of chocolate every day. While using the questionnaire contained in the book need to determine what type of chocoholics and belong specifically to follow the prescribed plan.

Voak defines six types of addiction to chocolate:

• Concealed Beneficiaries: secretly eating chocolate and hiding it in unusual places

• Romantics: chocolate used as a substitute for physical and emotional attachment

• Applicants for comfort (the most common type): eat chocolate when they are tired, stressed or facing a problem

• Weekend Beneficiaries: use the weekend to celebrate or enjoy the chocolate too

• addicted to sugar: most daily calories and carbohydrates through the entries often reach for chocolate as a source of energy when you are tired

• premenstrual craving: women who are reaching for chocolate only on certain days during the menstrual cycle

The problem with her is that despite a diet chocolate, during the first week provides enough calories.Doctors warn that long it takes care that every day you enter a minimum of 1,200 calories. Otherwise you will seriously endanger health. However, in each type of chocolate diet chocoholics follow a special diet plan is based on about 1,000 kcal per day for the first week and 1,200 children and 1,500 kcal per day during the remaining child. Daily intake is permitted amounts of chocolate that makes, depending on the type of chocoholics, from 50 to 300 calories. The author recommends a daily intake of skimmed milk, plenty of water and herbal tea to replace coffee. Record niskokaloričnog vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes is unlimited.

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