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Bosnian specialties

Bosnian traditional KITCHEN FEATURES

Analyzing the largest number of Bosnian cuisine, one can say that it authentically interwoven colors of East and West, through a long period of domestication meals East and West, and even the neighborhood (Italy, Anthony Hangi emphasizes Greek influence on the cuisine of Bosnia) were modified by the the extent that it can freely call Bosnian dishes.

Basic characteristics of Bosnian cuisine is very well defined in their professional work Duranović Muhammad, cooking teacher in Sarajevo, which, with small additions and changes, reduced to the following: "What Bosnian cuisine different from other cuisines, which is closer to French cuisine is that the Bosnian cuisine, in principle, no roux, and that, again, as a rule, do not use strong pungent spices, or used in small quantities. From that aspect, and it fits the requirements of modern medicine. "

Bosnian dishes in most cases are lightweight, since it mostly cook and fry with a little water, usually vulture-fund (the watered broth - clear soup) - and thus have a natural juice or sauce that does not contain no roux.Oriental spices are added in small quantities, and are mostly standard (pepper, cayenne pepper) so that they do not detract from the sweetness and flavor of the whole or substantially Transformice experience of the meal.

Bosnian cuisine in the Sistine very natural, with plenty of vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products. Well represented in the dishes: spinach, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, carrots, parsley, celery, leek (pig), beans, rice, sweet green peppers, plums, quince, sweet and sour milk, sour cream, sweet cream (heavy cream), cream, etc..

In the kitchen bosankoj no special sauces, but they create a meal based broths and supplements tokuna or at the end of cooking.


In the areas Bosen deeply developed a tradition of catering, and to this day they maintain the facilities, so to speak, a special purpose, and clearly-defined traditions for serving food. So, here we have to look at the traditional hospitality of Bosnia.

Aščinica as separate objects Sarajevo has probably had the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century, as in Isabegovoj musafirhana worked cooks (about 1492nd year). In written documents Aščinica mentioned in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Foca (1600.), Banja Luka (1630 available). Etc.. (H. Kreševljaković Guilds and businesses in BiH, III - IV).

What was she like traditional Aščinica in Bosnia today is hard to say, because we do not know the right equipment Aščinica, since it does not have the authentic written sources. The inheritance lists Aščinica in Sarajevo from 1770. and 1815. years, among other things, includes the following items:

10 different clay pan
1 kasatava
over headscarf
hair cut for three čevab
Wooden Siniju
setilj to make kadaif

From the list of equipment we see that certain equipment related to the so-called. retail space, and the other as a production equipment. From this we can conclude that as the first Serbian cafe, there was a clear division into two parts: production - kitchen (mutvak) and sales - consumable (aščinski chimney, aščinski store)

Often he was tied for the national restaurants and bakeries. Unlike klasišnih table objects in space consumable Aščinica done, in addition to eating meals, dressing and certain - dokuvavanje dishes, and pouring and shaping the plates of dishes (plates). All of this is in the classic restaurants performs in the kitchen. Consumer Aščinica area commonly referred to as the chimney or chimney aščinski (aščinsko fireplace), and the name comes from the hearth (fireplace warm the counter) which is usually prominent in the room for serving dishes.


"In the middle of words we utter kahva aspiration voice (h) and flashes that we breath. Coffee was originally an Arabic word that the Bosniaks were embraced as a whole, while the western linguists, or knocking nakrnjili voice (h), or the etymology reached into their original homeland coffee, the Abyssinian province of Kaffa, and then orthographically iskomplicirali, and it is this voice (h) Mom and evokes the speaker breath volatile aroma of this beverage halal. "

In the gastronomic life of Bosnia as a whole to (h) VA has its own traditional, cultural, and certainly an indispensable role. If the pot Bosnian national dish, the Bosnian Coffee is the national drink. For centuries, Bosnians created a cult perfecting coffee grinder, baking, cooking, serving and drinking coffee to the most subtle detail. Coffee has become an integral part of all other traditions, but the coffee drinking habit in Bosnia itself. So in Bosnia the word is pronounced with a coffee-specific emotions. It can be said that there have been preparing and drinking coffee raised to the level of a cult.

Preparation of coffee

Preparation begins Bosnian coffee roasting and grinding, and only then bake (cook). "The taste of coffee-Bosniaks must remain Ačik (bright) as the only means of retaining required color and flavor.'s House where regular coffee-fried kahvopije reluctant to drop by, and the host and hostess are considered those who miss the taste." Bosanac with refined taste traditionally recognizes only one way to save the coffee, and it's cooking "real Bosnia", known in Europe as "Turkish coffee": Good and freshly ground Ačik (light) kafva fried squid in a little pre-heated coffee pot. Boiling water (ukropom) from šerbetnjaka (container in which you make a sorbet) is then watered (but not full), mix well and return to the fire to "rise" to the top of the pots. After a brief "rest" to settle, poured into findžane (especially small cups without dršaka). Sugar and milk are served separately and added to taste. "Bosnjak like strong black coffee, sweetened a bit." By what kind of coffee you served, you can conclude how much you love and home prices. Strong black coffee tells your case, a "thin" reveals, among other things, and the host's aloofness and avarice. And remember: only you tabijatli (regular) people cook and offer real Bosnian coffee.

Accessories for coffee, Takumi kahveni

Maybe even a few decades ago to cooking and serving of coffee is called "kahvenim Takumi." In Takuma does not include shish (adhesion) or kahveni mill, but they are important as we mentioned. SIS and the mill has its original Bosnian design. Traditional kahveni Takuma made in the first place, very thoughtfully and aesthetically designed coffee pot, then sećerluk (Sugar Bowl - dose), and findžani. Mangala, and if it is not part of Takuma, was better in each house compulsory part of the atmosphere, especially in the winter, in whose lug zapretanoj coals coffee pot with coffee and Ibricic (džezvica special design) with milk maintain the necessary heat. Kahvenom Takumi, which was mostly made of copper or brass, and of which each piece is designed and decorated by local master engravings (savate) attached to the outer surfaces of much attention. Appearance and completeness kahvenog Takuma revealed the family's reputation. Care has been strongly committed to each piece is perfectly clean, and copper red or golden brass in its full glory.


for 4:

For the pancakes:

300 g of flour
1 egg
3 ml of mineral water
50 g butter or oil
For the topping:

400 g of cooked chicken
200 g harder cheese
150 g of cream
1 egg

For the dressing:
1.5 ml fatty cream
1 egg yolk

Beat dough
and bake eight

Finely chop the meat and mix with chopped it with cheese, cream, egg, salt and pepper. Namaz time pancake, fold them, and place in an ovenproof dish. Prelim mixture of cream, egg yolks and salt. Bake in preheated oven at 225 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Čimbur SA dried meat

4 eggs
320 g of dried meat soft
pinch of salt

Čimbur is actually a counterpart Nasi scrambled eggs or an omelet in the world known. Basically important as eggs, and as they say in Bosnia Čimbur can be saved with everything. For four servings of lean meat is chopped into thin slices and spread on a pan, then fry a little. That is spilling eggs "about". If the meat is not enough salt, eggs with salt. Peppercorn put at the center of each yolk and ground pepper and paprika sprinkle the eggs and meat.

Serve warm in a pan.

Instead peppers can be used lemons. Instead of dried meat can be upotrjebiti sudžuk (a special kind of beef sausage). In that case, do not add any pepper and paprika.

The Dobro Polje (the Kalinovik) Čimbur stored in a manner that only the sheep dry meat Cut into strips and fry in fat with no other additives. Certainly, it must be quality soft sheep meat dry.


1 large onion kg
400 g of minced meat mixed
100 g of rice
50 g of carrots
50 g celery

2 dl cream
cayenne pepper

Clean onions cut into the top of each head, cut her rather "cap". Place the pot in a liter of water, a little salt, and when it boils down to bow. Cook for a few minutes. Drain it and put it to cool. In the meantime, prepare the filling.

Meat, add chopped carrots and celery. Wash the rice in several waters and then add it into the meat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix the mass and charge her bow. The first (outer) layer of the onion toss, middle (heart) is used as the substrate, and the remaining charge. Arrange filled with onions in a saucepan, sprinkle with cayenne pepper, cook over high heat until it boils, and then the weaker heat, with the lid on. With serving Prelim dash or lemon juice.


1/2 kg chicken meat
200 g carrots
celery root and parsley
50 g okra (type beans)
20 g of rice

2 dl cream
3 egg yolks
lemon juice
Meat and vegetables are put into the water, salt and cook. When done, strain the soup, vegetables and meat cut into cubes and then return to the soup. Put on the heat and add the cooked rice and okra. Before serving the soup, add the cream and egg yolk.


300 g veal
50 g fresh okra
30 g of butter
1/2 dl cream
80 g carrots, parsley and onion

30 g flour
2 egg yolks
100 g lemon
salt and pepper

Beef cut into small cubes. In a pan heat the oil, then add to it finely chopped meat and vegetables, then lightly saute. When the meat is slightly browned, add the flour, all the switch in a pot and pour water, add fresh okra, pepper and salt. Cook. During this time, the egg yolks and whisk cream monotonous mass, which should be added before the end of the cooking broth. After that soup should never be allowed to boil. With the soup is served sliced ​​lemon.


300 g lamb
20 g onion
30 g of carrots
30 g celery
30 g flour
1/2 dl of vinegar or lemon juice

little peršunovog list
one bell pepper
tomato puree
salt and pepper
Bay Leaf
cayenne pepper (to taste)

Lamb meat cut into cubes. Onions cleaned, washed, cut into small cubes and add to the hot fat and fry until golden brown. Add the meat and continue to fry. Then add the carrots and celery cut into cubes. When the meat and vegetables half cooked, add the flour and fry everything a little more. Cooked peppers into small cubes and add along with the red pepper and black pepper. Add salt, stir everything well, add water and let it cook. During this time, in a separate bowl pour water okra, vinegar and a little salt and let it cook. When cooked, drain and add to soup. Before serving add the cream.

Bosnian pot

500 g of beef
in one piece
500 gr lamb
the piece (can beef)
5 carrots
5 small onion
1 head of cabbage
1 large blue patlidžav

3 bell peppers
3 potatoes
3 more tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic
2 celery
2 parsnip
2 parsley root
salt and pepper

Vegetables and meat thoroughly wash and dry. Peel the carrots and cut it into 2-3 parts each. Peel the onions and cut each head into eight parts. Cabbage cut into eight pieces. Meat season well with salt and pepper. Peel eggplant and cut into large chunks. Peppers remove stem and seeds.
Leave whole tomatoes, garlic should stay in the skin, leave it whole parsnip, parsley and celery and cut in half. This order to the appropriate stack food pot (meat will be in the middle) at the end sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and fill with water to wallow. Cover the pot tightly with foil, which will oblige alongside string. Cook over low heat for 2.5 to 3 hours. Then serve on the oval in the middle of the meat and vegetables around.

Lamb with okra

1.5 kg of lamb
200 g of oil
150 g onions
10 g cayenne pepper

a couple cloves of garlic
bunch of parsley
750 g okra

Warm oil, chop the onion and fry it to be translucent. Add chopped garlic, parsley and fry. All sprinkle with cayenne pepper. In this way the saved weight and add the pieces of meat sauté. Okra clean and Obara in salt water, and then drain. When you see that the meat is half done, add the okra. Serve with potatoes. Tip: When barite okra, add a few drops of lemon juice.

Vizier Mahmudi

for 4:

600 g veal (file)
100 g of rice
16 pieces of medium-sized mushrooms

4 tomatoes
100 g of butter
50 g flour
salt and pepper

Cut mushroom caps ošisćenim. Naseckajte handles, fry, add the rice, which have previously been washed in more water, add salt, pepper, and sauté all as risotto. Fry the mushrooms in hot butter. Tomato slice and sear it in the hot butter. Cut the meat into 16 small medallions (Mahmudiya) of salt, pepper, roll in flour and fry. On each plate of risotto made four piles, each Put the meat, tomatoes and mushrooms. Decorate.


800 g of meat
120 g fat
120 g onions
20 g salt
8 g of cayenne pepper

40 g cooked tomatoes
20 g of garlic
cube of butter
20 g of parsley
1 carrot

The meat is cut into pieces. Chop the onion, then the garlic, parsley, mšargarepa. Povrđe put on fat and meat, pour water and prokuvjte. When prvri, removed the foam and add salt, pepper and cooked tomatoes.Leave a kebab on the heat to slowly boiling. When almost cooked, add the red pepper. So the whole myth of the CevapiM grilled fell into the water! Enjoy!

Hajjis ĆEVAP

900 g boneless lamb
500 g of onions
200 g fat
300 g tomatoes
300 g bell pepper

5 g peršunovog Lisco
15 g salt
5 g pepper
1 bag of cinnamon

Necessary to prepare and 5 pieces of fat (parchment) paper 40 x 40 cm and 1 m thin rope. Meat Wash, dry and cut into coarse strips. In a bowl, heat the fat part. Place on hot fat and fry the meat until it gets yellow.In another bowl, zagrejtea remaining fat on it and fry onion sliced ​​into thin slices. When the half-fried onions, then add the fried meat and sauté further. Stewing over how to add peppers cut into strips larger.When the meal is already finished, add the stripped tomato, finely chopped prešunov leaf, pepper, cinnamon and salt. Mix well, check the taste, add water or broth from the bones, so all together is medium density. A little prodinstajte. Order parchment paper on the desk and in every place equal amounts of kebabs. Gather the corners of the paper up and connect the rope. Put into a pan, pour a little water and place in the oven to brown on medium temperature for about 15 minutes. Before serving untie the rope, and serve sausage with paper.


1 larger saws
5 onion
3 tomatoes
1 tablespoon butter

sour cream
1/2 tablespoons flour
pinch of salt
a little cayenne pepper
Chicken cut into pieces and place in a saucepan. Add onion chopped, sliced ​​tomato, red pepper, salt and butter. Cover and let it fry lightly. When the meat is done, sprinkle with flour and cook some more. Then pour a little water and leave it for some time to cook. When everything is ready, add the cream.


800 g lamb masnijeg
500 g small onion
a few peppercorns

a little cayenne pepper
120 g carrots
celery leaves and parsley

You must have 8 wooden sticks about 15 cm in length. Cut the meat into bite-size bigger. Onion cut in chunks that are not separated. Sticks string alternating meat and onions, the meat at the beginning and at the end. Threaded rods assembled into a pot, add salt, add the peppercorns, chopped celery leaves and parsley and grated carrot. Pour cold or lukewarm water to cover it all. Put the pot on the fire stronger, and when it boils reduce the heat and simmer until meat is tender. When done, add cayenne pepper.

1kg flour
1/2 cup sour milk
some baking powder or baking soda
salt to taste

Baking soda mixed with flour, then knead with sour cream and warm water. Put the dough on a board sprinkled with a thin layer of flour and continue to knead and rastanjivati ​​and coated with oil. This procedure is repeated several times. Finally, shape the dough, put in a greased casserole dish and bake.Bosnian is the most delicious cake while hot. It is usually served with sweet cream cheese. Do not cut with a knife, but his hand is broken. While the leaves and it tastes great.

fine wheat flour
pinch of salt

Knead the dough of these ingredients, rub with flour, attenuate and cut peksimete. Peksimeti can be round, square or rhomboid. Each coated with beaten egg and sprinkle curekotom. Bake in very hot fat.


25 thin crust (pan size)
600 g walnuts
oil or butter
Tirith (type tarana):

to 1 kg of flour
3 eggs
250 g ghee or butter

2 kg of sugar
1 liter of water
lemon juice

Prepare Tirith as follows. Flour, eggs and butter to intervene so that it gets hard dough (as for noodles).Testo protisne the colander (strainer) and get a fine crumb, which dry out.

Tahko chop nuts or just grind. It is best to do a combination of ground and chopped walnuts.

Grease the baking pan with butter and cover it with a 5 bark bark every little grease with melted butter. This layer of crust is sprinkled with a thin layer Tirith. Tirith cover with 5 new crust, and sprinkle each with melted butter. This layer of crust sprinkle with nuts. Agrees to nuts crust layer. A total of 5 times the bark, 2 layer 2 layer Tirith and walnuts. The last layer of crust brush with butter. Then baklava cut into Pombo, and baked at high temperature for approximately 45-50 minutes. Baklava Reba is a nice golden brown.

While baklava is baking, prepare the topping of sugar and water to boil 10 topping minuta.U add lemon juice. When the baklava is baked, hot syrup is poured and allowed to cool.


5 apples
500 g of sugar
0.5 liters of water
1 packet of vanilla sugar
For the topping:

0.25 l cream
150 grams of sugar
100 grams of walnuts
50 g almonds
1 lemon peel

Half a liter of water, 500 grams of sugar and a bag of vanilla sugar in a bowl and put to cook. Apples from mid povaditi seeds and heart, then peel them and put in a bowl with water and sugar and cook for 10 minutes.
Then removed from the stove, povaditi apples and leave to cool for 30 minutes. Apples charge of previously prepared filling of ground walnuts, almonds, cream and sugar.

The mass preparation so as to produce a ground walnuts, almonds and cream and mixed. When serving stuffed apples decorate the rest of the cream and cherries or jam. It is served cold.

Delicious apples (golden) are apples that will not fall apart during cooking.

Bilećka rice pudding
Category: B & H Specialties

Ingredients: 100 gr. rize
˝ liter of milk
2 dl. water
1 tablespoon margarine
60 gr. sugar
25 gr. Almond
200 gr. cream
Sweet cherries

Directions: Riza mix with milk in a pot, put the rice. Slowly add water and cook about 13 minutes to be a little more dense and therefore add margarine, sugar and almonds that you previously peeled off (ostraniti thin shell from the core so that will be heated in the oven) and large bills isjeckali, then add the cream.
Rice pudding will be true taste if you add sweet cherries at the time of serving
It takes time to prepare for about an hour.

Hadzibegovo Hill (candy)
Category: B & H Specialties

Ingredients: 100 gr. Water (Bilećka train station, but for now the water is unavailable, and we will take plain water)
450 gr. Regular sugar
125 gr. Grape sugar
2 teaspoons citric acid
30 drops of red paint for cakes
2 ml. Višnjina flavor

Method of preparation: 1 Water, sugar and sugar Grozdani cook without stirring to 162 degrees Fahrenheit in ordinary SERP
Second Remove the Teflon plate (or a similar filing and the temperature does not stick to itself) and let it rest ca. Four minutes.
3rd Color and add the lemon acid into a crowd and then add flavor skate and skate well still have gloves though because the filling is still always warm (hot).
4th When it starts to harden but still not too hard to cut off the best scissors (scissors) course candies are long because they are called Hadzibegovo hill and made the hills below the Kula.
That would glue candies to each other it is necessary to roll them in powdered sugar.

The pilot asks poljevusha
Category: B & H Specialties

Ingredients: Recipe was jednostavan.Stavis:

2 drumsticks, 2 wings and a little white (as you like it, I for example. Never liked meat too :)), a smallish chicken's enough (if not too much))
400 g of flour
2.5 dl water
2.5 ml of milk
one egg

All this stir the mixture polugustu
Prepare the chicken and cut the pieces on (drumstick and wings best flavor)
Izlijes mixture into the tin and it poredas chicken.
Peces until it is almost
When it's done little zalijes with milk (but really small)
All this zalijes preferably homemade cream and osatvis another 2 min. in the oven.

Category: B & H Specialties

Ingredients: veal feet (PACE), veal shank. peppercorns, parsley, salt, garlic, lemon juice


Veal knuckle pads and wash thoroughly and put into the pot along with the parsley, salt and pepper in grain.Add water and cook for 2 - 3 hours. After the bones out of the water, cool, then separate the meat and marrow of the bone. Separate meat stick in a bowl, add the water in which the bones are cooked, and put on the stove to boil. Before serving, add the finely cut garlic, parsley and lemon juice. Serve hot.

TRAVNIČKA stuffed peppers
Category: B & H Specialties


1 kg. smaller peppers
10 grams of onions
40 grams of meat without bones
8 grams of rice
1-2 tablespoons oil
little persunovog list
20 grams of skim (sweet cream)
0.5 l of sweet milk
a little cayenne pepper
little ghee (butter, grease)

Way of preparing:

Cut the peppers in the lid, shake the seeds, remove handles and wash peppers. The meat is cut (grind), salt, pepper, add the rice, onions and finely cuts the clean up, and add parsley finely isjecan. This is all mixed, add some oil, and even shuffle (construction).
This dolma peppers are filled, close the lid (own) and agree to the pot. Add a little water and cook peppers overlaps. During cooking, adding water if necessary, but only so that the peppers would not be burned.

When the peppers are cooked, stir in cream and sweet milk, pepper and sealed until further vrijuckaju saft not unite.

Carefully served with sauce. Uzavrije something a little fat with the addition of cayenne pepper and dolma zacvrkne above.

Bosnian lokum
Category: B & H Specialties

5 eggs, 5 tablespoons of mineral water, 5kasika caster sugar, flour, if necessary, Staub sugar.

Beat eggs, add sugar and mineral vodu.Dobro umutite.Dodajte flour mixture to be thick so that it can keep the mixture from ruci.Oblikujte lokum length 7-10 cm.Tepsiju ointment, sprinkle with flour and place the peku.Kad are over roll in sugar Staub.

Coravi burek
Category: B & H Specialties


60 grams of flour, 1 egg,

10 grams of onion, garlic 50g,

20 grams of minced meat,

15dkg butter, salt, pepper


Mix flour, eggs and warm water knead dense smiling. Mix the meat with finely chopped red and white onions and season with salt and pepper. Pour out the dough in a greased baking pan, and place it over the meat. All rites. Bake for about 25 minutes, and when baked pour lukewarm water. Before that can burek cut into pieces.

Tripe corba
Category: B & H Specialties

Ingredients: 25 grams of veal cleansed stomach (tripe), 10 grams of potato, 40g flour, bay leaf, salt, oil, pepper and cayenne pepper, lemon juice or vinegar.

Preparation: Boil the tripe, bay leaf, salt and pepper for about 30 min.Napravite roux, add the red pepper and put everything in supu.Izrezite potatoes into cubes and add corbi.Kuhajte.Kad is a soup cooked, zakiselite lemon juice or vinegar to taste .

Asks anyone
Category: B & H Specialties


50dkg dried meat,

Two jufke (dry)

that cehne garlic

vinegar, oil or butter.


Cook the dried meat in the pot, remove and cut into pieces. Jufke make the usual way, but add the eggs.Stretch spray them with oil or butter. Arrange them in a baking dish, and you can also roll it. Soup (made from dried meat) Spices garlic and vinegar, pour over baked pie, arrange for her snack, meat and return to oven. If you want, you can izbijeci vinegar and onions, pouring just pie soup. When serving, in this case, Serve cooked meat separately.

Jufke sweet dough for pie
Category: B & H Specialties

Ingredients: 1 kg flour, 1 egg, 2 dl of water and pinch of salt.

Preparation: Sieve the flour so you get the top of the dome oblik.Na make a dent in it at the break jaje.Dodajte pinch of salt with warm water knead tijesto.Ono must odstojati 15 min.

After that divide the dough and shape loptice.Neka and they settle dozen min.Razvijte jufke thinner and let them suse.Razrezite the size and shape of the pan and redajte.

jufke dough for savory pie 2
Category: B & H Specialties

Ingredients: 1 kg flour, salt, teaspoon oil, warm water

Directions: Sift the flour to make a dent in it add a little salt, teaspoon oil and luke warm as needed vode.Napravite tijesto.Podijelite it into 4 parts, put them in flour sit for 1/2 hour. From odstojanog jufke dough expand. Jufke must always be a bit dry.

Colorful burek
Category: B & H Specialties


60 grams of flour,

50 grams of potatoes,

25 grams of minced beef

2 onion,

cehnjeva couple of garlic

salt, pepper and oil.


This burek can get along, and you can roll up the slices. Chop the potatoes into cubes, finely cut and one other onions, season with salt and pepper. We agree in a baking pan and place it so that the first noodles, meat and potatoes and then. Repeat the procedure until you spend the stuffing. Finish the noodles and the upper crust of the ointment. Bake for 25 minutes. Towards the end of burek spray warm water in which you dissolve a little butter.

Category: B & H Specialties

1/4 kg of butter
1/2 kg flour
2 eggs
1 egg yolk
8 grams of caster sugar
1/2 pack of baking powder


Butter foam umutiti.Dodati him 2 eggs + yolk, sugar and all that good mixati.U mixture slowly pour in flour mixed with baking pecivo.Tijesto switch to the desktop, it namladiti and cut into two equal parts.
Of these parts to make them line up and Gurabije in Gurabo pleh.Svaku press your finger in the middle.
Gurabije grilled wrap in a clean cloth and leave for a day or two and serve soggy.

Category: B & H Specialties


Lamb intestines,
Lamb pleura
150 g of rice,
1 carrot,
1 parsley
1 red onion,
3 Cessna garlic
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper,

Obara and cut the intestines into small pieces, add briefly boiled rice, carrots, parsley, onions (finely scrubbed), salt, pepper and cayenne pepper to taste. Cover with 2-cup of olive oil. Nadijevajte to put in the pleura and ladles mixture into a tissue. When ladles full, fold the scarf so that the filling does not see, and give redajte balls in the pan. Bake until the tissues do not blush.

Minin shish kebab
Category: B & H Specialties

Masnijeg 800 g lamb or meat bravećeg
500 g onions
120 g carrots,
salt, peppercorns,
celery and parsley
cayenne pepper,
8 wooden sticks

Cut the meat into larger snacks, and onions into thick sheets, but that's to be whole. Sticks down meat and onions.

Each stick has to start and finish the meat. That threaded rods put in a pot and add salt, pepper, parsley and celery leaf and scrubbed carrots. This must cover the kebabs. Add the water, but so kebabs are just covered. Put on the fire to boil, and then simmer until meat is tender. Towards the end put the red pepper.

Chicken cevap
Category: B & H Specialties

1 panel saws
5 onion
3 tomatoes
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 tablespoon of flour
pinch of salt
a little cayenne pepper

Chicken cut into pieces and place in a saucepan. Add onion chopped, sliced ​​tomato, red pepper, salt and butter. Cover and let it fry lightly. When the meat is done, sprinkle with flour and cook some more. Then pour a little water and leave it for some time to cook. When everything is ready, add a hyphen.

Steranes Burek
Category: B & H Specialties

70 grams of meat
12 noodles (pan size)
20 grams of butter
3 onion
salt, pepper, garlic to taste


On low saturated fat fry onions get golden arch boju.Kad cool add the meat with salt and pepper to taste and add 2 cehna white luka.Smjesu stir.
In greased casserole dish put noodles on the bottom, smear grease and repeat it even 2x.

Evenly spread the filling part of the meat, and over it again jufki.Ponavljati row that action until you run out of filling.

For the end save two noodles, coat them fat. Put the pie is baked pece.Kad
Cut it into squares and gently pour the boiled fat vodom.Staviti in the oven for another five minutes, remove the cover and pomastiti.

Cabbage rolls

Take cabbage leaves. If the cabbage before
acidic, then leaves before filling wash in cold water.

For the stuffing:
1/2 kg of fresh meat.

It is best calf, and only then, if you prefer pork or beef.
1/4 kg of cold roast turkey as well (and another that
be on hand) and 50 g. well seasoned bacon.
Doro chop all meat, carefully remove the previously well-
All vessels and shrimp.
Raw beef or other meat to cook a bit and iseckanoj
small molten bacon, all Mix well, add pepper
salt, a little finely chopped parsley and celery leaf and 1/2
cup of rice. Who loves spicy food, add some crushed Care
red peppers. It has to cook the stuffing, eggs, to
the filling is better to do.
For twisting sarma, the basic rule is: one charm, one
bit. Take a leaf, put the stuffing, fold the ends
inside and curl so that charm are very tightly curled.
The bottom of the pot liquor oil well, cover it with Ražanac
sauerkraut, arrange the order of sarma, put them through 2-3
Suhoh pieces of meat and shrimp, sprinkle with chopped onions and
All covered with a row of noodles and sauerkraut
by repeated until the pot is full. Then, all overlay
leaves of cabbage and pour in water. Put the
cook over low heat for about 5 hours.

Equestrian moussaka

It is necessary:

700 grams of potatoes
1-2 onions
1-2 carrots
300 grams of mushrooms or mushroom, if desired
salt, pepper, spices
4 tablespoons homemade cream or cream,
2 eggs, parsley, 4-6 sheets of dried meat

Preparation: Boil potatoes in the shell. Drain, peel and cut into slices. Fry in hot oil, finely chopped onion and carrot, and add 300 gr. chopped mushrooms into slices. Add a little water and cook for ten minutes.Season with salt and pepper. At the end, add the chopped onion link young. Mix the potatoes with the rings and place in a greased baking dish. Pour whipping cream, cream cheese and 2 eggs. Bake at 200 degrees. At the end of the surface of the meat dry sort, and return to oven briefly browning.


300g plain flour
200g plain flour
2 eggs
750 g chicken
100 g margarine
2 dl cream
salt and vegeta

Smooth and sharp mix the flour, add the eggs, salt, and warm water povegetimo Whip, and then put the mixture in the pan pomašćenu well, we've been well warmed in the oven. Then by a mixture'll send chunks (salted, povegetitog) chicken and bake for about 30 minutes at 250 ° C. When Kvrgusa baked, pour the sweet cream and cut so that each scoop has a piece of chicken. Served warm with a green salad or soda.Pleasant!

Bosnian Beans


500 grams of beans (which kind do you prefer)
250-300 grams of veal or beef-
1veća onion
several cloves of garlic
1 more carrots
1 large tomato
1 cube of vegetable soup
1 bay leaf
little dried meat (if the season)
with Vegeta, pepper
cayenne pepper, flour and oil roux

Beans before cooking for 1-2 hours or overnight, immersed in cold water to soften and swell slightly.
Boil for a few minutes and then pour the water in which you cook.
On the hot oil fry onion to golden brown and then add the sliced ​​meat into cubes and fry it a little.
Then add the beans, chopped carrots, finely chopped garlic, bay leaves, sliced ​​tomatoes and smoked meat (if you like) and cover with water. If the meat is lean add one tablespoon of margarine.
Then let it cook for 1.5 to 2 hours (sometimes longer, depending on the type of bean) with an occasional addition of water when insulted. At the very end of cooking beans prognječiti little fork and add one cube of soup, salt, Vegeta, pepper to taste .10-15 minutes before end of cooking brown beans browned flour from flour, oil and some red pepper and let it cook for another 10-15 minuta.Služiti with a green salad or soda.Pleasant!



1 kg veal or beef
1/2 kg potatoes,
1/2 kg of pods,
2, Eggplant
5-6 tomatoes,
15 grams of butter or oil,
3 onion,
2 eggs,
2 dl dashes, so.

Chop onion and meat and fry in oil. When the meat is half, soft, store vegetables. Cut the potatoes in 4 acts.Cut green beans. Cut the eggplant into slices, breaks with a little water and let stand for 10 minutes, then drain them. Everything put into the tin can and a pot.
Top to arrange the meat and onions. Cook on medium heat. As soon as you notice that the meat is grilled, cut the tomatoes into chunks and place on top. Sprinkle with chopped tomatoes per parsley.
Return to oven. Towards the end of the eggs and whip the dash and transiting through dzuveca then bake in the heat.

Bosnian ruzice

Dough: 1/2 kg of flour, 1 egg, half a teaspoon of oil and a pinch of salt

Filling: 1/2 pounds of ground walnuts, 500 g butter, 50 g raisins

Topping: a kilogram of sugar syrup

Preparation: knead the dough is soft to bed and divide into three balls. Roll out each ball into a list on a sheet and leave to dry. Nuts and raisins divided into three parts. First grease the crust evenly with butter, sprinkle with a third of walnuts and raisins. Through this carefully put another sheet. Repeat the procedure.When the crust and filling as a stacked cake, wrap them in a roll as a roll. From that rolls shred cells thick slices with a knife fingers, which will line up on the side in a greased baking pan. Bake in a preheated oven at a good temperature of 250 Celsius. When ruzice be flushed, reduce the temperature to 100 Celsius or 50 Fahrenheit, and further dried. 1 kg of sugar syrup uspinujte or too thin or too thick. When the cakes done, remove them from the oven to cool a bit and a little syrup, should remain warm. Cakes are watered carefully, one by one ruzica. They must be moist and around you when you have a lot of juice are served.

Bosnian ustipci on the grill

(By 3 people)

500 g of ground beef
100 g bacon
5000 g spinach
50 g Parmesan
1 onion

Preparation: Minced meat with salt and pepper. Add the chopped onion. All mix well. Form a ball of larger sized nuts and bake on the grill. Serve with sautéed spinach.

Note: Spinach cook, drain and sauté in oil. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with bacon and cheese.

Bosnian hanger on the grill

(By 3 people)

500 g of mutton leg
1 onion
250 g carrots

Preparation: Slice into thick mutton chops. Every pound steak, comma in the middle of it, but not completely, so the steak gets set hooks. Grease, salt and pepper, and fry on both sides on the grill. Baked hangers put the bowl and serve with stir carrots.

Bosnian heart

1/2 kg flour
250 g of butter
tablespoon sugar
pinch of salt
2 dl milk
1 egg
jam to taste

Preparation: Rolling pin Stir in 250 g of flour and 250 grams of butter and set aside in a cool place. Knead dough from 250 g of flour, a little sugar, salt, egg yolks, eggs and yeast dissolved in lukewarm milk. Prepare pastry spatula and leave for 45 minutes rainy. Attenuate the dough into finger-thick crust. Put in the middle crust of butter and flour. The left third of dough folded around to the right and right to left, bent over on the left. It is the same with the bottom and top of the test. Dough covered with a clean towel to rest for about 20 minutes. Develop a crust thickness of 1 cm. Cut hot knife into cubes, put jam in the middle. Cover the cube with two opposite corners together and the other two free ends of the pull back and press the dough with your fingers to be merged. Ready to put a heart Ungreased mold and bake at moderate temperature. Roast heart sprinkle with powdered sugar and vanilla sugar. Hearts are the most delicious jam if the stuffing of apple juice that is made in Bosnia.

Green beans

And the way ***: ***

Green Beans with best matches first of lamb prepared with boiled potatoes, mashed, boiled carrots ... The most common combinations.

The bottom line is that Obara in brine (salt to taste) and the cook 10 - 15 min. If the bride up to 12 min. good and the older 15th Let's save the pork chop, mashed potatoes and boiled green beans. Of course, use the sauce to the pan with the spices at will. Nafilujete say shnicle with shunke beef and pickled cucumbers, boiled green beans side dish and boiled onions. Sauce as desired.

- Shunka, boiled potatoes, green beans.
- Minced meat rolls, stuffed with cheese, garnish-fry.
- Leg of lamb, lamb chops favor leeks, green beans and carrots.
- Bean salad, Obara, chopped garlic, spices at will ...
- Pone .. leeks, green beans, onions, tomatoes ... etc..

Note: If the bride is full Obara and older want to cut.

II *** way: ***

one medium onion chopped
one chopped carrot
a clove of chopped garlic
two tomatoes also chopped
One tablespoon tomato paste from a tube
a glass of water
1/3 cup oil
chopped parsley

Preparation: Cook careful while adding water if necessary, until it is cooked. Finally, it should be a little thicker. Then try it, add salt if necessary, put a tablespoon of cream or heavy cream stir, sprinkle with chopped parsley lot more and that's it.


50 dg flour
25 dg flour
3 eggs
30 dg ground walnuts or almonds
50 dg sugar
15 dg butter
1 lemon
1 vanilla pod

Preparation: Put the egg yolks into the flour and salt and knead the dough. Leave daa get some rest. Make the dough thin crust that must be dry. Bend them and cut thin strips. Obara them in salted water. Kadaif drain and spread out the tablecloth to dry.

Of walnuts, sugar and half the amount of butter you will create a mass sprinkle on kadaif. In pomašćenu pan put a layer of velvet and a layer of stuffing until you spend material. On top of that must be kadaif with butter. Bake, during which time you make agdu (not too dense or sparse). Pour over baked kadaif again and return to oven to brown. It's best to leave it overnight and serve the next day. Kadaif store in a deep pan, and do not spray.

Serving - saldisanje

The traditional term for serving the saldisanje, and in the words of the folk song: coffee saldišu landlords.For this expression A. Škaljić says it means to do, to set, to put the. It is a derivative of our Turkish infinitive salmak - create, spread out, put it. Therefore, it can be considered somewhat Bosnian authentic expression.

In a broader sense to this matter should include:

* A traditional welcome
* Veneration to welcome guests
* Traditionally serving drinks
* Serving festive meal
* Serving hookah and cigarette-holder, coffee, sweets
* There follows servings:
* Serving Karavansarajsko
* Serving Zijafetsko
* Sarajevo serving
* The wedding serving
* Land feast

Equipment for the traditional welcome and saldisanje:

* Sofra - table
* Seats
* Items in function Sofre
* Items operational headquarters
* Teferičluk
* Sofranske Bosco and headscarf
* Besofra
* Sofranski chandeliers and other lamps
* Eating utensils
* Pirun
* Sofranski and other fixtures for drinking
* Dishes and utensils saldisanje
* Accessories for serving coffee
* Other culinary accessories
* Aščinsko staff and guest


Particular attention bosnjaci have devoted to the preparation of food and the like in this day and age with particular seemed uzitkom.Pretezan number of specialties require a lengthy preparation of the "low heat." Food was cooked on the hearth, stove top and later called 'goat', while the bread and very numerous pies and other baked dishes baked under the lid.

Cooked meals are served at the required procedure.
Before that, every house had a Bosniak Sofra rucavalo.Sofra of which is a round wooden plate with a diameter of about 70 cm placed on a pedestal and had all the functions of food and setting stola.Pripremanje Sofra has mostly been provided housewife lunchtime she was the one who called 'head of the family', the host, to take its place.
Before sitting at home Sofra, it had to be fitted cut bread, cutlery, glasses and carafe with vodom.Nakon host, sat down for Sofra other family members or guests, a housewife or the person who prepared the food last seat and if necessary, to remove stagnant or make unnecessary the next thing on the menu.
At Sofra first asking bowl with corbom.Vecinom it was Trahan or other dense corba.Prvi home he began to eat, and then ostali.Jelo is no hurry, no slurping and full of Bosniak kasikama.Dio classical education that has remained the to this day is that the food is good sazvace.Ne not be reach for another bite, if the previous one has been well chewed.

Spoons, bowls or deep plates are not sklonjali immediately, because after watery soup served dolma.Poslije dishes, usually served in pita, then chicken. In the old days, housewives pie before placing the Sofra 'zacvrkale' fat, milk or cream, depending on the type of pie, cut into small pieces and as a pan, hot, put the hosts in front of Sofra and other family members.
After the pies and chicken, usually served rice pudding or other sweet or sour milk jelo.Sluzenjem hosefa ended with lunch in one Bosniak familiji.Domacin was the one who first got up from the Tables, a housewife sklonjala leftovers and left Sofra into place .

Coffee has a great significance in the lives of the majority of Bosniaks and kafendisanje, saldisanje has always represented a special ceremonijal.Kafa be served in a copper or brass braziers in the center of which was the right of sagorijelog wood and metal surfaces around the pot are served with coffee, with milk jug ,
secerlama and fildzani.Posto a long time drinking coffee, because coffee and rested, was rebuilt in the braziers and occasionally put it on a separate piece of root with an inviting scent, which is popularly known as the imenom'velika grass. "Coffee With the served rahatlokum or other desserts.
At night they avoided thesis bosnjaci food and coffee, but teas were very popular.

In the mid 19th century in Europe was established ceremonies table settings which became increasingly popular in the region and our state, and the small changes that ceremony and was represented danas.O daily as well as festive menu, setting the table, serving food, good manners at the table - another time .


Ćetenija the dish "string" in informal winter, and it is kind of fun.

1 kg of sugar, a little lemon, a little fine oil, and 1 kg of flour (flour will not spend it all, but it should be more).

The day before gatherings cook the flour Nasuh. It must be cooked on a low heat and stir to prevent burning. When baked, the flour and leave to cool.

Well in informal ušpinuje sugar with water and a little lemon juice and let it cool. When the sugar has cooled (hardened), in a room in informal starts made into ćetenija. Room should not be too hot. Hands greased with oil is lifted from the bowl in one piece chilled sugar, and rolling it between your hands shaped roller, and is still "working" and fold until it goes white, and then make it a round (ring, ring).

Then set sofra (Siniju, demirlija a table) and spread out on the fried flour Sofra. Rd (diabetes, ćetenija) comes Sofre environment and still manage to draw not at work breaking up. Sofre gather around 5-6, usually girls who will make Četena. Turn it slightly sprinkled with flour and turn it on Sofra, squeezing and turning. When someone gets tired turning, replaced by others. So the wheel turns until it starts končati.When you start ćetenija končati itself, it adds a bit of flour, but not too much, and still turns until completely iskonča. If the ćeteniji has GUTIĆ, it's not good iskončana.

Iskončana ćetenija cut out the duck (pieces of about 15 cm in length and a width of about 10 cm), and served on a small plate.

Recipe constructed on the basis of narratives-Rabia and Hanuma Bravo Ismet Pilavdžić, Sarajevo.

The memory of the Brcko: Ćetenija

The glittery, clear winter nights when icicles hang by the edge of the roof, lock the front door sticks to your hand when you touch her and when the snow crunches underfoot as koračaš, the best time and temperature to announce sizable seat in a house in one of the mahalla ćetenija.To from Brcko and make a habit of looking forward to the boys and girls have the opportunity to be together until late at night, when the custom of little girls parents knew and agree to go to spend the night with her cousin, and actually go to such a good time who remembered his whole life, and even going to the house and nevr who went out but gain a new house, a new family and remains so života.Bili all the days of fear of parents, respect and shame to anything, God forbid, the wrong učini.Tu not give birth to a new acquaintance, friendship, love. There would be a story to find out who is the cousin to whom, at what line, and all the while singing boys and girls, and of course the occasional accordion burlap.

Girls would whisper, pubic eyed boys, who showed the eyes, and the boys, oh, boys, Bosnian delije, fez cocked, draped coats so important, who's who oni.Svaki full of self pride and Bosnian, just let them muškog.Ponekad Western eye, and then the troubles and cares, how to get it, girls through relatives or cousins ​​or final, whatever our final one, she knows everything will play. "Of course with all this ujdurmu and Merak, the hosts have already pristavili 5 kg sugar with water to just two fingers is higher than the sugar to the payment kvrcka carriages stove, no matter what the mutvak there, to be in this house does not stain if you happen to Agda pokipi.E flour, it can be a bit dry in the oven sometimes a wooden stir kevčijom, and so on until nedobije fine brownish boju.Eh then roast! usually left in špaiz to cool it can capture the moisture out of the cold have, but again, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon that would ugrudalo.Naravno hosts are happy to be scattered all be just right, in a saucepan and Agda already starting to ŠAPĆE.E then the hostess calls out with a few more experienced girl to review agdu putting the top of the metal spoon to see agdu density agde.Ako thick trace shows the Buckets and if the skin on the finger imprint remains when touched hastily caklasta weight then AGDA ready to lash out on an oiled baking pan demirliju set in the courtyard, the thick snijega.Tada boys ran to him for help, and pour into the tin and agdu left guard with the guys because agdu second-Mahalla who are not invited to the seat waiting for the opportunity, to steal the prey and spoil agdu sijelo.Kada the Agda starts to cool in the middle of the pan to create an empty space as a hole in the agdi.U this time round and knows playing in the snow in the courtyard of the cutaway. be pushing, sliding and laughing, and this is the best opportunity to catch a guy's hand girl in school, to little brushed against her and flare to light the flame of fire in it for a long time but all tinja.E then wash their hands, End sleeves and try to raise the already hardened, lukewarm round agde tepsije.Prvo with all hands must be soaked in oil, and this is repeated several times, then handed masterstroke softening and stretching agdinog car, presmotavanja if it were large enough to make eight, and so presmota as long as it does not drag agdu enough bubbles of pure winter have to take on agde round whiteish color cakleći to cool, serene noći.Taj process of creating bubbles and oil helps, so you have to hand and often soak in oil, and because of the stickiness agde.Obično largest room in the home Bosco put on the floor, and the Bosco Siniju Siniju roasted and cooled flour in a large circle, just enough ring made of Agda šećera.Sličan process yield and making eight rolls and rewinding is done with flour , then only one thin or agde enters flour and real loose and tenuous strands as kose.Momci girls have already found their way and how to sit up for their favorites, and even Četena dragged on, and the girls, eh those who are reluctant, who ashamed, and ruddy cheeks to them otkriva.Tada the ćetenija gotova.Debeli reel subtle ćetenije are cut into pieces of about ten centimeters and everyone is trying to give your favorite person first bite ćetenije, Nebil 'that person, whether male or female POP said and all Četena the mouth as dry and flour spilled in the face davaocu.Puno times the guys blew the girl in Sami, just to make it off the screen colors šamijicu hair who gets to clean up, and he took the opportunity to see and smell her hair and remembered the smell doživotno.Po custom to ćetenija packed in paper cones and sent to parents of boys and girls as well as offers to forgive others as late sijelu.Takođe to be divided neighbors and asked halal they were harassed last night laughing and singing and screaming present at sijelu.O ćeteniji to talk day and night, at every meeting, and threatened his mother to the boys and girls that they say cats and located themselves in one go to your dijece.Ćejfile Četena pristavljenu days with morning coffee on a tray next to Coffee Houses with the crackling fire in the early morning and quietly whisper the stove with my grandmother not to wake the children, their boys and girls, because youth is always able to sleep long in the morning.

Author: Bina, Phoenix


Šljivopita is edible plum that populate the stand in a baking pan, sprinkle with sugar and a little flour, and bake it in the oven. Best šljivopita is made of blue plum, ripe, and when šljivopita poured sweet and soft cream or cake caesarean her equal.

Ingredients for 6 people

It takes

700 g of ripe plums
3 tablespoons flour
6 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons bread crumbs
2 tablespoons of melted butter


First Wash plums, cut up into halves and arrange in a round baking pan or ovenproof dish.
Second Sprayed with melted butter, bread crumbs, flour and sugar.
3rd Some furnace for 30 min at 250C with occasional detour.

Before serving, it should be well chilled

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